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Does your spiritual beauty(peace and happiness)increase everyday?The pure soul cannot experience sorrow.

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Essence: To be merged in remembrance means to be absorbed in love.

Do you see yourself as a special sparkling lucky fortunate star? (Here, the God Himself praises you, the elevated souls.) Do you have the happiness constantly? Looking at your happiness, people swing in the swing of happiness forgetting their sorrow. By looking at you do the iron aged vicious soul experience themselves as golden aged virtuous soul? Do you have the attention, to make your future elevated, throughout the day? Do you see the increase in your spirituality beauty in the spiritual mirror, everyday?

Today GodFather has come specially for the special meeting to meet  the Trikaldarshi special souls. You are multimillion fortunate souls, fortune is assured in your every foot step, Do you see yourself that much elevated? By recalling your fortune, you become the crown for God Himself.

The memorial of your fortune by which you become more well known is the top knot shown in physical form. Do you spiritual shaktis (mothers) also see yourself more fortunate like the Pandavs (brothers)? GodFather looks at the speciality of souls and wonder in a special way. The speciality of special soul is they are like the moths who sacrifice themselves in the flame instantly without any delay and hence they make a fast spiritual effort. They are free from the questions of maya-obstacles.

Instead of questions like why and what, you have to stabilize in the form of master trikaldarshi, every thought and action to be realized in its own form-as it is (without any waste thoughts). Constantly see yourself merged in the love of One God and become equal in God’s qualities.  Like Sanyasis wanted to merge in the Brahm element (but never do it practically), you souls have to merge in the love of One GodFather, you become equal like GodFather. Do you experience this stage of loveleen, being merged in the love of Father without any other thought?

When something is merged in the sea, nothing else will be seen except sea. Similarly when you are merged in the love of GodFather and His qualities, it is known as loveleen stage where you become an embodiment of God’s Qualities, do you experience such an elevated stage? What do you experience as your future at this time? (To reveal GodFather). But unless you fix up a date, you cannot put into practice.

You souls have to wake up the people from the sleep of ignorance. You have to make a powerful plan to wake up the souls from the sleep of ignorance with full force. You have to do this before this year. If you yourself don’t have that much faith, those who have to wake up will not have that much faith to wake up. You have to wake up the well known people so that through them many would be awakened. You have to play the hero role in this.

To such elevated souls who know the importance of time, who are well known, who put every thought in to practice who have only the thought of God and spiritual Service, to them Love, remembrance and Namaste.

The sign of time coming close is that, in your every action, success is assured. Whatever has to happen will take place automatically, you will not have the doubt like whether it will happen or not. To those who become an embodiment of success, success keeps you welcoming.

To differentiate the great ones by the use of power: By looking at the forehead, the sparkling star, the elevated souls are easily identified. The spiritual effort of every soul is known by their vibrations. Like a product or flower is identified by their appearance and fragrance, similarly elevated souls are understood by their spiritual stage-vibrations, it can be realized how much powerful they remain in their spiritual stage.

By the stage of silence, the souls can be identified of their spiritual stage. To differentiate in a physical way is very common, but to identify with the power of thoughts, by the vibrations is most elevated. You can find out them even if they are very far, as if you see them in front of you and this stage is known as the power of spirituality. It is like, the one who has spiritual power can read the minds of others before the words come out.

You will experience this stage amongst very few who remain powerful at the time when at one end there will be destruction and other end there will be cries of victory, both at a faster rate.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of all attainments and finish all name and trace of sorrow and peacelessness with spiritual intoxication.

To maintain spiritual intoxication means to see the soul and be soul conscious while you are walking and moving around. By having this intoxication, you experience all attainments. All sorrow is removed from a soul who is an embodiment of all attainments and has spiritual intoxication. There is then no name or trace of sorrow or peacelessness because sorrow and peacelessness are born through impurity. How could there be sorrow or peacelessness where there is no impurity? Peace and happiness automatically come to those who are pure souls.

Slogan: Those who are lost in the love of One are truly free from obstacles. 

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