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Death happens all of a sudden that, there will not be anyone to cry for others.

Murli 24.10.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, Baba comes from so far away to teach you. He doesn’t even take any fees for this study. Therefore, you should study with so much love.

Question: Why has the spiritual Government opened this school free of charge for the whole world?
Answer: Because all have become orphans. How can the Father take fees from such poor children? In this last birth, the Father teaches you the study through which you become the masters of the world. Even new children who come here to study do not experience any loss. Although they have come late, they can make a little more effort and go ahead of the older ones.

Song: Awaken! O brides, awaken! The new day is about to dawn.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

Here, you sit in soul conscious.This gathering (meeting of God and children)-festival happens only once because you remain happy in golden and silver ages and there, you never callout for God. You experience the happiness now, you were impure, then become pure. When you become worshippers, you experience sorrow due to five vices. The more you come down the ladder, that much you experience sorrows. Now you children understand. You know that the mountain of sorrows is about to fall, the destruction-transformation of this sorrowful world has to happen.

Father teaches you children, being a Teacher. Father has come to make you the master of the kingdom. You were master of the kingdom even 5000years before, you become worthy during this confluence age. Now, your 84births come to an end. Now, Father has come to make you start from the first birth. Will Father take fees from the children to teach this knowledge? Father never takes even a pie. Father comes from very far beyond, to do the job of teaching you children. When someone has a job very far, he has to come and go. Father is the Ocean of knowledge, gives knowledge of beginning, middle and end of the world cycle.

I am the Incorporeal-bodiless Supreme Soul. You praise Sri Krishna in place of God. Krishna comes into 84births. Like you are a soul, I am also a soul but by saying soul you cannot differentiate and hence I am known as Supreme Soul. According to the drama plan, I am known as Shiv and Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). In fact, My real name is only one (Shiv-Benefactor). My name is not Rudr. Neither Krishna creates the sacrificial fire (as shown in scriptures). I come and explain you the truth, I tell you the story of deities – I make you like deities. My residence (soul world) is very far. I come and teach you through this body of Brahma-Adam. But I never remain in this body constantly, I keep going around.

You have become very impure, very sorrowful by defaming Me. Even Brahma is known as Adam, great warrior by the people, but you call him as the father of mankind. You have been remembering Me for half of the world cycle and hence I had to come into this world of sorrows. You remain orphans (not knowing God-Father) and even in the world, Government never take fees to teach the orphans. Here, it is the very big spiritual Government. People do a lot of charity saying, by which, they can go to God. Many want to do tapasya, read scriptures, to go to God. People become impure day by day doing devotion. The wings become broken.

When your petrol becomes empty, the light of soul extinguishes, I come and fill up your petrol – light up the soul. Here, you remain very happy. By going to home, you forget the happiness. You say that you give puffed rice, which you have even given in devotion, the return you receive in next birth. Now, you know that, Father sits in front of you, teaches free of charge, Father never takes anything from you. In physical study, you spend a lot, you have to pass lot of exams.

Here, I keep teaching, I admit whoever comes. Those who come late have to make a little more effort. You receive many refined points day by day and hence those who come late moves faster in knowledge. It is good, many come late, those who were in the beginning are not there now, you receive many deep secrets. You also have to learn physical studies, have to work, but just remember Me. Now, it is the end of your 84births. If you remember Me, you will become pure from impure.

You are remembering God, and also the husband. Now, I am the husband of all your husbands, I am also the Father of all fathers, I am the Teacher. The worldly people give only sorrow. In golden age, no one gives sorrow. I have come to give you the kingdom of golden age. You know that, only in this confluence age, you receive the inheritance from the Father. This is very easy yoga and easy knowledge.

I have come to take every one of you back home, and hence I am known as the Death of all deaths. Death eats up the body not the soul. Soul leaves one body and takes another, plays roles,  now you know that everything will disappear by all of a sudden. Death happens all of a sudden that, there will not be anyone to cry for others. Everyone has to go back. People cry, that, soul comes back to the world of sorrows. You callout for God-Father, to take you back home with Him. Now, Father has come to take back all the human beings. Everyone will leave the body, no one will remain (on earth).

Government make their plans, people keep increasing, the tree keeps growing but even the tree has its life time. The world human tree never exists for millions of years. Now, Father teaches you to make you worthy of heaven-deities. You come into golden age in the beginning. I teach you, I just ask you to remain pure to go to heaven-pure world. But still you never listen to Me. If you do not listen to My direction, you never attain elevated status. You have desire to go to the kingdom of Krishna, do you want to play along with Krishna or you like to become subjects. Only Prince and Princess can play with Krishna.

The rosary is made of Royals. Become the bead of the rosary made of 8, or come into 108, or come in to 16,108. Father teaches you to explain to others, the whole world has to be transformed. The Mahabharat battle is well known, Father has come and explains you the knowledge, this is the time, then the kingdom will be established. In golden age, no other religion exists.

Bharat was very rich. The Somnath temple was looted many a times. Not just one temple, there are many. Father explains the secret of the world human tree. I am the Seed at the top, this is an inverted human tree. You have been calling out for the Purifier to come, then you say God is without name or form. The Ravan-vices had made you completely ignorant. Everyone understands differently, the teachers are different. Here, Father, Teacher and Satguru are One God-Father. God never takes any fees from you , without any expenditure, you receive the kingdom of heaven. In devotion when you offer in the name of God, you receive it in next birth.

Here, you children spend money, Father has caught hold of one Brahma-Adam to meet the full expenditure. Father says, become like a beggar so that you will become such a prince, Brahma had visions of golden age. Father said don’t lock your intellect like a monkey, he opened up and the children got benefitted, children were fed for 14years, otherwise how he would have met the expenditure of children. You children were taught in schools. How much you benefit others? Father is the world Benefactor, takes everyone to the world of heaven from the world of sorrows.

There will be many subjects, only one king and queen exist. The death is about to happen. The more you remain in remembrance, that much you will become a charitable soul. The good children follow the mother and father. Those who never follow the Father loses the income. You receive inheritance of New world from the Father. Unless you become pure, you cannot go to the New world. The sins of so many births are there, have to experience the karmic accounts. Now, Father has come, by remembering the Father, soul becomes free from sins.

Father says, I come in the impure world in the impure body. Then I make him (brahma-adam) pure and you also become pure. You become children of God, you are also the children of father of human kind. Now, only a little time is left out, you cannot depend upon the body. Keep remembering the Father, and spin the discus of self realization, let you remember this throughout the day.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become complete destroyers of attachment. Make firm the lesson of belonging to one Shiv Baba and none other. Become obedient children and follow the mother and father.

2. You receive the kingdom for 21 births by studying the study where you don’t spend even as much as a shell. Therefore, study with a lot of love. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation.
Blessing: May you have a right to supersensuous happiness and remain safe from any attack of Maya with your trikaldarshi stage.
The special blessing of the confluence age or the speciality of Brahmin (Children of Brahma-Adam) life is supersensuous happiness. You cannot have this experience in any other age. However, in order to experience this happiness, remain safe from any attacks of Maya-vices-obstacles with your stage of being trikaldarshi (one who knows past, present and future). If you are repeatedly attacked by Maya you will not be able to experience supersensuous joy even when you want to. Those who experience supersensuous joy are not attracted by happiness through the senses. Because they are knowledge-full, everything seems tasteless in front of them.

Slogan: When you have a balance of karma and service through the mind you will be able to make the atmosphere powerful.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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