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You may get vicious thoughts, but must be careful that you don’t bring into action.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim blessings from the Father, follow shrimat (Godly directions) at every step. Keep your activity good.

Question: Who can climb onto Shiv Baba’s (Benefactor Father’s) heart-throne?
Answer: When a child is serviceable and gives everyone happiness, that he doesn’t cause sorrow for anyone through his thoughts, words or deeds, he can sit on Shiv Baba’s heart-throne.
Question:            What service are you spiritual servants doing with Baba at this time?
Answer:               You are spiritual servants not only to purify the whole world, but also the five elements. This is why you are true social workers.

Song:     Claim blessings from God, the Mother and the Father.

Sweet Children,
Children listened to the song. Children take blessings from parents even in physical world. (When you take blessings from God-Father, your karmic bondages of so many births will be removed. You have to show mercy for yourself). This song is made in remembrance of GodFather. You receive unlimited happiness remembering Highest GodFather. God has come in Bharat-India, your intellect must be unlimited.
People remember God in sorrow not in happiness. In golden age, there is only unlimited happiness and hence they never remember GodFather. People never know about golden age and silver age due to stone-like intellect. All souls are children of God. Souls experience sorrow at this time.
God is the merciful, Benefactor. God says, now, you children know that Supreme Soul is known as God and GodFather. There is also Brahma-Adam and Eve-Saraswathi who are known as father and mother of humankind. They cannot be called as God.
You receive blessings from GodFather by following the direction of GodFather. When you don’t remember GodFather, never make others remember God, you never receive blessings or happiness. You must never give sorrow to others.
You children know that the true mother is also known as Adam-Brahma through whom God speaks the knowledge. God takes guarantee of children those who give only happiness to others. You may get vicious thoughts, but must be careful that you don’t bring into action.
Only God is the mother and father. If you give sorrow to others by thoughts, words and actions, you undergo sorrow. Those who are serviceable, they do service by body, mind and wealth. They keep thinking about becoming elevated, all the time.
Good children make a lot of effort. If you make a good effort at this time, you will do it in every world cycle. The very good businessman is the one who follow the mother and father. The No.1 enemy is the lust.
Sri Krishna is called as the God of the Gita but in reality Gita is spoken by GodFather. Even in Gita, it is mentioned that lust is the greatest enemy. To win over the lust is to attain elevated status in golden age.
GodFather says, remember me in soul world. Sri Krishna would ask you to remember him in golden age. Instead of GodFather’s name, they have mentioned the child krishna’s name in Gita.
Sanyasis can never say they teach you Rajayoga. Only GodFather teaches you Rajayoga, makes you worthy to go to the land of Sri Krishna. God makes a lot of effort to make the children worthy-elevated. Now, you have to receive complete inheritance from GodFather. Check yourselves how much worthy you have become. There are stages like low, middle and high.
There are many types of social workers but only God teaches you the true spiritual service. You must transform even the five elements pure. Only by pure elements, your body will also become satopradhan. Sanyasis never receive a pure body like you children.
God explains a lot, but children forgets. You remember when you share the knowledge with others. Those who do good service, they are given regard by the father. You have to follow the Mother and Father constantly. Those who remain in service keep giving happiness to others.
You can know yourself, how much you serve others, whether you are at the low, middle or higher level. If you report to GodFather, you will get the proper guidance. This wonderful Mummy (Adam-Brahma) does not have a mother (since he is the father of humankind). World mother (Jagadamba) is number one in service. She has done a lot of service in villages.
In golden age, you will have palaces, cows. Achcha. You must remain happy, wealthy, you must forget your body (conscious), then how can you remember others body?

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual children
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t upset anyone. Make everyone happy through your thoughts, words and deeds and claim blessings from the Father and the family.
2. Become worthy and do the spiritual service of Bharat. Have a merciful heart and become a spiritual social worker. Serve through your body, mind and wealth. Remain true to the true Lord.

Blessing: May you be one who follows the highest code of conduct by having spirituality along with entertaining nature.
Some children joke a lot and consider that to be an entertaining nature. Generally, the virtue of being entertaining is considered to be good. However, to be entertaining, according to the peoples, time, gathering, place and atmosphere is considered to be good. If even one of these is missing, then that entertaining nature would be considered to be something wasteful. That one would receive the certificate: This one makes everyone laugh a lot, but he talks too much. This is why an entertaining nature that has spirituality and benefits other souls is considered to be good. When the words are within limits, that one would then be said to be someone who is following the highest code of conduct.

Slogan: In order to remain constantly healthy, increase the power of the soul.

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