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To make the intellect pure-virtuous and divine,have yoga(remembrance and love) for God.

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Essence: Sweet children, settle the accounts of your past sins with knowledge and the power of yoga (remembrance and love for GodFather) and accumulate your new account of charity. Become ever healthy and wealthy with the power of yoga.

Question: What specialities of the confluence age cannot exist at any time throughout the rest of the cycle?
Answer: Only after 5000 years at the confluence age does the lovely, auspicious meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul take place. This is a only time for the children to meet the Father and claim their inheritance. Only at this time does the Father give knowledge for all souls. He becomes the Liberator for all. It is only at the confluence age that the sapling of the deity religion is planted. Those who have been converted to other religions emerge again. Everyone settles his or her past karmic accounts and returns home. No other age has such specialities.

Sweet Children,

GodFather, Supreme Soul, Allah has a name known as Shiv (Benefactor).  In the beginning, God sends Preceptors (religious founders) for service. People look up above by remembering GodFather.  Souls remember the physical father and also remember the Supreme Soul Supreme Father.

God Father is only One , everyone cannot become Supreme GodFather.  People say God has offered them a child but they never do it-believe it in practical. People-souls cry out to take them away, so  certainly God would take them somewhere, the place far beyond. God comes only once in the world cycle at the end of the world drama. I never come again and again. Souls come to the world and take rebirths but Supreme Soul come only once in the world cycle to give liberation and liberation in life.

I come when every soul and elements become tamopradhan-impure, at the end of 84 birth cycle. I become GodFather for souls, then I give knowledge to the souls, then show right path for liberation as a Supreme Guide. In golden age, souls never have any gurus like they have at this time. But there will be father and teacher. Here, at this time God plays His role as Supreme Father, Teacher and True Guru-Guide.

At this time God has come and adopts you children through the knowledge spoken through Adam-Brahma. I explain about the world cycle, Hero actors of the world drama, three worlds of physical, subtle and incorporeal. You children understand about the GodFather. I had to appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to share this knowledge.

Although there are lot of devotees, they don’t see the God as their Father. They just keep praising, do devotional service.  This Godly knowledge belongs to everyone, for civilians and also for military service men. God comes and meets you souls after 5000years and this gathering is known as sweet and elevated gathering. At this time, God becomes liberator of all souls.

Those who come in virtuous world will come to GodFather to take His directions. God plants the sapling of deity dynasty at this time. Those who have been converted to other religions will come again to receive this knowledge. Even the saplings of other religions are planted at this time. God is the Father, Teacher and Satguru – three in One at this time.

Now, you have to forget the own body and all the bodily relations (by looking at self and others as souls) and have to remember One GodFather because He is the Truth, He is the True Father, True Teacher and True Guide. He comes and establishes the True world. Only God explains the beginning, middle and end of the world cycle which no one knows. You also have to remember about the world cycle which you know only during this confluence age.

You become the King of kings through the GodFather. When you receive kingdom in golden age, you will not have the knowledge given to you at this time. God comes and makes you worthy to rule the virtuous world. You have to learn this knowledge only at this confluence age. This knowledge of world cycle disappears in golden age. This knowledge is not known to any Saints.

When you imbibe knowledge and have yoga, you will become virtuous-pure to understand knowledge and God. This nectar of knowledge will remain only in the golden vessel-intellect, by this knowledge you become one with divine golden intellect. If you don’t have yoga, you cannot imbibe knowledge because without yoga, intellect cannot become pure-virtuous.

God Himself gives you the knowledge of the world cycle at this time. God gives the knowledge like who ruled the kingdom in golden age and for  how many years. God gives the knowledge to stabilize yourself in the awareness of soul, so that soul can have yoga to settle the karmic accounts of various births. God gives the secret of golden age, you receive the kingdom of golden age by the power of yoga not by any physical battle.

In Gita, it is said that those who die in the battle will attain heaven. People never understand its true knowledge. It is about the battle against vices not physical battle. If you want to become the resident of heaven,you have to imbibe the knowledge given by GodFather. When God comes, the gateway of heaven opens up. You children have to do a good practice to remember the GodFather.

The unlimited GodFather says, children, remember Me. Even gurus say remember the One GodFather. You have to make this effort to remember the Father of all souls by whom you receive the inheritance of peace and happiness, of heaven. Other than GodFather no one can give this inheritance. At this confluence age, you receive God and the inheritance.

Only one religion exists in golden age, all other various religions will not exist there. Whoever learns Rajayoga through GodFather goes to golden age. The great (Mahabharath) war is about to happen, those who study well will attain elevated status, all others will settle the accounts to get liberation. Now, you have to earn a spiritual income to the extent possible. The more you settle your karmic accounts, your income will keep increasing. Now, you receive the power of yoga and knowledge.

God has come to open this true spiritual university. Universe is known as world and you are given the knowledge of the universe only in this spiritual university. The World Creator of the Universe has established this university so that any soul can come here to learn in this university. God transforms the human beings into deities-virtuous human beings, gives directions to the souls of the world. You become more elevated by this Godly direction. By your body and mind, you make the whole world into heaven.

God comes in an incognito way. Sri Krishna has a physical body and hence he cannot come in an incognito way. God does not have a body and people find difficult to identify God when He appears on earth in the body of Adam-Brahma.

The more you imbibe this most elevated knowledge and share it with others,that much elevated status you would attain in golden age.  You learn this knowledge in a very ordinary manner. In golden age, you receive golden spoon in mouth. With this elevated knowledge given by God Himself, you receive the most elevated status in golden age.

You have seen the visions of golden age, how the flying machines, palaces exist in golden age. Even now, the Science has created lot of inventions, the refined inventions will be used in golden age. Food and jewels will be available in plenty there like it was available during olden days. There is a vast difference between old world and New world. With the study what you learn in this one birth, you attain more wealth and fortunes and hence you must give more attention to this spiritual study.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Donate the wealth of knowledge you have received from the Father. Study in an incognito way and claim a kingdom for 21 births.
2.            Forget the remembrance of everyone else and remember the one Father in the form of the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru.

Blessing: May you be constantly powerful and experience the form of being essence-full, yogyukt, and yuktiyukt by remaining stable in the point form.
Instead of going onto the crooked path of question marks, put a full stop to every situation. Become stable in the point form and you will experience being essence-full, yogyukt, and yuktiyukt. Your awareness, words and deeds will all become powerful. By going into expansion without becoming the point form, you will be wasting your time and powers in wasteful words and deeds of “Why?” and “What?”. You will have to pass through the jungle. Therefore, remain stable in the point-form and make your physical senses work according to your orders.

Slogan: Keep the diamond key of the word “Baba” (GodFather) with you and you will continue to experience all treasures.

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