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The more you benefit souls, that much you attain elevated status.

Murli 29.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, don’t perform any sinful actions by following Ravan’s (vices-Satan’s) directions. Show impure ones the path to become pure.

Question: While making effort, what one shrimat will sensible and wise children definitely pay attention to?
Answer: While constantly making effort to stay in remembrance in order to attain a high status, sensible children will definitely pay attention to this shrimat: I have to be an instrument and benefit many souls. Those who benefit many others are automatically benefited themselves.

Song: I have come with my fortune awakened ….

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

Children have the knowledge of the old world and new world. Now, the New world is being established by God Himself. It is fixed in the world drama for God to come and give knowledge to His children-souls. God comes and transforms the world through Brahma-Adam and teaches Raja Yoga. God-Father says, If you remember Me alone, your sins will be removed. This is the fire of yoga-remembrance and by this fire, souls become pure.

God-Father says, do not commit any sins, Ravan-vices make you commit sins. Do not give sorrow to anyone. Father has come to make the souls pure and your occupation has to be the same. Day and night you must plan to make the souls pure, only by remembrance souls become pure. This is the medicine of the Eternal Surgeon, there is nothing of any mantra in this. Only you have to remember God, so that you become master of the golden age, it is explained very clearly, in every world cycle. Ravan-vices is known as Satan in English. Souls wanted to get relieved from satan and have been calling out for God to take everyone back home-soul world. I have come to relieve you from this prison of vicious world.

The souls belong to any religion can understand this knowledge. You can explain, when each religion gets established.  At the end, every soul will reach their divisions, then the deity religion would begin. There are the world of peace (soul world), world of happiness (golden age) and world of sorrow (iron age). There must be disinterest for this world of sorrow. Now the night of devotion ends and the day of golden and silver age begins.

This study is to attain the kingdom of golden age. The God, the Ocean of knowledge gives the knowledge now. God has the knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle. All knowledge comes in this. This Godly knowledge is the essence of barrister, Engineering, Doctor’s knowledge. Everything is embedded in it.

It is not easy to study and become Engineer or Doctor (but this knowledge). In golden age, whatever customs existed will exist again. No one knows about the customs-activities of golden age, how do they build the palaces of gold and jewellery. Deities are known as completely virtuous. When you become deities, you will understand those things. Souls play their roles, how they build palaces and houses are fixed there.

Like, how the old world exists, the New world will also exist. Here, there are demons and there , deities exist. Scriptures never mention these. There is day of Brahma-Adam and night of Brahma-Adam. Brahma then becomes Krishna-Narayan. Lakshmi and Narayan together are known asVishnu. The sacrificial fire is created here now at confluence age, this is the final great sacrificial fire, later no other sacrificial fire will be created.

People create different types of sacrificial fire to get rid of famine, to bring rain. People understand that by sacrificial fire, sorrows are removed. This sacrificial fire of knowledge removes all the sorrows of the world and this is known as the Eternal Sacrificial fire of knowledge created by God.

Father says, create Halls of water proof, small halls in villages and big halls in cities. Insure the halls to avoid any obstacles. The service has to be done. You must give complete introduction of God. Now, you are with God, you are receiving knowledge from God. I have come to benefit you, later you suffer by Ravan-vices. The One who gives liberation in life is only One God. People never understand the knowledge. Only God makes the souls elevated.

People have been longing to remove the sorrows and receive happiness from God. Souls have been saying that we would sacrifice if You would come. The sacrifice is to follow the direction of God accurately. People do not know about God, they call God as omnipresent. God never remains big or small. It is not that, God makes human beings to eat meat or fight against each other. Those who do not study well come into subjects in golden age and those who study well become kings in golden age. Father teaches here to make you more elevated kings.

Obstacles-Maya makes the soul fall in to vices, it is difficult to become kings. In golden age, you never indulge in vice. Here people feel that world would not exist without marriage. The New world will be established like it had happened in previous world cycle. Whatever day has passed has happened, like it had happened in the previous cycle and future will also repeat like in the past. People never understand this. Whatever role has been played, is according to the world unlimited drama. Those who lose the wealth-business now, will repeat it again. If there is delay in work, if there are obstacles, you know that, it had happened even earlier.

You have to make lot of effort to attain elevated status. Now, you must check, if my spiritual stage is of climbing stage? how much service I do? Do I benefit souls? If I benefit many, I will also get benefitted. Based on your effort, you know how much elevated status you would attain. Then, later, souls undergo pain that, I did not make effort (to attain elevated status). Father says Manmanabhav (rest your mind on Me). With lot of love, Father says, Children, remember Me, make effort, show the right path to others. Remain clever and sensible. If you do not make effort and never benefit souls, Teacher understands that, the student would never attain elevated status. The more you benefit souls, that much you attain elevated status.

Make effort to benefit souls. Many do service half day and some do full day service. To such children, Father says, if anything is required, Father would send for them. The body can be maintained either with thousand rupees or with even ten rupees. Those who have money spend even lakhs for themselves. Father says, even if you just crop the grass, just remember the God-Father, so that you will attain elevated status for 21births.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become free from all worries, keep the accurate knowledge of the drama in your intellect. Whatever happened, happened exactly as it did in the previous cycle.
2. Day and night, only think about how to show impure ones the path to become pure. Benefit yourself and others by following shrimat.

Blessing: May you use all your treasures for world benevolence and become an embodiment of success.
You use a lot of time on your limited household and the household of limited nature and sanskars, but when you remain beyond your limited households and creations, that is, when you remain beyond and remain balanced in your every thought, word, deed, relationship and connection, then with the economy of all treasures, you will spend less and have greater glorification. Now, become one who spends less and has greater glorification in your treasure of time, energy and other physical treasures. Now, use them for world benevolence rather than on yourself and you will become an embodiment of success.

Slogan: Remain constantly lost in the love of One and you will become free from obstacles.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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