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apply a DOT and repent NOT much, but experience the attainment of HAPPINESS.

Murli 16.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: The most elevated treasure of spiritual life is the treasure of  thoughts.

Om shanti ( I am a peaceful soul)

Today, BapDada is seeing the account of treasures of all the children everywhere. You have received unlimited treasures for many future births. But how many treasures you have accumulated? So, the most elevated treasure is the treasure of thoughts. The elevated thought is the foundation of your spiritual life.

The treasure of thoughts is very powerful. With thoughts, you can reach the far beyond soul world in less than a second. Wherever you are, you are able to experience yourself to be close to any soul you wish to come close to. Whatever place you want to reach, whatever stage you want to adopt, you can adopt it within a second’s thought.

The moment you have the thought, I am an elevated soul and you will have an elevated stage and an elevated experience. The moment you have the thought, I am a weak soul, in one second, you would experience signs of distress in your stage. However, the basis of both of these stages are your thoughts.

When you sit in remembrance, you make your stage on the basis of your thoughts, “ I am a point. I am an angel” You made that stage with your thoughts, and so how powerful your thoughts are!

The basis of knowledge is also thoughts. “ I am a soul, not a body”. This is the thought you have. Throughout the day, you have pure thoughts in your mind and intellect. The basis of imbibing virtues like tolerance is also a thought. When you do service and make plans, you have pure thoughts. So, the most elevated treasure of spiritual life is the treasure of thoughts.

If you use the treasure of thoughts in a worthwhile way, your stage and your actions throughout the day remain very good.

The intellects of those who have waste thoughts are weak and confused. They never make accurate decisions. They are not able to decide clearly what to do and what not to do. The speed of waste thoughts is very fast. You cannot control them. The sign of waste thoughts is distress, loss of happiness, an upset mind and not experiencing pleasure in your life.

The account of sin is separate which you can identify. The account of wastage of thoughts, do you check? Do you check whether you wasted the elevated treasure of thoughts? If you do not accumulate, it would then be in the account of wastage. You are not even aware, if it has been wasted or used powerfully.

In this, you have to become incarnations of economy. If your thoughts are wasted, other treasures are then automatically wasted. If your thoughts are of waste, what would your deeds and words be? Of waste, would they not? The foundation is thought, so check your thoughts.

Use controlling power over your thoughts. Everything is under the control of the master, If the master is deceived by someone, is he the master? Check if you have controlling power. First save it! Instead of wasting it, accumulate it in the account of “the best”. Second, if you are not able  to save something, then change the waste thoughts in to powerful thoughts. Even if you are not able to control them, you are able to change them.

So, quickly change their speed, otherwise you will develop the habit. The more you save in the account of elevated thoughts, the more this account will be useful at a time of need, When you have a big test, the mind and intellect seem empty, there is no power. So, learn to save.

The faces and activities of those who have a savings account are constantly, visibly overflowing with elevated thoughts. Father sees that, children waste a lot of time in repenting for the actions they have already performed, even for three days they lose happiness. Why did you loose your happiness? Who took it? The treasure is yours, but who took it? It is good to repent, because repentance makes you bring about transformation, but do not take a long time over it. Repent, but then experience the happiness of attainment. For the future, decide in a second whether you will do this or not do that. Remember the words “not” and “dot”. You think not and you apply a dot.

You may not have shed tears, but you were crying internally for hours together. Do not repent this much! That is too much! Keep a limit to your repentance.

The Lord is pleased with the honest heart of foreigners. They are not afraid to tell the truth, they will not hide it, and because they have true hearts, they are worthy of double love from the Father. However, do not speak about it internally again and again. It has happened and so it has finished! So, pay attention in future. Don’t come into tension instead of paying attention. Think, but do not have waste thoughts, and definitely save something. Show the result of how much you have saved in an hour. Save the wastage. This savings account will give you a lot of happiness.

Now, do this at a fast speed, because time is also moving fast and Father will then see who claims number one in this. If you control your thoughts, you would not then have to make effort to control others.

Whether you get angry or your words come unintentionally, first you make plans in your thoughts and you use your time in that waiting for others to come and you to speak. Together with the time of your thoughts, your treasure of time also goes to waste. The two are connected, So, by saving your thoughts, you will automatically be able to save your time and your words.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be courageous and on the basis of one strength and one Support, experience the destination to be close.
Before you reach a high destination, you definitely face storms. A steamer has to go across a very large ocean in order to go to the other side. So, do not quickly become afraid. Do not get tired or come to a standstill. Keep your Companion with you and every difficulty will become easy. Become courageous and worthy of receiving the Father’s help. Constantly make the lesson firm of “One strength and one Support” and you will easily be able to go across the ocean and experience your destination to be close to you.

Slogan: A world benefactor is one who has good wishes for the elements as well as for every soul.

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