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Receive power from God, to be a detached observer and play the game of different roles.

Murli 09.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

Essence: The Call of Time - Early morning hours take power from God, to have constant attention and checking to remain in  the company of God to follow His directions and to see everyone’s role as a game.

Where are all of you now? In a mela – festival – sweet meeting of God and children. To have a relationship with the Father in all relations means to have a mela where you have all attainments. Here you give those things which you are not able to control or look after, your vices. If you attain multimillions after only giving rubbish, would you call that giving or receiving? That would be called receiving, would it not? Here, you attain what ever you want and as much as you want. In other mela, you become maila – dirty. Here you become clean of vices and after becoming clean, you are decorated with divine virtues and apply a tilak of constant remembrance of God.

Then in the mela, there are fun and games. If you remember the words fair-mela and games-khela, then what stage would you create? If your stage ever fluctuates, the reason is that you keep your intellect aside from the mela and you do not consider this world as a game where every soul plays their roles. In a game-play when there are violent or horror scenes, you never become distressed.

This drama is a game of varieties. When you see every action as a game of variety, you will not get disturbed. You forget two words: the festival – fair – mela and game-khel, and hence you leave the seat of a detached observer. When you see the drama leaving your seat, what will happen? (distressed). When you see every one’s role being a detached observer, you will enjoy the game of this world, you will remain constantly happy.

You will not feel why this happened, you will remain happy, do you experience this in practical? When you go out for festival, when you leave the hand (of companion) in the festival, you get distressed. Here also when you leave the Father’s hand, you get distressed. Here Father’s hand is Godly direction and there is remembrance of Intellect – connection of intellect with the Father, is the company. When you leave the hand and company, you get distressed in the festival.

If you remain in the company of the Father and hold His hand of Godly direction, you remain happy. If you remember these two words, you will remain happy constantly and you will see yourself more powerful. Now you must not waste your time on small issues. Now,be a master and its time to give blessings to everyone by the powers you have received from Father. Now, it is the time of giving, if someone keeps taking instead of giving, when they would give? You cannot give in golden age, there souls remain complete in all virtues.

Now, it is the time to make your creation complete in virtues. If you finish your accumulated treasures (using for self-effort), it means, you finish the income whatever you have earned. Now, there is no time for this. Earlier, it is like, you earned and used them. Now, it is the time for giving to every soul whatever you have earned, otherwise souls will be deceived of your blessings. When souls come to you for mercy, you children of God, will you not show mercy to them?

Even in physical world, father never likes to see their children unhappy. Now, you also are the master Creator, then you also cannot see the suffering of souls. If you keep finishing what you have earned (for yourself), what you will have to donate others?

Now, at this time, you have to check yourself. What all sins you have done? This is the checking of childhood days, but what you master creator, what do you have to check? You have to check, what power did you accumulate through the God. You have to apply full stop to the expenditure-wastage (of powers for self). Even now. you have to donate powers to others, if you spend one for others, you receive in (return) millions. Giving-donating is not expenditure, it is accumulating in multifold times.

The powers, what you use for your own obstacles, the time, the treasures, you spend for yourself, these much you have to save for others. Even the Government is making scheme to create budget. Here it is the Almighty Government, Father gives order, now, create a scheme for budget. Apply a full stop to the expenditure. But if something (powers) remains-left out, it means Father has not given full inheritance, but Father never keeps anything for Himself, He gives everything in a second.

Now, you have the habit of expenditure-wasting, now, make the scheme for accumulating. Many do not have the habit of accumulating and keep longing for powers, this you have to stop. Here, when you finish your powers, you look for seniors, Father to take-receive powers. First be aware you are the child, (of the Father) who receives unlimited treasures, do you have this intoxication? Still if you ask powers with others, what do you call this?

Do you have the scheme of budget to accumulate powers? First you have to make the budget so that automatically there is saving. In your every words, Intellect-thoughts, time, action, fix them for accumulating powers. You make budget –plan to spend your money. Here, during amritvela-early morning hours, fix-plan what you are going to do by mind, intellect, words and actions.

It is not that you make a plan but do something else. Let you make plan for the words, thoughts and actions. Fix-plan for yourself, how you will keep the intellect busy, so that the waste will stop and you become efficient. Create a planning intellect to finish waste, so that you will have the budget automatically.

Create a diary to finish waste, plan well before, what you would do with your thoughts, words. By this, the energy you spend on waste will finish. Those who never waste become best. See everything and create a scheme of budget, so that you become the master creator.

Now, you have not become master creator to sustain others. Ifyou do not sustain others, you have to follow someone else. You have to become the master creator, you listened to the two words, the mela aur kela – festival ( Company and God’s direction) and game. If you remember this meeting with father and consider the worldly action as  a game, the waste thoughts, words and actions will come to a  stop.

For this, keep your routine strong. You think that it has to be done, but you never do it. You remain in intoxication for one month, later you leave it – you skip, you face obstacle to become unconscious. To those who are unconscious, they have to be given injection. So, here, to become conscious, you must have  attention and checking. For this keep the routine of taking power from God during early morning hours. This is the big injection.

If you take injection during amritvela,you will never become unconscious by the maya-obstacles. The connection with God should be good, it is not that you wake up and sit for remembrance but do you experience the powers?

If you apply injection and if you do not experience powers, then, it means injection never works, the connection has never happened.

To those who remain in company of God in every second, every thought, those who remain a detached observer and those who become an embodiment with in a second of what they think, such a player and fast effort maker, those who have blessing of remaining immortal, to them love and remembrance.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Blessing: May you be free from tiredness and laziness and experience happiness by remaining constantly in front of the Father.
To become disheartened or to become careless in transforming any type of sanskar or nature is also to become tired. Therefore, become free from this tiredness. To be free from tiredness means not to have any laziness. The children who are free from this type of laziness remain constantly in front of the Father and experience happiness. They cannot have any waves of sorrow in their minds and this is why you must personally remain constantly in front of the Father and experience happiness.

Slogan: In order to become an embodiment of success, continue to accumulate charity through your every thought and blessings through your every word.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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