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You are a world benefactor when you are free from attachment and weak nature.

Murli 23.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Murli 1:

Essence: You are a world benefactor when you are free from attachment and weak nature.

What do you like, to remain in silence or to remain in sound? Do you feel the same to be in both or do you find it difficult to be in silence? In fact, it must be very easy to remain in silence because it is your original nature. Now, in one second, if you want to move physically, very easily you move using your body. Like that, to go beyond by intellect and to come back must be very easy, can you do it in one second?

Whenever you want, you have to take the help of body and whenever you want, you have to become detached from body? Do you practice this while moving along? This experience is the basis for you to go first in the final test paper. So, are you ready to give the final test paper. The people who become instrument in destruction, will do their job in one second with just a signal. Like that, are you, those who are the instrument for establishment, ever ready?

The light and the power house, when switched on, give light in all four directions in just a second. Like that, can you give the blessing of light and might to all the souls of the world in just a second?

Like you look at all four directions by the physical eyes, can you see the souls of the world not just Bharat-India, by your third eye and take them beyond at a glance? There is a song-praise-memorial that, in just a second by opening the third eye, the destruction took place. Along with the Father, there is praise of children. So, with your third eye, do you see in all four directions?

To make the third eye powerful, there is need of attention on two words. To bring weakness in third eye, there are two reasons. What is the reason for the physical eye to become weak? (By more intellectual work, eye becomes weak- someone answered.) To bring weakness to the third eye, there is one attachment and other is habit - weak sanskar. For some attachment and for others sanskars make them weak. If someone has good wishes instead of attachment towards someone or things, then everything will get transformed. Check if you have any type of attachment - in relationships or towards any speciality or any sanskars or in connection with others, it never allows you to remain free from bondages.

Any type of bondages-attachment makes you remain in bondages, and if you bonded in your own attachment, how can you free the world from bondages? Those who have attachment cannot go without bowing - saluting in front of the Supreme Judge (instead if you are free, Supreme Judge would salute for you), they cannot attain full inheritance in heaven. They cannot have good wishes for all. By not having good wishes towards all souls, it becomes a burden. You have to become like God-Father by merging all the expansion into essence, Let there not be any attachment or old sanskars.

When you have surrendered everything – mind, body and wealth, to the God-Father (being a trustee), then from where the thoughts like “my mind- my thought” would come? When you have made “mine” to “Your’s”, made even your mind belongs to God, there is nothing belongs to you. You do not have anything. When you say,”my mind is troublesome”, from where this “mine” had come? The “my” and “mine” exist in monkeys, monkeys would die but never leave the my and mine. This is the bondage of attachment and old sanskar, unless this tail of my and mine catches fire, the lanka of old world – old sanskars cannot be destroyed-transformed.

Like the souls of destruction long-wait for destruction, do you souls, long for world benefit? The Self service is first, then comes the world service. Do you invent new invention for world service? Like the people-souls of destruction, create new inventions for fast destruction, do you, the inventor of silence, create plan that, just it takes only a second for world transformation – to give liberation and liberation in life, in just a second? In a second, can you transform the souls from sorrow to happiness, weak in to strong, bring peace to the peace-less ones? Do you think about this spiritual weapon, that, in just a second, soul becomes free from sorrows by your great donation and blessing?

Have you become such a benefactor and a great donor? Still do you have any desire for self? If you have any desire for self, how you will become one who fufils all wishes-desires of others? Let you not have, even any desire for name and fame.

To those who remain liberated and liberated in life, to such souls, love and remembrance, and Namaste.

Murli 2:  You remain happy and powerful,by remembering God during early morning.

If you take benefit of the morning hours of the amritwela (between 2 am to 5 am), the middle and end of the day will also be good. If you do not have the habit of experiencing-take benefit of the early morning hours, you don’t experience the happiness of middle and end of  the day. If you are late in early morning hours, that much, you become late in golden age. The first chance of receiving blessing from God during early morning hours is for the children-those who know about God, then comes the time for devotees. If you become late, you never take as much blessing intended for children.

So, check, if you are the soul to come in beginning of golden age, by the time you wake up for morning hours experience (with God). The time you spend during early morning hours will reveal you the number of births you take in golden age.

The scenes of Amritwela also matters. Some try to control the sleep, some sit without interest, some make physical effort, some just spend the time, these are seen in the early morning hours. Souls wanted to accumulate something in the early morning hours, but it never happens. There is a difference of sleeping over thorns and over soft bed.

So, know the importance of amritvela, so that, you take more benefit – become great in golden age and even now in this confluence age. Even the physical work becomes successful if you plan very well before. Like that, if you do not plan for the amritwela, you do not attain success, it even affect your thought, words and actions.

If you do the amritwela good, everything becomes good. If you take benefit during amritwela, you receive the blessing of Amar bhawa (Remain Immortal-Eternal), so that, the whole day, you never get disturbed. If you do not take blessing of Amar bhava during amritwela, you make a lot of effort and there is lot of expenditure (of thoughts, time, energy) throughout the day.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be constantly powerful and keep the shield of the drama in front of you, and thereby eat the nourishment of happiness.
The food of happiness makes the soul powerful. It is said: There is no nourishment like that of happiness. For this, use the shield of drama very well. If you remain constantly aware of the drama, you will never wilt and your happiness cannot disappear because this drama is benevolent. Therefore, even a scene that may not seem benevolent has benefit merged in it. By having this understanding you will remain constantly happy.

Slogan: Only those who remain away from the dust of thinking about others and looking at others are true invaluable diamonds.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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