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God says,I make you rule the world but you lose the kingdom due to body consciousness.

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Essence: Sweet children, the influence of bad company makes your intellect develop doubt. Therefore, never become influenced by bad company and thereby stop studying. It is said: Good company takes you across and bad company drowns you.

Question: Which shrimat does the Father give you to change you from shells into diamonds?
Answer: The Father’s shrimat is: Children, while living at home with your family, live like a lotus. Just as a lotus is not affected by dirty water (mud), in the same way, while living in the vicious world, the vices should not touch you. This is your final birth before you go to the viceless world. Therefore, become pure-virtuous. By following this one shrimat you will become diamonds from shells and masters of heaven.

Song:     The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support.

Sweet Children,
GodFather has explained you that God is only One. Sri Krishna is the No.1 Prince of golden age who attains that elevated status through GodFather.  People never understand how deities attain their elevated status. People have lot of love for Sri Krishna and Sri Radhe. But how they attained such an elevated status?
The Creator is only One GodFather.  God never changes His form, He never takes birth on earth, He remains Incorporeal all the time and hence He is known as Incorporeal GodFather. People say that the soul had gone to heaven when someone leaves the body. Soul takes rebirth according to their karmic accounts.
People worship the Incorporeal God in the name of Shiv (Benefactor). Now, you children understand that you are becoming the deities – virtuous human beings. Creator is GodFather who creates heaven. He gives elevated status to the deities of golden age. People know that deities ruled golden age. People forgot that Krishna and Radha become Lakshmi and Narayan. ( There are eight Lakshmi and Narayan in golden age)
God is a point of light like a star. The big image of ling has been made for the purpose of worship. Christians know about their religious founder and their scripture. The world human tree has been made in which all the religious founders are shown to understand about the history of the world. In golden age, very few people exist. In iron age-hell, more souls exist.
People never know about the world cycle and the ancient deity religion. In golden age, only happiness exists. After golden age, the silver age comes, then copper and iron ages. The confluence age of iron and golden age is known as more benefitting and elevated where God comes and gives you the right knowledge. In golden age, you never receive knowledge.
You become vicious from virtuous according to the fixed world drama to become virtuous once again. Orphans fight against each other, people of the world fight amongst each other because they don’t know about the true GodFather. GodFather takes you to the land of peace and to the world of peace and happiness.
The small children are virtuous and pure, and hence they are loved by all.  In golden age no one fights amongst each other, everyone remain happy there. Like there is New Delhi and Old Delhi, there is New world and Old world. The old world will be transformed to the New world which is known as heaven. Delhi will be the capital of golden age which is known as Paristhan – the land of angels.
GodFather never comes in golden age but you children.  GodFather is making you the master of the world once again. Souls never understand the knowledge if it is not in their fortune. You need not have to leave anything to attain elevated status. You just have to remain virtuous-pure like a lotus flower being in household. This world is a mortal world and golden age is an immortal world where the souls take birth by the power of yoga not by vicious means. Golden age is a virtuous world.
To attain peace, you consider yourself as a soul and remember GodFather to go to Him when you leave the body. Souls who come in golden age understand this knowledge. You receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather.  Souls lose the faith on God because of maya-obstacles. Whatever happens repeat in every world cycle of this world drama. There are many souls who become doubtful and leave the mother and father, it is destined in the world drama (to attain different level of status).
Souls have to remain detached like a lotus flower being in household. You must not become vicious being in this vicious world since this is your final birth in this world cycle. By being virtuous, you will go to the virtuous world to rule the virtuous kingdom. God explains you in a very simple way. The golden age is being established by God through Adam-Brahma.
Sanyasis become virtuous and hence the vicious souls bow in front of them. It is the soul which becomes virtuous. GodFather – Supreme Soul never become vicious, He remains detached and virtuous all the time constantly. There are souls and Supreme Soul. Souls cannot become Supreme Soul by becoming virtuous. I come to take all the souls back home – the land of peace. There is the memorial of Mahabharat war through which souls are taken back to the soul world.
God says, if you follow My direction, I make you the master of the virtuous world. In every world cycle, I make you rule the golden age and then you lose the kingdom due to body consciousness. Now, you have to follow the Godly direction once again to become virtuous. God explains you in very simple way to make you understand and hence you must receive the inheritance of world kingdom from the GodFather once again.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Never allow your faith to decrease due to storms. For this, be careful of the company you keep. Follow shrimat fully.
2.            In this final birth, definitely become completely viceless by following shrimat. While living in the vicious world, be careful that the vices don’t touch you.

Blessing: May you be free from bondage and celebrate the ceremony of perfection by finishing all your past karmic accounts.
When all souls are in bondage in this foreign land, the Father comes and reminds you of your original form and your original land. He makes you free from bondage and takes you back to your original land and makes you into masters of the self. In order to return to your original land, you have to celebrate the completion of finishing all your karmic accounts. If you celebrate this now, you will then be able to celebrate perfection at the end. Only those who remain free from bondage over a long period of time attain a status of being liberated in life over a long period of time.

Slogan: To make weak ones powerful with the co-operation of your zeal and enthusiasm and your sweet words is to become one who has good wishes for others.

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