Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Experience the incorporeal (silence) and the subtle (angelic) world in the corporeal - physical world.


Essence: Sweet children, this is a wonderful school where the Purifier Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you the nectar of knowledge and purifies you. There is no other school like this one.

Question: What piece of advice should you take in order for the Father to become your Helper at every moment?
Answer: Baba (GodFather) advises you: Children, continue to remember Me like a genie. While eating, sitting and moving around, connect your intellect's yoga to Me and remove your intellects from everywhere else. Do the service of remembering the Father and heaven. This is the help you give. This remembrance will make you into the masters of heaven. This is an inexpensive bargain. When you have courage, Baba becomes your Helper at every moment. The children who remain courageous receive help from God.

Song:     The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Do spiritual service to make Bharat like a diamond by following shrimat. Remember the Father in an incognito way and become elevated.
2.            Talk to yourself. Have a heart-to-heart conversation: Baba, no one else can give me the happiness that You give. Baba, I am becoming a master of the world through the study that You teach us. I have a right to the new world that You are creating.

Blessing: May you be an image that grants blessing and experience the incorporeal and the subtle in the corporeal through the lesson of ek (one).
Simply make the lesson of ek (one) firm and make the Bestower of Blessings happy and you will then be sustained and move along and fly with blessings from amrit vela till night time in your daily timetable. That lesson of One is to have one strength (ek bal) , one faith (ek bharosa), follow the directions of One (ek mat), be constant and stable (ek ras), have unity (ekta) and love for solitude (ekantpriya). The Father loves this word “ek”. Those who make this lesson of “ek” firm never experience any difficulty. Such blessed souls receive a special blessing and they thereby experience the incorporeal and the subtle in the corporeal.

Slogan: Instead of making your stage on the basis of someone being your support, become everyone’s support.

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