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Imbibe the power to tolerate and face falsehood.Be stable in your form of truth.

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Avyakt Murli dated 10.03.2013:

Essence: Sweet, beloved children, yours is the spiritual pilgrimage of remembrance. You mustn't cause any difficulty for your body. While walking, moving around and sitting, continue to remember the Father in your intellect.

Question: Which children remain constantly happy? What is the reason for there not being constant happiness?

Answer: 1) Those who break their attachment from the old world and old bodies and remember the Father and the inheritance experience happiness permanently. Happiness cannot remain permanently for those who experience storms of Maya in their remembrance and whose stage becomes slack. 2) While you are unable to see the future kingdom with your physical eyes, your happiness cannot remain permanently.

Song:     We have to follow the path on which we may fall and rise up again.

Sweet Children,

God Father says to children: These many children of Adam-father of human kind are not available to anyone else. The father of humankind is present at this time. You are the children of Adam adopted through GodFather. You know that your Father is the God Himself.

This is the old world and in golden age, everything remains new. You children who have the role from the beginning till end takes compete 84births. You children have to imbibe the knowledge taught by God Himself.  If God never explains, you will not know anything.

You have to understand about God and His creations. You know how this world drama has been created. You know that you have to go through this spiritual pilgrimage. People undergo difficulty by the physical pilgrimage looking for God. But you do spiritual pilgrimage by your intellect (going through three worlds). You never undergo any difficulty.

The birthday of Shiv is celebrated without knowing the truth. The Ocean of knowledge and happiness gives you knowledge in practical at this time. You know that you are the children of unlimited-world Father.

Once the soul leaves the soul world, they never come back to Me until they finish their roles (of maximum 84births) which are to be played on earth. God appears in the body of Adam – Brahma who becomes No. 1 in golden age. Wives remain devoted to one husband, but husbands never remain devoted to one wife at this time unlike in golden age.

There are many gurus on earth. You have only one Supreme Guru. Sanyasis are not worshipped in temples but deities – virtuous human beings. At this time, body and elements are not pure-virtuous. You become a deity. God makes you a deity from ordinary human being. Here, you go through spiritual pilgrimage unlike the various difficult physical pilgrimages. You receive kingdom by your pilgrimage of Rajayoga.

You children know how God rejuvenates the old body and soul by the spiritual pilgrimage through the power of Rajayoga. GodFather comes to teach the pilgrimage and Rajayoga. You have to remain in this spiritual pilgrimage even whilst doing all actions. By remembrance, your sins of so many births are removed. The more (sooner) your sins are removed, that much quickly you become a garland around the neck of God.

During physical pilgrimage, people remain pure for a short time. Your pilgrimage is very pure-virtuous – you remain pure all the time. Souls speak through mouth, sees through eyes. Soul and Supreme soul cannot be seen without divine vision. Supreme Soul also speaks to the souls at this time with lot of love. At the end souls have to come back to Me, but only when they become pure-virtuous.

Virtues-purity is known as beauty and vicious are known as ugly. Souls meet the Supreme Soul after a very long time. Soul and Supreme soul are seen through divine vision. People never know how soul appears in a body. It is not that everything is God, if everything is God why Aradhana (worship by light), Vandana (chanting) and Sadana (spiritual effort) are carried out by people?

People cry out for God because souls are unhappy at this time, they want peace at this time. You children are at pilgrimage at this time, you have to be very careful in this spiritual pilgrimage, you have to overcome the vices. When you have the disinterest and don’t look at the old body and old world (but look at only soul), you remain happy.

The most important is that you have to go back to God (becoming pure-virtuous), to soul world and you have to come in golden age. Now, you make effort for the golden aged future. You have to make effort to receive the reward in golden age.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            With satopradhan renunciation, make both the soul and body pure. Break your attachment away from the old world and the old body.
2.            Make effort while being trikaldarshi and, keeping the past, present and future in your intellect, imbibe knowledge and remain permanently happy.

Blessing: May you be an all-round server full of all spiritual treasures and remain constantly content.

An all-round server means a master bestower of happiness, a master bestower of peace and a master bestower of knowledge. A bestower is an embodiment that is constantly full. Such souls will make others the same as themselves. A spiritual server means an ever ready and all-round one. Those who are full can become all-rounders, and those who are full remain content and make everyone else content. Any lack of in anything creates discontentment. The way to remain content and make others content is to be full and a bestower.

Slogan: If you have the golden gift of good wishes and pure feelings with you, you can transform any soul.

Points to Churn from the Avyakt Murli of March 10, 2013

Essence: The Foundation of Truth is Purity and the Sign of this is Divinity on one's Face and in one's Activity.

Points to Churn from the Murli of March 10, 2013

Praise of Baba:

The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation...  Knowledge-full...

Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:

1.   The foundation for truth is purity...we, the souls, with divine activities, behaviour and faces are the complete embodiments of truth naturally and easily on the basis of purity...we know our true form, “I am a soul”, we have the introduction of the Father, and have knowledge of the world cycle in its true form...we are deity souls with a strong foundation of purity, who  are pure both in body and soul, with purity in a natural form and nature...

2.   When there is truth, the soul dances...the truth will automatically be revealed according to time...we, the souls, constantly dance in happiness...we constantly imbibe divinity in our thoughts, words and deeds...with the awareness of the true form of ourselves and that of the Father, we naturally have thoughts filled with the power of  truth and the power of purity...we are the victorious maharathis who experience divinity in our words, deeds, relations and connections...we do not prove our own truthfulness with stubbornness... we stabilise in our form of truth and have divine thoughts, words and deeds...we do not show cleverness, but tolerate, bow down, or accept defeat, and remain truthful...we are the lovers of truth who spread the vibrations of truth throughout the world with our power of truth and bring about the golden age...

3.   The boat of truth may rock, but it will not sink...we, the souls, imbibe divinity with the power of truth, and are fearless in facing the untruth...while performing practical deeds, we keep father Adam-Brahma in front of us and follow him; in becoming bodiless we follow the incorporeal Father...every now and then throughout the day, we perform the drill : I am detached, bodiless and loved by the Father...we are the form of point constantly following the Father becoming a dot ourselves, remembering the Dot and putting a dot after knowing the past scenes of the drama,  we become easy yogis... by remaining in the stage of being up and above while performing actions, we, the karma yogis become flying birds...

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who knows the importance of a full stop (dot) and so puts a full stop to the past.

The easiest punctuation is a full stop. BapDada simply tells you the account of the dot. Become a dot yourself, remember the Dot and, after knowing about every scene of the drama, put a full stop. Know the importance of the dot and put a full stop to the past. Become a dot and you will become an easy yogi. In any case, you now have to become dots and return home. In the home, all of us reside in the dot form where thoughts, deeds and sanskars are all merged.

Slogan: To be a karma yogi and remain in the stage of being up above while performing actions means to be a flying bird..

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