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The supreme task of great souls is upliftment, mercy and forgiveness.

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Essence: Sweet children, understand the beginning, the middle and the end of the unlimited drama. Whatever is the past now has to become the present. The confluence age is now the present and then the golden age will come.

Question: What is the way to make yourself perfect according to shrimat?
Answer: In order to make yourself perfect, churn the ocean of knowledge. Talk to yourself. Baba, You are so sweet! I will become as sweet as You! I will become a master ocean of knowledge, and also give everyone knowledge like You. I will not upset anyone. Peace is my original religion. I will always remain peaceful and practise becoming bodiless. Talk to yourself in this way and make yourself perfect.

Song:     Mother, o mother! You are the bestower of life!

Sweet Children,
Shiv Bhagwan (Benefactor GodFather) speaks. People say Sri Krishna spoke, but it was in the past. Now, it is the present where God Himself speaks. Whatever has happened in past will become present once again. The Highest GodFather is the father of all souls. God is known as the Almighty Authority. He explains to you directly.

World Mother has come and gone and once again She would come. After this iron age, golden age will also have to come again. Now, it is the old world, the confluence of old world and new world. The Golden age which has become past will come in the future certainly.

Knowledge means understanding. In knowledge, you understand how the world cycle repeats. Without knowing about the world cycle, people cannot understand anything. This is an unlimited world drama. GodFather who is the master of the world comes directly and speaks to you.

Sri Krishna is respected a lot. It is Krishna who becomes Sri Narayan but people don’t know about it. Everyone has become ignorant and worried. Now, you souls become pure-virtuous. You have received the Purifier GodFather, Sri Krishna is not known as the Purifier. The Supreme Soul Almighty Father is known as GodFather who transforms the vicious world into virtuous world.

God makes you virtuous but vices-Ravan makes you vicious. The Sanyasis remain pure but they have taken birth by vicious means. In golden age every one remains virtuous even by birth. GodFather transforms the whole world into pure-virtuous to make you souls virtuous. GodFather speaks personally, I make you virtuous  from vicious. In golden age, only one ancient deity religion exists.

ShivBaba – the Supreme Soul is not known by people of the world. People celebrate Shiv Jayanti and hence God would have come certainly in a body to perform His elevated actions. To transform whole world into pure, certainly God would have come. Souls have been crying for God to come and purify them.

God is only One and devotees are many. I Shiv Bhagwan (Benefactor GodFather) come and explain you about the world cycle to you souls. Like I, the GodFather has the knowledge of the world Cycle, I have come to make you knowledge-full.

You have to become virtuous from vicious, someone would be instrumental to liberate you from the jail of five vices. I am known as Shiv (Benefactor) who speaks through the body of Adam-Brahma. Like you soul is present in the body, I am also present in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge.

I am like a point of light – star. I don’t have a body of My own. I am known as Shiv –Benefactor. You souls have different names because you take maximum 84number of births. I come only once in the world cycle and never take a body and hence I have only one name Shiv.

Other than God, no human beings can transform the world into pure-virtuous. All praise belongs to only One GodFather. Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan have ruled the kingdom in golden age and hence they are also praised. Here GodFather explains you that you become worshipper from being worship-worthy. Whoever has lived in the past during golden age, they are worshipped in temples at this time.

People never known where the Supreme Soul resides. My children, souls of the world do not even know from where they have come. Souls and Supreme Soul live in Sweet Silence Home, the Soul world. The bodiless world of silence is the residence for the GodFather as well as for you souls. Sanyasis call themselves as Tattv yogi, Brahm yogi but their sins are not destroyed since they don’t know about GodFather. They experience Silence, infact, they don’t have yoga with GodFather.

You souls remember GodFather and hence your sins are removed. Sri Krishna cannot say to remember Him being bodiless. The GodFather does not have a body and hence He wanted souls to remember Him without body consciousness. People say God does not have name or form. In fact souls have the time, name and form. There is also the Supreme Soul who is the Highest on High, who  never takes birth, who appears only once. God does not have a body of His own. He appears according to the world drama in the body of Adam-Brahma.

God never appears in the body of Sri Krishna in golden age but appears only at the end of iron age in the body of Adam-Brahma who was known as Sri Krishna in golden age. Even if God appears in someone else’s  body, that person will also be called as Adam-Brahma because Adam-Brahma is known as the father of humankind. It is said God creates human beings only through Brahma-Adam.

You souls know that you have come to earth to play different roles and later all the souls will leave the body and go back to soul world, your sweet home. When a soul leaves the body, they know, how much they have earned in this world. There are many who have done a lot of service. Many who have received knowledge take rebirths after leaving the body, if they have any accounts to be settled.

Whatever pure sanskars have been created once will remain emerged all the time. By remaining in yoga, the life span increases, the manners become so good, souls become very sweet. You have to check yourself if you have become like master knowledge-full, Do I hurt anyone. Have I become an embodiment of peace. Do I have any vice within me. If there is any vice present within, souls fail in the final exam. You have to check yourself like this.

You souls have become elevated who were unfit earlier. This knowledge has to be explained to the people of the world. Those who lived in golden age will come again, here, to receive the knowledge. You know that the knowledge what you receive from GodFather cannot be given by any other personality.

At this time, when you perform any actions due to body consciousness, it becomes sinful actions. You perform actions in soul consciousness to make it elevated actions. You are a salvation army who takes across the life boat of souls. You share the knowledge of God with others. Here, God gives you the elevated directions. God is the Ocean of knowledge, you follow the direction of God and serve the world. You must teach Rajayoga to the souls of the world.

Here, Shiv Baba is present in practical. Whatever has happened in the past is present now. People think about past not knowing about the present. You receive inheritance of golden age from GodFather. Whatever happened in the past will become present and present will become past once again. There are memorials of whatever happened in the past. There are rosary of victorious jewels and Godly rosary. You become the beads of Godly rosary numberwise.

Now, you are in the confluence age, the confluence of iron and golden age. You know that you souls are children of One GodFather who will rule the world in this world cycle. You never blame anyone with this Godly knowledge.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Let your every deed be elevated by following shrimat. Take everyone’s sinking boat across according to shrimat. Give happiness to those who are unhappy.
2.            In order to come close in the rosary, continue to spin the discus of self-realisation inside you and stay in remembrance. Churn the ocean of knowledge. Definitely talk to yourself.

Blessing: May you be a great donor filled with the treasure of happiness and remain constantly happy and continue to give the donation of happiness.
At the confluence age, BapDada has given the biggest treasure of happiness. Every day at amrit vela, think of a point of happiness and throughout day constantly stay in that happiness. While staying in such happiness, continue to donate happiness to others for this is the greatest donation. While having many facilities in the world, people do not have real internal imperishable happiness, whereas you have the treasure-store of happiness. Therefore, continue to donate that. This is the biggest gift.

Slogan: The supreme task of great souls is upliftment, mercy and forgiveness.

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