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You receive power from food that is prepared in remembrance of God-Father.

Murli 20.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to conquer Ravan (vices), the enemy, with the power of yoga (remembrance). In order to change from human beings into deities, imbibe divine virtues.

Question: Why don’t all the children follow the Father’s shrimat (elevated directions) to the same extent?
Answer: Because not everyone has recognised the Father to the same extent. Only when they recognise Him fully will they follow His shrimat. Maya (obstacles-vices), the enemy, prevents you from following shrimat. You children therefore follow your own dictates every now and again, and you then tell Baba that you experience storms of Maya and that you forget to remember Him. Baba says: Children, don’t be afraid of Maya, Ravan. Make effort with great force and she will become tired.

Song: Neither will He be separated from us nor will we experience sorrow.

Om shanti ( I am a peaceful soul)

Father  (the combined form of God and Brahma-Adam) says double om shanti to the children. Mahabharat battle is well known. Here, your battle is against the vices not with any physical weapons. The no.1 vice is body conscious.

Now, you receive the kingdom of the world by the power of remembrance (yoga). It is not that you remember (God-Father) only when you sit here, you have to remember constantly. You have been ruling the kingdom for half the world cycle. You had to come down the rung of 84births ladder. You come in to climbing stage in just a second.

The children-kids of golden age never remain disturbed-troublesome like here. People remember Krishna, the prince of golden age, a lot. People remember good ones like they remember the 7wonders of the world. The temples are built for remembrance but in golden age, there is no temple. Even Diwali is not celebrated in golden age because their light- soul is awake at all times.

You make effort to reach golden age. You are here to remember the God-Father and the world cycle. You know that your cycle of 84births has come to an end, now you have to leave this old body to take the new one. Father is making us do effort to become the master of the heaven. Now, it is the confluence age. I come at the confluence age, I am the God of the Gita, who come to establish the heaven. I never come in copper-Dwapar yug. It is a great mistake to mention Krishna’s (one who has a body) name instead of the one who never comes into birth and death. Krishna takes 84births, Sri Krishna cannot say souls of every religion to remember him.

You take power by the remembrance of the God-Father. You all souls are known as Shiv Shaktis those who take power from Shiv (the Benefactor). You all souls are brothers, all receive power from the God-Almighty Authority. Even the deities - Lakshmi and Narayan can be called Almighty Authority since they rule the kingdom-world during golden age.

Certainly these deities would have made effort before golden age, to attain elevated status. You attain the kingdom for 21births. You must consider yourself as a soul and remember the God-Father. Like the physical children is asked to remember the Father, you spiritual souls-children must remember the God-Father, Spiritual Father, constantly because you all have to go back to home-soul world.

The soul is eternal, the physical body is perishable. The soul remains a point of light, no one understands about the soul. Even if someone gets a divine vision of soul, it never helps anyway. Soul which is a point of light has the role of 84births recorded in it. You must remember all these in your intellect.

Only One God-Father teaches you this RajaYoga. You become deities from human beings by this study. Deities are the ones who imbibe divine virtues. You children also have to imbibe divine virtues by making effort. You must become like them. Many subjects are created, but it takes effort to become Kings and Queens. Those who give knowledge to many, those who have mercy and benefit many will go and rule the kingdom.

The soul says, I am the unlimited child. I have to receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. Whatever I have, I surrender to Him. It is said, when You come, We will surrender to you. Body , mind and wealth are surrendered to God. When the soul becomes pure, you will receive pure body, new mind. Soul says, We belong to you, we surrender to you along with the body.

God liberates you from sorrows and take you to the New World. You understand that by the direction of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father), the heaven is created. Certainly those who followed in every cycle, will come and follow Godly direction. Yours is the climbing stage, others have falling stage. The world human tree was very small in golden age, grows little by little.

The memorials of deities are shown in temples. You can say firmly that this world cycle is of 5000years, and each age is of only 1250 years. People say that, the duration of the world is millions of years, which is not true. People think that, Sri Krishna spoke the Gita, which is not true.

Father says, no one understands Me as I am and about Me. You will understand Me completely at the end. Father says, even good children never follow Godly direction. Very few follow the Godly direction completely. You have to remain in household, but the obstacles never make you follow His direction. Father says, children make a very good effort, so that even the obstacles – Maya would become tired of troubling you.

Shiv Baba (God-Father) is a point of light, point remains white, it is not red as it is shown. Many try to see the soul but cannot be seen because it is very subtle. You are asked, if you cannot see the soul, how you would see the soul? Soul has to be understood (not to be seen) how the 84births role is recorded in in it. People had said 84millions of births instead of 84births. The battle of Mahabharat would happen, the battle against vices is happening now, by which New world is established.

You eat the pure food by which you reach the pure world. The more you become pure, that much pure the food becomes. You receive power from food that is prepared in remembrance of God-Father. If you prepare food on your own, you receive lot of power. Only by remembrance of God, you attain the kingdom of the world. Father gives directions but only few understand. In future, they would feel that they would prepare food on their own, and so many will get benefitted.

You have to receive inheritance from Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). In devotion, you have been remembering deities with lot of love. Now, Father says Manmanabhav (Rest your mind on Me). Only by remembering God-Father you will become pure from impure. You must have aim to remain in remembrance. Father says, remember Me, I am the creator of the world, you also go and become the master of the world. Otherwise you undergo pain, and low status would be attained. Now, keep aim of becoming pure, this, you must have attention constantly.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Remain yogyukt (accurate in remembrance) and eat food that you have prepared yourself. In order to go to the pure world, only eat pure food. Only in this is there power.
2. In order to receive a new body, mind and wealth, surrender everything old you have to the Father. Surrender yourself completely, including your body, to the Father.

Blessing: May you be an image of renunciation and have faith in the intellect and thereby make BapDada sacrifice Himself to you.

When children who are embodiments of knowledge with faith in their intellects renounce everything with the intoxication of “Having found the Father, they have found everything”, they experience happiness, peace, power and joy from the Father. They are then not concerned about people’s opinion but constantly continue to move forward. They experience everything of this world to be degraded and tasteless. BapDada sacrifices Himself with all His prosperity to such children who are embodiments of renunciation with faith in their intellects. Just as children have the thought ,”Baba, I belong to You”, so Baba also says: Whatever is the Father’s is yours.

Slogan: Easy, yogi children are those who spread the vibrations of the Father’s love through their every thought and deed.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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