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A knowledgeable soul is one who merges the word “reason” and finds a solution to every situation.

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Essence: Sweet children, you are on a spiritual pilgrimage. You have to forget the consciousness of the body and the old world and return home. Stay in remembrance of the one Father.

Question: What should each one of you ask yourself as a detached observer?
Answer: Just as the Father, as the detached Observer, observes the stage of each one to see what they are like and whether they experience supersensuous joy having attained the Father, similarly, ask yourself: To what extent do I consider myself to be fortunate? How much happiness do I have? Have I claimed my full inheritance from the Father? Have I created heirs? Have I become a charitable soul by burning my sins away with the power of yoga?

Song:     O traveller of the night, do not become weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off.

Sweet Children,

Children had been explained that like souls are embodiment of peace, Supreme Soul is also an embodiment of peace. Saints say souls become Supreme Soul and all creations are maya, which are not true. Saints follow their own path (which are not truth) according to the world drama.

The Supreme Traveller belongs to the World Beyond – Soul world. He had come from soul world. Your spiritual pilgrimage is a unique one unlike the physical pilgrimage. Every traveller of spiritual pilgrimage had a guide during olden days. Supreme Soul is also known as a Guide. Now, God has come to take you across.

People never know about heaven but still say that soul has left for heavenly abode. Saints say soul merges with the light. But in reality no one knows about heaven and soul. Soul and Supreme Soul have their roles present within to be played as per predestined world drama. You souls take maximum 84births from beginning till end of world cycle.

In golden and silver ages, GodFather never has work to do. From Copper age, God serves the children. In copper age, God gives divine visions to the devotees. God even benefits the devotees and now in iron age, God gives you the knowledge to make you eligible to go to golden age. God is also known as the Creator, adopts you souls and teaches you RajaYoga like in every world cycle.

I speak to the bodiless souls. Now, you have to return home back to soul world, forget the old world and this is known as renunciation. You earn the kingdom by spiritual effort. God is known as the Seed of the world human tree. Now, you have to forget this old world human tree which has become very old and just have to remember the GodFather.

God explains how this world drama is created by this knowledge.  It is said God spoke in the Gita, they never say Sage Vyas spoke the Gita. In fact, Gita is the memorial of knowledge given by God at this time. Each word of the Gita will also repeat in every world cycle. The same souls will become Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan (eight different dynasties).
I teach you Rajayoga to make you souls King of kings of golden age. I come only at the confluence age of the world cycle. I come to take all souls back home, I come exactly at the right time in every world cycle to take every one back to Soul world. You will take rebirth in the golden age. I come and establish in every world cycle at this time of confluence age of iron and golden age.

I am also bound to this world drama, I see everyone’s spiritual stage being a detached observer. I check if souls experience divine bliss, have they received complete inheritance from GodFather? God comes and teaches RajaYoga like in every world cycle. I make you god goddess of golden age. Golden age has the ancient deity religion. The world cycle has to repeat. You have to remain pure-virtuous being at household. Unless you become virtuous, how can you rule the virtuous world?

Here, this world human tree has the Seed at the top. The tree is an inverted one. World Mother(s) is shown at the bottom of the world human tree doing meditation. Deities are the master of the golden age, they have been converted to various religions, would come back to the ancient deity religion. You children know that you make effort to become the god goddess of the golden age, They wear the same type of dress in golden age. In silver age they wear different type of dress.

By the power of yoga, your sins will be removed, you will become a charitable soul, become pure-virtuous, by the power of remembrance. Only GodFather establishes the heaven of golden age. You have to make effort to create the heirs. Many subjects will be created. You have to win over the vices to win over the world, You receive power from GodFather to win over the vices.

You must not have any doubts in this Divine knowledge, there will be storms of situations to stop you from this study. There will be illness, obstacles but you must not become weak due to the storms of maya-vices.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Stay on the first-class spiritual pilgrimage that the Father has taught you. Forget everything, including your body by following shrimat.
2.            Never become weak or have a doubtful intellect because of the storms of Maya. Never become confused about anything.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi playing your role of service while remaining detached from your role and loving to the Father.
Some children say that they are unable to have yoga and the reason for this is their lack of detachment. Because of not being detached, they do not experience love and where there is no love, there is no remembrance. The more love there is, the easier remembrance is. Therefore, do not play your part on the basis of your relationships, but play your part in terms of service and you will remain detached. Like a lotus flower, remain detached from the atmosphere of the old world and loving to the Father and you will become an easy yogi.

Slogan: A knowledgeable soul is one who merges the word “reason” and finds a solution to every situation.

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