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No one other than the God-Father can explain about this world drama.

Murli 15.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Song: You are the Mother and the Father…

Om shanti ( I am a peaceful soul)

You children understood the meaning of the song. In fact He is not the Father of just you, but He is the Father of all children-souls. The Supreme Soul is definitely the Father of all souls. It is only by remembering the Father that your sins will be absolved. The Father tells you children: You souls have become impure, now have to be purified. At one time you were all viceless. All souls will go and reside in the incorporeal world. There is no name or trace of vice there. There are no bodies there.

All souls come down in to this world from up there in order to play their roles. The people of Bharat come first of all. Now, all souls are in the corporeal world. The Father is making you children viceless in order to make you into viceless deities. When you become deities, a new world is definitely needed for you. The old world has to be destroyed-transformed.

You were so wealthy in golden age. You had palaces studded with diamonds and jewels. You children know that you have come to the unlimited Father to claim your inheritance of unlimited heaven. The God-Father comes only in Bharat.

On the path of devotion, you have been remembering the Father for birth after birth because of sorrow. You remember Him and so He must definitely have come. No one remembers him for nothing. They believe that God,the Father will come and give the fruit of that to the devotees. However, He gives it to everyone. He is everyone’s Baba.

When you are in the land of happiness there is peace and happiness over the whole world. The Father loves His children. Only the unlimited God-Father gives you a great deal of happiness. You are now the adopted children of God. All others are adopted by the devil. There are no adopted children in the golden age. There, there is nothing but happiness. The Father says, I have come to give you the unlimited happiness of heaven for 21generations. All the bondages of sorrow are to end. In the golden age, you have relationships of happiness, whereas in the iron age, you have bondages of sorrow.

The God-Father is called the Remover of sorrow and the Bestower of happiness. The Father comes and serves you children. He says, I am your Obedient Servant. You have been remembering Me for half the cycle. I have come now to give you the abundance of happiness and so follow the shrimat – Godly directions. You are now listening to this knowledge-the story of immortality from Immortal God-Father (Baba) in order to go to the land of immortality. No one there dies. They never use the word “so and so has died”. The soul says, I will now shed this decayed body and take a new one. There are no illnesses there.

You are unaware of what you will become as you continue to come down. Otherwise, you would lose the happiness. You are now being told about the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the physical corporeal world. You won’t be aware of this in golden age. You will just rule the kingdom there. You also know about the world drama. You will definitely become worthy of going to heaven. You will benefit yourselves and others too. Then you will continue to receive their blessings.

You attain elevated status according to the effort you make. God-Father says, First of all, become pure and continue to give everyone the Father’s introduction. Remember the Alpha (God) and the beta ( the kingdom of golden age). The more you remember Me, the more your sins will be absolved and the higher the status you will claim.  The Father is also called the Liberator. The Father liberates you from sorrow for 21births. The people of Bharat will be in the land of happiness and all the rest will be in the land of peace.

No one apart from the God-Father can explain this knowledge of the drama. Now, you are performing such actions and this is how you become wealthy for 21births. It is said: May you be wealthy! And May you have children! There, you will definitely have one son and one daughter. May you have a long life! your life span will be 150years. There is no untimely death there.

The Father sits here and explains to you with so much love for the children. Children, if you remain pure for this one birth, you will become the masters of the pure world for 21births. There is happiness in purity. You belonged to the pure deity religion and have now become impure and are experiencing sorrow. You were vice-less when you were in heaven. Now, by becoming vicious, you have become unhappy in hell-iron age.

The Father inspires you to make effort. Become the emperor and empress of heaven. The Father does not even allow anyone to fall at His feet. I dont give you any difficulty. Simply remember Me and become pure. You don’t have to give even a penny, just eat, drink, study and become refreshed and go back home. Baba (God-Father) simply teaches you. He does not take any fees for teaching you. The Father makes everyone wealthy.

Shiv Baba is the incorporeal Bestower. I do not enter your heaven. I have to come into hell in order to remove you from hell. Gurus never grant salvation. There is the memorial of “handful of rice” The poor receive the return of whatever they give according to their courage. If a poor person gives one rupee out of the hundred rupee he has and a wealthy person gives one hundred rupees, both receive the same fruit. This is why the Father is called the Lord of the Poor. Bharat is the poorest of all.I come and make it wealthy.

The more you remember the most sweet Father, the more inheritance you will receive  and wealthier you will become. The Father does not tell you to bow down or go to fairs etc,no. Remember the Father and your inheritance, whilst being at home. That is all. The Father is a point. He is called the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. He is the Highest of all. The Father says, I am a point and you are also points. It is just those on the path of devotion have made a huge form to represent Me. The cycle of 84births continues to turn. You have received this inheritance many times and will continue to receive it. The Father sits here and explains to you so nicely.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be multimillion-fold fortunate and constantly maintain the intoxication and happiness of your elevated fortune.
No one in the whole world who calls himself a founder father or a world guru has received an alokik birth or sustenance from the Mother and Father. They cannot experience the alokik Mother and Father even in their dreams, whereas you multimillion-fold elevated souls are worthy to receive daily love and remembrance from the Mother and Father through all relationships. The Almighty Authority Father becomes your Server and fulfils His responsibility at every step. Therefore, maintain the intoxication and happiness of this elevated fortune.

Slogan: In order to make your mind constantly happy, have powerful thoughts of happiness.

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