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Being content,emerge the natural awareness of all attainments to become a constant yogi.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to make your intellect divine, understand very clearly the things that the Father explains. First imbibe these yourself and then inspire others to do the same.

Question: Which very deep and entertaining aspect should you understand very clearly?
Answer: How the incorporeal Father becomes the Mother and the Father and the method with which He creates the world is a very deep and entertaining aspect. The incorporeal Father cannot create the world without a mother. How He adopts a body by entering it, how He adopts you children through that one’s mouth, how Adam-Brahma is the father and also a mother are all aspects that have to be very clearly understood and remembered and kept in your consciousness.

Song: You are the Mother and the Father.
Sweet Children,

The bodiless incorporeal GodFather is also known as the Mother. When God creates human beings, certainly mother is also required. This is a very deep aspect which is to be understood. Children remain in remembrance of the mother and father. In devotion Sri Krishna and Sri Radha are also called as mother and father, in reality they cannot be called as mother and father. Even the deities Lakshmi Narayan will be called as mother and father only by their children not by the people in general.
When children take birth amongst wealthy parents, they would have performed good actions. The bodiless GodFather must have bodiless children – souls. Only God creates the New World appearing in old world. This is also a very deep aspect that you call the God as bodiless.

It is not possible for every soul to be created through the womb, I create-adopt people through the mouth of Adam-Brahma by means of knowledge, by appearing in the body of Adam-Brahma. Sanyasis have followers, they never create – adopt children. God is known as the mother and father. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to create you children and hence even Adam-Brahma is known as the mother and father.
Now, you children have to remember the mother and father, you become the heirs of the Supreme Parent. It is not possible to create children without mother and father. You remember the Supreme GodFather not the Adam-Brahma because you receive inheritance only from the Supreme GodFather. You understand how God appears in the vicious world, in the body of Adam-Brahma. Adam-Brahma is also My child and also your father, father of humankind. He is also your mother.

You souls are children, receive inheritance by remembering the Supreme GodFather constantly. You have to forget this physical body.
God appears in the old world and create the New world. It is also mentioned in the scriptures about the old world transformation. God creates the New world for you, children. Everyone never attains elevated status in golden age.

It is said, the sita of Ram was stolen, it is of blind faith. People do charity and take birth in a wealthy family for a short period. You receive unlimited happiness from GodFather. In golden age, you have divine intellect, here it is like you have a stone like intellect. Who comes and transforms the stone-like intellect? When every soul’s intellect becomes stone-like, God appears to make the intellect divine.
In a nutshell, remember One GodFather through whom you receive the inheritance. You children are adopted so that you receive the inheritance from GodFather, you have to get rid of the body consciousness of own body and others.

The deities Lakshmi Narayan rule the kingdom of golden age. God gives you the unlimited inheritance by which you become the master of the whole world. In golden age, you reap the reward of this confluence age. At this time, there are many partitions, but in golden age, every subject would say that they are the master of the world like their King and Queen. Only one religion, one kingdom and one language exist in golden age.
You receive the direction at this time, to receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. The unlimited Father is the creator of heaven. It is said, you receive the kingdom for 21births. There, the body never experience death, women never become a widow, children never cry, the soul leaves one body and take another when the body becomes old.

Now, it is your final 84th birth, you have to go back to the sweet home-soul world. By remembering the GodFather, the sins are removed. God Father says to all the souls, you souls have to return home like a swarm of mosquitoes guided by the GodFather. Sri Krishna cannot ask you to remember him because Sri Krishna is the prince of golden age, not the father of souls. Only the Supreme Father can ask you to remember Him. God does not have a body, you souls also did not have a body when you were in soul world. Then the soul appears in a body when they appear on earth.
Now, you understand the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. You know how the old world comes to an end and new world is created. It is said God transforms the human beings into virtuous deities. God says, I make you virtuous deities by this study. You were worship-worthy have become worshippers at this time.

It is not possible for every soul to take the complete 84births. Some soul appear late on earth and take minimum 1 to 20 or upto 40 births. Other than GodFather no one knows about the beginning, middle and the end of the world cycle.  People show the discus of self realization in the form of a weapon. You souls know that you have taken the 84births and 84births have come to an end, now you are returning home with the Father, then the world cycle would repeat once again.
Earlier, the ancient deity religion existed in golden age, which never exists at this time. People call out for God to purify the souls and make them happy. Hence, God appears on earth once in every world cycle to give happiness and for others, give liberation. Sanyasis say the happiness is temporary and they look for the liberation. In fact, no soul gets liberated from this cycle of predestined eternal world drama.

You children know how this world cycle repeats which is shown as the discus of self realization. In fact, there cannot be anything of harming anyone. Everything depends upon your study and by this study, you must receive the unlimited inheritance of unlimited God, who does not have a body. In Gita, they had mentioned about the battle, infact, the battle is against the vices, you receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather by the power of remembrance of God (yoga). People have shown all these in physical form –nemonics.
Only you children understand all these aspects, none else.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to claim your inheritance for 21 generations, constantly make effort to remember the Father and the inheritance. Do not remember any bodily beings.

2. Continue to make your intellect spin the discus of self-realization: We were worthy of worship and then became worshippers. We have completed the cycle of 84 births and the drama is now about to repeat again. From being worshippers, we have to become worthy of worship. To have this awareness means to spin the discus of self-realization.
Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who becomes fine by finishing the file of all complaints.

 Just as there is life when the soul and body are combined, in the same way, karma and yoga are combined. A yogi is not one who has yoga for two to three hours, but one with a yogi life. Such a soul has natural and easy yoga. His yoga doesn’t break that he would have to make effort. He doesn’t need to make any complaints. By your staying in remembrance, all tasks are automatically successful. All files are finished of those who become fine because a yogi life is a life of all attainments.
Slogan: Remember the Karavanhar Father at every moment and you will become a constant yogi.

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