Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Souls remember God when they lose their natural nature.


Essence: Sweet children, follow shrimat, reform your actions and burn your sins. In order to become a bead of the rosary, remember no one but the one Father.

Question: Which children does the Father automatically protect?
Answer: Those who are very clean and honest and are always true to the Father are automatically protected. Those who have falsehood in them cannot be protected. Maya continues to pull them a great deal. Punishment also becomes fixed for them.

Question: Why do some children hide their illness from the spiritual Surgeon?
Answer: Because they are afraid of losing their honour. They know that they have been deceived by Maya and that their eyes have become criminal and so they hide this from the Father. Baba says: Children, the more you hide something, the lower you will continue to fall. Maya will eat you. Then you will stop studying. This is why you have to remain very cautious. Don’t follow the dictates of your own mind or devilish dictates.

Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father  teaches the spiritual children. The souls and Supreme soul remain separated for a very long time, now they meet each other.
Souls play roles on earth and become pure from impure.God comes on earth every 5000years.
God-Father gives direction to benefit the souls through the body of Brahma-Adam.
Son shows Father,this is about following the direction of God.
If you remember the God-Father, your sins of so many births will be removed and you will become a  pure-charitable soul.
You remember the God when you become impure.
You children know that God is not omnipresent.Sri Krishna is a deity not God-Father.
God-Father shows direction to attain elevated status. Many go to forest but never attain liberation.
God says, the old world has to be transformed now, so , remember the New world.
You pass with honour in every world cycle to come in heaven.
Everything depends upon the study.
God-Father makes a lot of effort to make the children elevated. But souls keep climbing up and come down. Everything depends upon the study and the spiritual effort is done according to the world drama.
Now, you children know you were the elevated deities and you have to become that once again.
When children never speak the truth, they keep coming down.
Brahma-the Adam is the unlimited Father of all souls.
There is direction from God and there are also the direction of souls.
Children lose their status, leave the study if they overcome by the vices.
If you remain in remembrance of God, you remain in happiness.
The more you hide from father, that much you fall down. The eyes becomes criminal and make you lose the status.
God has come now to make you soul conscious and take you all back home.If you dont have knowledge and remembrance, the soul undergo pain at the time of leaving the body.
God belongs to the poor, He is known as the Lord of the poor.
God is the Benefactor – You become the master of the world by the power of remembrance of God not by the physical power.
Now, you learn during this confluence age.

Essence for dharna:
1. Imbibe the virtue of humility, the same as the Father. Don’t prick anyone. Become a flower and spread fragrance.
2. Imbibe the virtue of honesty and don’t hide anything from the Surgeon. Never stop studying under any circumstances. Become obedient.

Blessing: May you be manmanabhav and become completely ever-ready by stabilising your mind in the remembrance of One.
Always remain aware that you have to be ever-ready at every moment. Any situation can arise at any moment, but I have to remain ever-ready. Even if destruction were to take place tomorrow, I am ready. Ever-ready means complete. In order to become complete, you need to make the preparation of belonging to the one Father and none other. If your mind is always “manmanabhav” with One, you will then become ever-ready. Do service while being ever-ready and you will receive co-operation and success in service.

Slogan: In order to be worthy of receiving a thousand-fold help from the Father, take a step forward with courage.

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