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We go from talkie in to movie and then in to silence.

Murli 03.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Beloved BapDada’s divine message through Dadi Gulzar dated 15.09.11

Baba is seeing that everyone has the happiness of service and also the happiness of BapDada’s love. While doing service, the children always remember; Now, we definitely have to reveal Baba (God-Father). Baba said: Look child, people are saying that the Brahma Kumaris do very good work, but it has not yet been revealed that “God has come. God is doing this” …It should now emerge from everyone’s lips : “God has come” Baba now wants to see the sound emerging that God has come and is teaching now.

Just as you have attention on serving through the mind, in the same way, perform the drill of the mind for yourself, that is, experience the different forms. Then you will have controlling power and ruling power over your mind.

Do service through the mind in a collective way so that these vibrations reach the world and they experience that “Our Baba has come, if we do not claim our inheritance, we will be deprived”, they should receive the inspiration that they have to claim their inheritance.


Essence: Sweet children, now, together with studying, you also have to become teachers and teach others. This study is for this last birth and you must, therefore, study well and also teach others.

Question: On what basis is the golden-aged kingdom established?

Answer: On the basis of the study of the confluence age. Those who study well and who have the omens of Jupiter over them will go into the sun dynasty. Elevated subjects, as well as maids and servants etc. are all created on the basis of this present study.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

The spiritual Father, that is, the Supreme Soul, sits here and explains to you spiritual children, that is , to you souls, through the body of Brahma-Adam-Krishna.

One is the Creator and all the rest are Creation. At this time all have become the children of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). You children know that we souls go around the cycle of 84births, and so we have 84 limited fathers. In golden age, the parents don’t give you an unlimited inheritance, it is now that you receive the unlimited inheritance for the golden age.

Explain to whoever comes : You have two fathers. One Unlimited Spiritual Father and other is limited physical father (84 fathers in 84births).

This is the unlimited Father who is establishing the deity community through Brahma-Adam. You are the children of God and will become deities with divine virtues. Now, people have devilish traits.

The soul knows that He is our unlimited Father. Everyone remembers Him at the time of sorrow. Deities have continued to take rebirth. No one knows this either. Souls have alloy mixed in to them. The tiny soul has whole world roles recorded in it. Souls come into “talkie” (speech) from silence. We go from talkie in to movie and then we go into silence. Royal people speak very softly. You have to go to the subtle region. In subtle region you talk to God. There, there is the form of white light, but no sound. They understand one another through “movie” language. You now have to go into silence via movie.

The Father is the Seed and He has all the knowledge of this human tree and the world cycle. Those who belong to the God become part of the Sun dynasty. The status what you attain belong to the study. Those who are clever stay in remembrance of the Father. If you don’t become teachers, how would you benefit others? Very little time remains and you will continue to study until destruction-complete transformation takes place. You have to study and then teach others.

First of all , give anyone, the introduction of two fathers. Now, creation is being created through Brahma-Adam who is the great-great-grand father of all. You have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan, you have to be transferred because the world is changing and this is why it takes effort. The deity religion is being established in this confluence age.

Now, when a new soul comes and takes two to three births, alloy will very quickly be mixed to him, in that short period, that soul will experience happiness and sorrow. Some souls just take one birth. When soul stops coming, destruction will take place. Then, all souls will have to return home. Sinful souls and charitable souls return home together. Then the charitable souls come down (in golden age).

God says, when devotees remember Me, I grant them visions. My role begins when the path of devotion begins. I remain in retirement in the golden and silver ages. The unlimited God-Father comes only once to liberate you from sorrows, and hence He is called as The Liberator.

In golden age, there is peace, happiness, prosperity and purity. New ones must make intense effort because they understand that very little time remains. They should make effort before the death comes, they should also keep their charts. The study is very easy, there is question of remembrance. 5000years ago, you were given the sovereignty of heaven, how did you lose it? You now have to ascend again. It takes just one second to ascend and 5000years to descend.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. You now have to go from” talkie” to “movie” and from “movie” to silence. Therefore, talk very little, very softly and with great royalty.
2. After understanding knowledge, make intense effort to become satopradhan. Keep a chart of your remembrance.

Blessing: May you have elevated self-respect by remaining stable on the seat of self-respect and make Maya surrender to you.
The most elevated self-respect of the confluence age is to stay in the awareness of being a master almighty authority. When an important officer or a king is stable on the seat of his self-respect, others also give him respect. If he is not on his seat, no one would accept his orders. In the same way, become those who have self-respect and remain set on the seat of your elevated self-respect and Maya will surrender to you.

Slogan: One who stays in the stage of a detached observer and experiences the company of the Comforter of Hearts is a soul absorbed in love.

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