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get rid of body consciousness and see yourself as a bodiless soul.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to become victorious jewels, die alive. Become soul conscious, and make effort to become the garland around the Father’s neck.

Question: Even though you children clearly understand the secret of the discus of self-realisation, why do you imbibe it numberwise?

Answer: Because this drama is created very systematically. Only you children can understand the 84 births and remember Baba. However, Maya causes obstacles in only remembrance for children; she repeatedly breaks your yoga. If everyone were to imbibe knowledge equally and pass easily, the rosary would be made up of hundreds of thousands. Therefore, because a kingdom is being established, everyone imbibes numberwise.

Song:     To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Sweet Children,

Children listened to the song, this birth is to die alive. When soul leaves the body, they forget the world and relatives. People think soul reaches the Supreme Soul once they leave the body, souls never merges with the Supreme light like people think. Soul leaves one body and takes another.

Once the soul appears on earth, it repeats the cycle of birth and death. Some souls take only one birth on this earth. You children have come here to belong to One GodFather. Souls make spiritual effort along with the body. God creates this sacrificial fire of knowledge and it is shown in the memorial of Sacrificial fire along with the worship of ling. They make even up to 40,000ling-saligrams during the rituals.

At this time, only you children understand about God and help in the task of establishing New World to come in golden age. Now, you children have to become soul conscious certainly. You have been body conscious for so many births. There is the rosary of all human souls and Adam-Brahma is most important amongst them. All souls are children of One GodFather.

How the new world is created? When this world becomes old, GodFather comes and creates the New World. You children know that you, the souls were pure-virtuous in the very beginning. In golden age, your life span remains 125years, souls never die uncertain death there. You souls are children of One GodFather adopted through Adam-Brahma. You children come and belong to God at this time.

Adam-Brahma is also known as Mother for the souls of the world. You die from the old world. Those who are adopted become the heir for the inheritance. God had come to take every soul back home to soul world. You have to remain in household and become pure-virtuous. These points of knowledge are not mentioned in any scriptures, only GodFather gives this knowledge about the New World.

God gives you the third eye of knowledge. God explains you about the world cycle. You are asked to spend 7 days to understand this knowledge. Even Sanyasis believe that they leave one body and take birth according to their sanskars, and there are examples that souls recite the scriptures at very young age.

GodFather makes you pure-virtuous deity of golden age in one single birth at this time. God sustains you children, teaches you new points of knowledge every day. Unless you listen to the knowledge, you find difficult to imbibe them. Now get rid of body consciousness. I have come to take you souls back home. You children are spiritual guides show path to others.

Since I have adopted you, you call Adam-Brahma as Mother and Father. God is known as GodFather. Adam-Brahma is known as Mother of all souls through whom God adopts you children. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma and adopts you children. It is praised, you are the mother and father.

Now, you children belong to GodFather and hence you have to get rid of body consciousness. You have to see yourself as a bodiless soul. God gives you the awareness of soul and takes you to the eternal world of golden age via soul world – sweet silence home.

At the end, the land underneath (made of gold and other elements) appears at the top. It is shown that the gope gopis play dance with Sri Krishna which is only the memorial of you children listening to the Godly knowledge. You children share this knowledge with others to make others eligible to receive inheritance of heaven.

It is the One GodFather, comes only once to create the heaven. You have to make spiritual effort to imbibe divine virtues. Only you children know about the world cycle and remember them but maya-vices create obstacles in remembrance of God and world cycle. Only eight souls pass with honour, then there is 108 and 16,108 souls. Then there will be many subjects.

It is God who establishes the kingdom of golden age, no other preceptor establishes the kingdom like God Father. You have to become bodiless to go back with God.  Kingdom never exists during iron age and once again kingdom will be established in golden age. God comes in a second to give you treasures of knowledge. In the beginning, children used to see visions of golden age  in trance.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Do the service of refreshing everyone like the Father. Become chatraks and perform the dance of knowledge and also inspire others.
2.            Renounce any consciousness of your body and die alive to the old world. Practise being bodiless. Make yourself worthy of the inheritance of heaven.

Blessing: May you be a charitable soul who becomes free from all sins by having the awareness of the pilgrimage place.
Madhuban is the greatest pilgrimage place. On the path of devotion, it is believed that all your sins are absolved by going to a pilgrimage place. However, you children have the practical experience of this at this time: by coming to this greatest pilgrimage place, you become charitable souls. The awareness of this pilgrimage place makes you go beyond all the many problems. This awareness also works like a lucky charm. No matter what situation arises, by remembering the atmosphere of this place, you will begin to swing in the swing of happiness and peace. So, to come to this land is also a huge fortune.

Slogan: In order to become a flying yogi, become one with the double authority of knowledge and experience.

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