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Only GodFather teaches you the True Gita and True Rajayoga.

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Essence: Sweet children, Bharat cannot become heaven without purity. You have received the shrimat to become pure while living at home with your family. Fulfil your responsibilities to both sides.

Question: What system here is completely different from other spiritual gatherings and ashrams?
Answer: People go and live in those ashrams and believe that they have good company there and that there wouldn’t be the upheaval of the home and family. However, there isn’t any aim or objective there whereas, here, you have to die alive. You are not told to leave your home and family. While living at home, you drink the nectar of knowledge and do spiritual service. They don’t have this system at other spiritual gatherings.

Sweet children,
GodFather explains you about the world cycle and those who belong to the golden age understand this knowledge easily. Souls take maximum 84births. Souls who come late never take 84births.
God explains you through the Adam-Brahma who has a subtle and physical body. You also become an angel with subtle body through this knowledge. Those who live in subtle body do not have a physical body.

Second murli-night class of 1968
People long for two things. One is peace and other is happiness. Do you have peace? Certainly peace would have existed once upon a time and hence souls long for peace. Souls never know when peace and happiness existed. God explains you the path towards peace and happiness.
The five vices are enemies of human beings, still people love them. Souls fall in lust, people get attracted (towards women) and fall in lust. Anger and greed never attracts. After body consciousness, you have to win over lust. Those who remain pure are worshipped-respected by others.
You children must explain that the deities – human beings of golden age were completely pure. You have the aim object. The true satsang happens when God appears personally and teaches RajaYoga. Only GodFather teaches you the true Gita and Rajayoga.
You receive liberation (peace) and liberation in life of peace and happiness within a second through this True Gita. GodFather teaches you children through the Adam-Brahma. Those who belong to the golden age understand this knowledge.
In devotion, there are lot of rituals and here you don’t have any pomp show. You just have to be aware that you have to return home. Certainly you have to remain pure through love for God. Souls find difficult to remember GodFather. You must explain this knowledge in remembrance of GodFather. By becoming pure-virtuous, you will rule the pure world.
God just wants you to remember Him. You need not have to make others perform yoga. You must remember the unlimited GodFather with lot of love because the unlimited Father gives  lot of treasures of knowledge. You experience Bliss by this knowledge. You also have to take care of your health. To the extent possible, keep receiving this knowledge. When you all become completely virtuous, this knowledge will come to an end.
You must have interest to become completely virtuous. The sword of knowledge has to be sharpened by the power of remembrance, to make it strong. Most cases, God Himself influence the intellect to make others understand this knowledge.
Keep the chart of remembrance of God. By remembrance, your sins of so many births will be removed and you will become worthy to come into golden age-heaven.

Good morning, Namaste, love and remembrance to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            While living at home, do spiritual service. Become pure and make others pure.
2.            While living in this living hell, you have to claim your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

Blessing: May you be a master satguru and make your every word invaluable by doubly underlining your words.
Your words should be such that those who hear to them become chatraks for you to say something and for them to listen: this is known as speaking invaluable great versions. Elevated versions are not many words. When someone continues to speak whenever it suits him or her, those are not considered to be elevated versions. You are master satgurus, children of the Satguru; therefore, every word of yours is a great version. At any time, speak only those words which are necessary, yuktiyukt and beneficial to you and other souls. Doubly underline your words.

Slogan: Be a jewel who has pure and positive thoughts for others and continue to glorify the world with your rays.

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