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Creations undergo change and repeat every 5000years.

Murli 27.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, no one is as fortunate as you, because the Father, to whom the whole world is calling out, is teaching you and you talk to Him.

Question: What are the signs of the children who know how to churn the ocean of knowledge?
Answer: Their intellects are concerned throughout the day about how to show everyone the path and benefit them. They continue to make new plans for service. All the knowledge continues to trickle into their intellects. They never waste their time.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

God-Father speaks in front of the children. Only children know that God is known as the Highest. His place of residence is the highest (beyond the sun, stars and moon). Children know that we are the resident of the soul world. People call God as God-Father. No one else other than you children know that God is the Incorporeal-bodiless. By not knowing this, they have mentioned Krishna’s name in Gita instead of God-Father. Without being, near to, present with God, you cannot listen . Many souls listen but they do not have the faith that God speaks. God is the Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) , you know in practical how God transforms you. Your intellect goes up above.

You know that, now the residents of soul world are present on earth. You must remember the God and the home-soul world. He is the Creator of the creations who is speaking to you now. Father comes and explains the secret of soul world and subtle world. You know that you make effort to attain the inheritance for 21births.

You must not leave your spiritual effort at any time. Children know that we have to study till we have the exam. Children of great persons wanted to pass the highest studies. You are the children of most highest Father. You know that the Teacher is the highest God, how much happiness you must have. You are following the great Satguru. Here, you have to follow the direction of Father, Teacher and the Satguru. You know that God is your Father, Teacher and Satguru. You have to follow Him certainly.

You children know that God speaks through the body of Brahma-Adam who gets adopted by the God Father. Sanyasis renounce the actions, you also renounce the old world. Many listen, speaks knowledge and finally leave the study. Maya-obstacles are also strong. Lakshmi and Narayan together are known as Vishnu. God is also known as the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of love. Children say that we will eat with you, share with you. Father says, there is no one more fortunate like you. Earlier you did not know anything. Now, Father has appeared and according to the plan of the drama, you listen to this knowledge. Father says, sweet children, you are the incorporeal-bodiless souls. And God is the Supreme Father Supreme Soul.

You have the complete history and geography of the world. No one understands that God is the resident of the soul world. You children have happiness in practical, Father comes from soul world, you must have happiness throughout the day. By waste thoughts-gossip you waste your time and thoughts. You have to do your daily work for the household and along with that you have to do the spiritual service. You know that deities ruled the kingdom. When the iron age-darkness ends, the day-golden age begins. You must churn the knowledge how the deity attained this knowledge-inheritance. You must explain this knowledge to the people. The deities become human beings in copper age, create temples with lot of wealth, which get looted earlier.

Your aim object is to become deities. Bharat-India was heaven, but people never remember about it. The knowledge is very simple to understand and explain to others. There is nothing older than 5000years. In reality the true story must be of deities, they had kingdom in golden and silver ages, now they have lost their kingdom. Father says, you must remember the Father as He is, only few understand this.

This knowledge is very good to churn and go deep. It is not that you leave everything and sit here. You know that deities ruled the kingdom 5000years, and now there are no deities. Those who belong to the deity clan will understand this knowledge immediately, you give this knowledge seeing their pulse. You must not speak anything other than the knowledge. You must not speak anything evil, speak only those words which would benefit others. Otherwise you will lose your income. Father gives only knowledge, never gossip about anyone, this is known as evil.

Your every second is most valuable, so do not waste your time and thoughts. Wherever you go, do this spiritual service, you are the great warrior. Father says, Remember Me, the aliph ( Aa-the first alphabet in Urdu and Arabic) , so that you attain the inheritance. Children must give lot of attention on service. Father had come to teach you. You children must benefit self and others. You are not here to just spend time on cooking, your intellect must think about doing service, throughout the day.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t waste your time in listening to or speaking about things that are of no use to you. As much as possible, pay full attention to the study.
2. Constantly maintain zeal and happiness about who is teaching you. Never stop making effort. Only let jewels of knowledge emerge through your lips.

Blessing: May you be a master ocean who becomes an embodiment of success with the power to accommodate on the stage of service.
When you come onto the stage of service, many type of situations come in front of you. When you accommodate all those situations in yourself you will become an embodiment of success. To accommodate means not to have the slightest trace of anyone’s physical matters or feelings, even in the form of thoughts, merged in you. Transform non-benevolent thoughts into benevolent feelings as though there was nothing non-benevolent in then. Transform weaknesses into virtues and defamation into praise for only then will you be said to be a master ocean.

Slogan: Those who do not look at the expansion, but only see the essence and merge it into themselves are intense effort-makers.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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