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check yourself if you give sorrow,if you have any monkey like attachment.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are God’s children and this is your invaluable life. Your Godly clan is the most elevated. Maintain the intoxication that God Himself has adopted you.

Question: What do you need to practise in order to break the consciousness of the body?
Answer: 1. While walking or moving around, practise being aware that you are in your present body for this short time in name only. Just as the Father has entered a body for a short time, in the same way, we souls have also adopted these bodies in order to make Bharat into heaven by following shrimat. Remember the Father and the inheritance and the consciousness of the body will then break. This is called liberation-in-life in a second. 2. Wake up at amrit vela and have a sweet conversation with the Father and the consciousness of the body will end.

Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor).

Sweet Children,
God is your Father. You have been explained that soul is like a point of star located at the middle of forehead. Supreme Soul is also like a soul. Soul performs all actions. Soul has all the sanskars. Soul takes birth according to their karmas. There is nothing without name or form.
Like soul appears in the body, even I have to come on earth. Souls come on earth to play their roles. This is a predestined world drama, keep repeating. God is the Only Creator. God comes and transforms the vicious world in to vice-less world. You children have the awareness that you souls are the residents of soul world have come on this playground of world to play different roles.
God is the Master, Father and Seed of the world human tree. God appears in the vicious world . There is vicious world and viceless world. Now, God has come to make you into deities and take you all souls back home. God sits here and teaches you children. When every soul becomes vicious, forget Me and defame Me saying that I am present in stones and dirt, then I appear.
I come and take every souls back home like a swarm of mosquitoes. If you remember Me, your sins gets removed. God is the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of happiness. Then there is the father of humankind. God, Supreme Father Supreme Soul explains you souls. You souls are adopted through the father of humankind and make you belong to the Godly clan.
First, God makes you belong to Him, then you become deities of golden age, later you come into silver age. Later various religions appear from copper age till iron age. God is your Teacher, Father and the Supreme guide. Only you children know about the world cycle. You take maximum 84 numbers of births and this world cycle repeats. At this time yours is the most elevated birth where God Himself comes and makes you the master of the world – golden age where you remain ever healthy.
The sapling of golden age is being planted at this time, it is planted through the Adam-father of humankind. God explains you very sweetly, He calls you children the lost and found, after a very long time. Do you remember, I had sent you to the heaven-golden age? You have taken 84births, gone through the world cycle. Now, you remember Me, I have to take you all souls back home, either you want or don’t want.
Initially there was double crown of light and purity, now, there is only physical crown. God makes you do the spiritual effort.The most elevated is only One Father, transforms the Bharat-India in to heaven where every one remains very beautiful. God is known as the heavenly GodFather. Sri Krishna is the first prince of golden age, he cannot be called as the GodFather. Only God asks you to remember Him alone.
God gives salvation to all souls. God is worshipped from copper age, Somnath temple Is the first temple built for God.
However much you read scriptures, do tapasya, still souls could not meet God although I fulfil the desires of devotees. Although devotees see divine visions, it never helps them in anyways.
Although people take bath in rivers, still they remain impure. You have to become virtuous-pure to rule the kingdom of golden age. God gives you the most elevated direction by which Bharat is made into heaven. You have to make  an elevated spiritual effort to rule the kingdom of golden age.
You appear in this body for a very short period, I also appear in the world for a very short period. I have come to take all souls back home. You must remember God during early morning hours. God comes in every world cycle to make the souls virtuous. The world mother and world father will have their own children. The world mother (Mamma) will become the Queen of the golden age.
You have to stay awake and remember GodFather to get rid of sinful actions. Only 8 souls pass with honour being free from all bondages. You must check yourself if you have any monkey like attachment, if you give sorrow to anyone. You must not give sorrow to anyone. You must show the right path to others.
Those who belong to the ancient deity religion will understand this knowledge. You children know that you belong to the GodFather and you would become deities. You appear in the palace like womb in golden age, here the womb is like a jail. Certainly God would have appeared on earth and transformed hell into heaven. You must check how much you remember God throughout the day. You have to transform earth into heaven.
God brings liberation and liberation in life – heaven as a gift for the souls of the world. So, you have to make yourself eligible to go into heaven.
Good morning, love and remembrance to the Sweet Sweet ,long lost and now found spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1. Constantly stay in the intoxication of being the instruments who establish heaven with the Father. The Father makes you into the masters of the world.
2. Become those who give happiness like the Father. You must not cause anyone sorrow. Show everyone the true path. In order to experience self-progress, keep a chart for yourself.

Blessing: May you have a right to instant, visible fruit and attain elevated salvation by following the elevated directions at the confluence age.
Whatever elevated actions you perform at the confluence age on the basis of elevated directions, you receive the instant fruit, that is, the success of it at just this time, and this is why it is said: As are the directions, so is the salvation. People think that salvation is received after you die, but you children have received the blessing of receiving salvation, that is, the fruit of success of your every action, in this final birth of dying alive. You do not live in anticipation of the future. You do something now and you receive a right to the attainment now. This is known as the Creator having true love for the creation.

Slogan: Only those who follow the Father at every step with determination become complete.

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