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By offering five vices, the eclipse of body consciousness disappears.

Murli 19.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, have your sins absolved with the fire of yoga and become completely satopradhan-pure. Don’t perform any sinful actions.

Question: On what basis do you receive an elevated status in the golden age? What system of this place should you tell everyone about?
Answer: An elevated status is received in the golden age on the basis of your purity. Those who imbibe purity to a lesser extent come to the golden age later and receive a low status. When any people come here, tell them about the system: When you make a donation, the omens of the eclipse can be removed. Make the donation of the five vices and you will become 16 celestial degrees full. Each of you children should ask your heart: Do I have any vices in me?

Om shanti ( I am a peaceful soul)

Spirtual Father explains to the spiritual children, how can He explain to the human beings. 5000yrs before there was golden age and the human tree remained very small. In iron age, the tree becomes very old and has to be destroyed-transformed. Now, it is the same Mahabharat war (against vices) that happens. Now, God explains the Gita, there will be establishment of one religion.

God-Father comes at the confluence age to establish the New world, and the old world will be transformed. In golden age there is only One Continent of Bharat. Now, there is no religion of deities, which is being established through Brahma-Adam. In golden and silver age, there was no other religion. Now, there is lot of misunderstandings.

It is the same Mahabharat war of Pandav and Kaurav. The God is with the Pandavas now at this time. By remembering Me, your sins will not accumulate and the sinful actions will be destroyed. Father explains that, you were pure in golden age, by taking births, your soul has become impure. The soul becomes pure by remembering Me. When the soul becomes pure, you attain elevated status in golden age. Now, the sapling of deities is being planted now.

In golden age, souls remain completely virtuous. Who transforms the vicious world to vice-less? Now there are more directions-religions, now, the one direction-religion is being established. The deities have become impure by taking 84births, Now, God is transforming you from devils into deities. By sitting on the pyre of knowledge, you become pure.

5000years before, there was the kingdom of deities, very few people lived. The resident of Bharat has forgotten about the existence of one religion. Now, God-father establishes the one religion.

Before destruction, souls have to receive the inheritance. Deities never have five vices, by offering five vices, you get rid of the body consciousness, the eclipse of body consciousness disappears. If you have any impurity of vices, you take less number of births.

Father explains, you were completely virtuous, now have become iron aged. If you offer the five vices, you become the master of the New world. You have to get rid of the vices and attain kingdom in golden age.

Check yourself if you have become completely virtuous, there is an example of Narad, how can he marry Lakshmi – Queen of golden age, if there is any vice is left out. Check how much alloy is removed, alloy is removed by the fire of remembrance. Father says, do not fall into any type of vice, make complete effort. First, make a promise that you will never fall in vice, you have to become soul conscious. Father explains, I am the Supreme Soul. I am your Supreme Father, speaks to you souls. I have come to make you pure. Earlier, you were pure, have become impure by coming into different ages. The elements give you happiness when they were pure, like in golden age.

The more you follow the Godly direction, that much you attain elevated status, then it will be proved to the world, you are the one who made effort in every birth. This is the game that happens in every world cycle. The unlimited Father says, if you fall in vice, you never attain elevated status. If you like to attain kingdom, remember Me and make others remember Me. Some Barristers earn more but others remain poor, depends upon their effort. If you  make effort, you attain elevated status.

Day by day, you get refined points, the saplings are being planted, old ones go away, new ones come. The study comes to an end when you attain the karmateet stage. In this study, the purity is the no.1 subject. You must not rest until you completely belong to God, completely become virtuous.

Now, it is iron age, the same mahabharat battle would happen. How Peace can be established here? People fight against each other, and you get benefitted. Those who make effort attain elevated status, I never attain elevated status in golden age. Poor ones give 5 rupees, and they attain five times multimillion. When you say, I give to Father, it is like insulting God-Father.

If you do not offer to God with pure heart, then it will not be accepted. Father never expects anything, whatever you do – give, you attain multimillion times more, get transferred to golden age.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Make intense effort and melt away the alloy of vices in the fire of yoga. Make a firm promise to remain pure.

Blessing: May you be a knowledgeable soul who listens to the deep things of knowledge and who puts them into your practical form.
Knowledgeable souls experience the form of everything. You do enjoy listening and you find these things deep, but as well as listening to them, you also have to merge them in yourself, that is, you have to practise them in order to become an embodiment of them. I, the soul, am incorporeal-bodiless-point of light. You listen to this again and again, but you should listen to it while experiencing the incorporeal stage. As is the point you listen to, so should be your experience. By doing this, you will continue to accumulate treasure in your account of pure thoughts. Then, because your intellect remains busy in this, you will easily be able to step away from waste thoughts.

Slogan: Only those who have the double authority of knowledge and experience are intoxicated flying yogis.

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