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Avyakt Murli: Have determination to finish waste thoughts and waste time.

Avyakt Murli 19.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Follow Father to become victorious over waste thoughts, wasting time. Become instrument in opening the gate of liberation becoming karmateet. Create the thought of matching the sanskars during this Diwali.

Today Baba sees the most sweet and most loving children. Only at this time, you receive the God’s love. Every child feels from heart, who can give this much love (other than God)? This God’s love  makes the soul to become detached from body and become loving towards the God-Father.This love makes you so much elevated and only at this one birth you receive this God’s love. Do you make others experience this God’s love?

Today Father sees three sparkling fortunes of the children received from God. 1) The inheritance what you receive from the God in the form of the Father 2)The directions you follow through the God’s role of being a Teacher and 3) the blessing you receive from the God, being the Supreme Guide.

Now, Father wants His every child to become equal like Him. Like  father Brahma-Adam became victorious, like that, you must follow father Brahma in every step and become victorious. Father Brahma had the feeling of being merciful and uplifting-benefitting towards souls although he knew the soul is weak in self-effort or in service. Father wants His children to have good wishes, good feelings and vision of uplifting, to be co-operative with every soul.

You all have love for the God-Father and has been moving in this spiritual life on the basis of love. When you have love, you must also sacrifice something for love. What would Father expect from you children? The courageous ones receive help from God.

On the basis of result of spiritual effort - complete purity, Father has seen , even the waste thought is the seed of impurity. Many of the children retain this habit. One is waste thought and other is waste time, this is seen in majority of the children. And the basis of waste thought is mind which never allows you to remain manmanabhav (to rest the mind on God). When Father Brahma had become victorious over waste thought and waste time, and became karmateet, follow Father.

Mind is your creation and you have controlling and ruling power over mind. When your controlling power becomes weak, the horse like mind deceives you, then you have to control the mind by the shrimat-elevated direction of God. You have to save both the time and thoughts.

Only those who control the mind become the master of the world. When you become complete, it means, the gateway of liberation opens up.

Now, everyone, make a promise that we would never allow waste thoughts to come and never waste time. Now or never. Have this determined thought during this Diwali. Even people outside, wanted something to happen but they never have the power. You children have the power to complete your thoughts. Follow Father. Father Brahma-Adam did not think what to do?  Or how to do? By one determined thought of, I have to do it, you all from all over the world have reached here, he became instrument in creating your elevated fortune. So, what can’t be attained through the determined thought?

You create very good plans but the determination level comes down when you face obstacles. Determination is the key for success. Whatever action you start, first plant the seed of determination, then success is guaranteed. Now make a promise to finish waste thoughts and waste time. When waste finishes, then the constant feeling of good wishes will show wonders.

Father is happy looking at your double service – for self and for other souls.  When you have one attitude - co-operation by all, success is guaranteed. Success is your birth right, Use that. Don’t become careless. Have determined thought, I have to do it. This is the language of you spiritual children.

Father wants children to have co-operation – matching of sanskars amongst yourselves in this Diwali. When you belong to the Godly family, every one must have good wishes, feelings of uplifting, for each other. Let everyone have the feeling that by uplifting each other, we will go together to open the gate of liberation. Let everyone be seen as one, not many, by the sanskars. Let you have the thought that no one becomes heavy, let everyone feel light. When the sanskar never match, it becomes heavy. Check that, no one becomes angry with me, not even heavy.

Even if others are wrong, you must finish even the thought of, he is wrong. Instead give him cooperation. have good feelings for the soul. Like this, everyone be made elevated.


Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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