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The knowledge about soul and Supreme Soul.

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Essence: Sweet children, your duty is to caution one another by reminding them of the Father and the inheritance. Benefit for everyone is merged in this.

Question: What deep secret that even scientists cannot understand do you children understand?
Answer: You understand that a soul is an extremely subtle star and that all the sanskars are in the soul. It is the soul that plays his own part through the body. The body is non-living whereas the soul is living. In the same way, the Supreme Soul is also a star. He has all the knowledge. He is the Seed of the human world. He is the Truth and the Living Being. He is not brighter than a thousand suns. Only you children understand this deep secret. Scientists cannot understand these things. First of all, you children have to give everyone recognition of souls and the Supreme Soul.

Song:     Mother, O Mother, you are the Bestower of Fortune for All.

Sweet Children,
You know about the biography of the deities which can be explained to others. The most important is about the knowledge of soul and supreme soul.There are sinful souls and charitable souls. Supreme soul never becomes sinful. Human souls change from charitable to sinful souls and vice versa. The knowledge of soul is important.
Soul is said to be sparkling at the middle of forehead. The soul is a zero, a point of light, very subtle in its form and image. People ask how the soul leaves the body.  It is wonderful to know about the soul. First you must understand what is a soul. The small point of soul has the role of 84births recorded in it. It is like a subtle point of star. Soul has only one form.
How the soul appears in the body, there are some who see through divine vision. Soul has only one form and image. Supreme Soul is also like a soul in form and image. Soul is neither big nor small. There is no difference between soul and supreme soul in form and image but there is difference in nature.
Even all deities have soul in them. It is said Saraswathi is goddess of knowledge. Certainly she should have received knowledge through the God, the Ocean of knowledge. You can explain to others how God make a soul become Saraswathi, the goddess of knowledge.
Soul is a point of light, how the roles are recorded in it, no one understands. There is no difference between you souls and supreme soul. Supreme Soul is not like a Sun with lot of brightness. The only difference is Supreme soul is knowledge-full. Your soul does not have knowledge. The Maya-vices have made you soul vicious, the soul forgets the knowledge of Creator and Creation. God has the knowledge constantly.
It is not that by saying Supreme, God is so big in size. He has the complete knowledge in Him. People never know who is saraswathi, whose daughter she is. You must explain who is Supreme Soul, He is a star, has complete knowledge in Him, He is the Seed of the world human tree. He is the father of all soul. He is sat chit and anand. He is also known as Truth. The whole drama is directed by Him, He is the Creator of all beings and hence He has knowledge of all the creations.
Soul is a living being certainly, body is non-living but when soul appears in it, the body becomes living being. Supreme Soul is praised a lot, people remember the Supreme Father. People call out the God as Supreme Soul Supreme Father. The God’s praise is the most highest than anyone.
People know that god lives in supreme abode. They don’t understand knowledge due to body consciousness. You children become soul consciousness from body consciousness. You know that God is an incorporeal being, you are the children of God. GodFather is known as knowledge-full, bliss-full. Certainly you children receive inheritance from GodFather. He has given knowledge to the souls at some point of time.
Since God is the Creator, He is known as the Seed of the world human tree. In shastras, soul is said to be in the form of a thumb. In reality Supreme soul is also a point of light like you souls. Soul is very subtle and to make people understand, the image has been shown as big, otherwise, how it can be worshipped with milk and other things. These are to be understood.
The Supreme Soul lives in the Soul world, which is an incorporeal world. The Supreme Soul lives in the incorporeal world always. People want to go to the incorporeal world where there are no physical attractions. Soul comes from soul world appearing in the body. By the appearance of soul, the body becomes a living being. The smallest soul has the sanskar in it, the sanskar of each birth keeps appearing-emerging one by one. Everything has to be understood.
At this time, no soul can be known as either god or goddess. Saraswathi is the daughter of Brahma-Adam. And hence, Brahma-Adam can be known as god of knowledge. The Supreme God makes Brahma-Adam and Saraswathi knowledge-full. You are the children of God. God explains, you children have to co-operate-support each other and improve yourself. You must remember the GodFather and the world cycle.
You must win over the sleep by love for God (by remembrance of God). You must take dip in the ocean of knowledge. The urn of knowledge is shown with Saraswathi, in fact God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma and given the knowledge to the mothers. And hence, the scriptures are shown in the hands of Brahma-Adam. Only GodFather explains these secrets of knowledge which only you children know, none else. And hence you children must explain to others very well, others cannot explain these subtle secrets of knowledge to people.

Good morning, Namaste, love and remembrance to the spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Stay awake at night and churn the ocean of knowledge. Take a dip in the Ocean of Knowledge. Become conquerors of sleep by remembering the Father.
2.            Continue to spin the discus of self-realisation. Remind one another of the Father and your inheritance. Caution one another and continue to make progress.

Blessing: May you become a ruler of the globe who plays an all-round part in the flying stage, the same as the Father.
Just as the Father is an all-round actor – He can be the Friend as well as the Father - in the same way, those who are in the flying stage will be able to play their perfect parts of the service that is needed at whatever time. This is known as being all-round flying birds. They would be free from bondage in such a way that they are able to reach wherever there is a need for service. They will become embodiments of success in every type of service. Such souls are said to be rulers of the globe and all-round actors.

Slogan: By keeping the specialities of one another in your awareness you will become faithful and the gathering will become united in one direction.

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