Monday, 2 April 2012

The God, the most wanted is present now to take all, back with Him.

Sweet children,
God is the One who cares for the children and the devotees and hence He is known as Bhaktavatsalam. He is responsible to take the souls back home, making them pure.
Q: What is the responsibility of the Father in every cycle, what He wanted to do?
A: God wants the children to become pure by teaching Rajayoga. He wants to relieve all from sufferings. Father wanted to come and make the children happy.
Song: see your face......(check yourself)
Sweet children,
God is known as the Liberator and the Guide, He gives liberation to every soul, gives happiness and removes sorrow. By ignorance God is called as omnipresent.
You children have to explain that God is the giver of happiness and remover of sorrow.He is known as Bhaktavatsalam. Only God-Father shows mercy to all devotees.
Deities lived in golden age,now it is iron age. Like physical father has good wishes for the children, the Unlimited Father also wishes children to be happy.
When people undergo sorrow, they remember the God.Now, God-Father is seated in front of you children.
I teach RajaYoga and make you souls pure. People cry for God but they don’t have love for God.
God says, I have come to make you pure, You must understand this. Will you not listen to Me?
Sanyasis do the limited renunciation, and you have to remain in household with unlimited disinterest.
God is the Father of all souls of the world. Lust is the greatest enemy. People bow in front of pure deities.
God just says, children, become pure only in this one birth and become healthy for 21births.Many remain pure for few years. God-Father comes in the Eternal Continent of Bharat-India. He appears in this body (of Brahma-Adam).There are many temples for God-Father.
The happiness and sorrow are experienced by the soul through the body.
Now, God-Father establishes heaven in an ordinary way. If you belong to Me, your name also changes.
The God whom you have been remembering for ages together,can you forget Him?
The old world is known as hell and the New world as heaven. God asks:Why dont you follow My direction constantly? The role of God-Father is to give inheritance,No soul on earth can say thay are Father of all souls, it is only the One God-Father.
You have to follow the God-Father in every step, you have to be careful. Here, you have to benefit others, will you not do it?
The obstacles come in the path of knowledge unlike in the path of devotion. You have to check yourself if you have performed any sinful action.If you perform even a small sinful action, it creates multifold pain.
I make you the master of the kingdom, you will have unlimited fortune, then you build temples for Me. The King and Queen of golden age are known as the one who donates wealth.In copper age, you create temples for deities.
Why do you forget to follow My directions? I explain you about the world cycle.You have to become eligible to become the master of kingdom.
This knowledge is forgotten in Golden and Silver ages.
I come to you to serve you children, make you pure, you must not forget such a God-Father.
You have to remember the God-Father (and make others also remember)  and you must return home-soul world.
To practice:
1.       To check everyday in the mirror of our heart, if we make a loss for self or others. Become clever and follow the direction.The ghosts (of vices) are to be sent away.
2.       Whatever Truth – true story Father explains are to be explained to others.
Blessing: By the power of discrimination, who remain safe from wrong and waste company, may you be a powerful soul.
Many children remain safe from the wrong-bad company,but get influenced by the waste company because waste discussion remains entertaining and seems to influence from outside.Hence it is the direction of God-Father, “Hear no waste, speak no waste,Do no waste, never see waste and  dont think any of waste. Become so much powerful that no other company influence you other than the company of the Father. By the powe of discrimination, the bad or waste company are to be identified well before and transform them,then you will be known as a powerful soul.
Slogan:To experience lightness constantly,keep the balance of being a  child and a master.

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