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The true Kumbh mela takes place here where Supreme Soul and souls meet together.

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Essence: Sweet children, Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) is the alokik Traveller who makes you beautiful. As you continue to remember this Traveller you become first class.

Question: What elevated directions does each Godly student receive to make effort at the confluence age?
Answer: Godly students receive shrimat to become pure at this time and make effort to claim the kingdom. Each of you has to be concerned for your own self and tell others: In order to claim your inheritance from the unlimited Father, tie the rakhi of purity in this final birth. Stop increasing the population in this land of death. Belong to the Father and become worthy of heaven. By following the Father's directions at this time and becoming viceless, you will become viceless for 21 births.

Song:     O Traveller from the faraway land!

Sweet Children,

God is the traveller who stays far beyond. The living souls remember this traveller. Like God comes from soul world to play His role, you souls also come from soul world to play individual roles. I come only once to the children to do selfless service from with lot of love. There is limited father and I am your unlimited GodFather.

When the world drama comes to an end, Souls have to go back. I come to guide you to the soul world. No soul can go back in the middle of the drama. When the role of every soul comes to an end, God had to appear on earth. Soul calls out for God as the Purifier. You souls are sitas and One God is the Ram.  This world drama is of 5000years. You souls never know about your previous births, but I know about it.

The most important is to find out who is the God of the Gita. Just by reading Gita, you never attain anything. God explains you the RajaYoga. Whatever you learn here never lasts forever. The One who teaches and those who listen, no one will be left out.

When you become 16 celestial degrees virtuous, you will rule the kingdom in golden age. People have forgotten about those who belong to the ancient deity religion. God is the only One who does not have a body, everyone else have a body.

God is the one who speaks the Gita. God says, this old will be transformed. Every soul will go back together. In golden age, the population remains very small.  You know that our God is the Ocean of knowledge. No one else can be the ocean of knowledge.

You are all actors in this world drama. If God is present everywhere, you cannot even perform devotional activities. The Supreme God is known as the Supreme Soul GodFather, He is the father of all fathers. God Creates the world of deities-virtuous human beings. You children are adopted by God through Adam-Brahma.

You belong to Me. You are transforming from ugly into beautiful. Now, you are not called as pure. In golden age, soul and body both remain pure-virtuous including elements of nature.  The true Kumbh mela takes place here where Supreme Soul and souls meet together.

Now you are listening to the eternal story by which you go to the eternal world where people never speak about death. One soul leaves one body and take another without any feelings of suffering.  In golden age, there is the kingdom of deities.

People say ganga appears from the mouth of cow, there are lot of blind faith. Here, God explains to the most beloved children of the world. All souls are children of GodFather. Radha Krishna come in golden age, Ram Sita come in Silver age. Every human being creates children and sustains them. Here, God sustains you children.

God who is staying in a place far beyond had appeared on earth. Bharat-India is My birth place. People never know how God comes and from where He comes and for what and through whom. God says, I am known as the almighty authority and hence you must receive power from GodFather to win over the five vices. There is nothing of any physical power of physical violence. Now I have come and hence you have to remember Me.

Peace is the original nature of soul. Everyone looks for peace. Those who become pure – virtuous will rule the golden age.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Remove your intellect’s love from everyone else and connect it to the Father. Become pure and thereby become an angel of the land of angels.
2.            You have to follow the elevated directions of the Mother and Father. Under the influence of body consciousness, do not give them your directions

Blessing: May you be full of the treasure of all fortune by making the Bestower of Fortune belong to you with the easy method.
The way to make the Bestower of Fortune belong to you is to have a relationship with both Bap and Dada. Some children say that they have a direction connection with the Incorporeal, that the corporeal one attained Him and so we can also do the same. However, that is like having a broken key. You cannot create your fortune without becoming a child of God. Without the corporeal one, you cannot become a master of the treasure of all fortune because the Bestower of Fortune distributes fortune through Adam-Brahma. So, know the method to become full of the treasure of all fortune.

Slogan: Claim the certificate of contentment from yourself, from service and from everyone and you will become an embodiment of success.


Essence: Sweet children, while staying in remembrance, the iron‐aged night will end. You will return with the Father and then come into the day. This is a wonderful pilgrimage.

Question: Why do you children desire to go to heaven?
Answer: Because you know that when you go to heaven, all other souls will also benefit by being able to return home to the land of peace. You do not have greed for going to heaven, but are making a great deal of effort to establish heaven. So, you will surely become the masters of that heaven. However, you do not have any other desire. Human beings desire to have a vision of God, whereas God Himself is teaching you.

Song: O traveller of the night, do not be weary! The destination of the dawn is not far off!

Essence for Dharna:
1. We should have true love in our hearts for the Father, the One who does so much service and who
makes us into such elevated deities! Give happiness to everyone as the deities do.

2. Constantly praise the one Father. Don't consider yourself to be great.

Blessing: May you become multimillion times fortunate by performing elevated deeds and thereby create an elevated fortune.

However many elevated deeds someone performs, that one accordingly has a long and clear line of
fortune. The way to create fortune is to perform elevated deeds. So, become one who performs
elevated deeds and claim the fortune of being multimillion times fortunate. However, the basis of
performing elevated deeds is having an elevated awareness. Only by maintaining the awareness of
the most elevated Father will you perform elevated deeds. Therefore, draw your line of fortune for
as long as you want. In this one birth, you can create a fortune for many births.

Slogan: To make many others content with your personality of contentment is to become a jewel of

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