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To become fortunate, perform the task of the God-Father.

Points to Churn: Murli of April 15,  2012
Praise of Baba: 
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru... Teacher of the world...the Lawful One...the Innocent Lord...the Creator...
Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   By being close to our ultimate target, we, the souls, show the signs of double intoxication.... we are karmateet by being beyond all karmic bondages, and are detached by having the elements work as instruments...also, we are the masters of the world...we are gyanyukt, yogyukt and the images of dharna...with the third eye of knowledge, we are constant yogis full of all divine virtues, having faith and a clear line in the intellect, and a constant, stable  and elevated stage...with the intoxication of the target , with the sign of intoxication being unwavering faith and a carefree stage, we are unshakable and immovable like Angad...
2.   An intellect with faith is victorious, and an intellect with doubts is defeated...we, the souls, are free from the worry of being attacked or being defeated by maya... we make ourselves clear in front of the Father, and by having faith, awareness and power, we become the conquerors of the mind and the conquerors of following all the Godly disciplines (maryadas), by resolving the reasons for excuses, we become the most elevated human beings in the ascending stage following the most elevated codes of conduct, with elevated activities...
3.   With one step of courage of the children, the Father helps with a thousand finishing all waste, we, the souls, are having  surrendered our body, mind and wealth, thoughts, words and deeds, time, thoughts and powers in Godly service, we become the great donors, the bestowers of blessings and world using every breath, every thought, at every second in a worthwhile way, we become the embodiments of success...we are the world transformers and world benefactors, who, with elevated thoughts, and by having zeal, enthusiasm and courage, make the environment and the atmosphere pure and give sakaash...
 4.   By making all the limited "mine" to "Yours", by giving Baba the consciousness of “mine”, my nature, my sanskar, by keeping our mind busy in Baba’s love, serving through our attitude,  and by churning the points of knowledge, we, the souls, become light angels, who fly and make others removing the consciousness of “mine” even in our thoughts, we are beyond any burden and become carefree passing fully in every situation, we become master almighty authorities...
To become fortunate, perform the task of the God-Father.
Essence: By remembering You, we will reach heaven.
Q:Bywhich effort, you attain the inheritance, your birthright?
A: Become like a beggar now, when you remove all attachment of old world and become complete beggar, then you will attain your birthright of heaven. God-FAther says, sweet children,now become a trustee, whatever old vicious things, you have, give it to Me.So that you can come in heaven. THe destruction is about to come, hence pack up your bag baggage.
Sweet children,
You are all students, the Highest on High Father is teaching you, hence you have to take notes certainly. Because,later , you can revise and explain to others. Otherwise, the Maya-obstacles makes you forget the points.
At this time, your battle is against vices. The more you make effort, the obstacles-Maya makes you forget. This knowledge of God-Father is New, has been given to you children through Brahma-Adam . This knowledge is not mentioned in any scriptures.
First is Knowledge, then is devotion.Souls keep coming down the stages of Sato, Rajo and Tamo. The scriptures are useful in devotion. You write down this knowledge to explain to others. The God of the Gita is Shrimad Bhagwan (God). He is the creator of the heaven-world. You receive the inheritance of heaven.
Now, it is the confluence age of you children after Golden, Silver, copper and iron ages.The Highest on High God is the creator of deities, but people have forgotten the Supreme Soul. When deities are brothers, the father of brothers is God. Deities cannot be called as God.
The Highest on High is Supreme Soul God.Later comes the deities Brahma-Adam, Vishnu -the king of golden age and the Shankar - the deity who destroys the vices. But No one knows who creates the three deities.
The Golden age is ruled by the Lakshmi and Narayan. Those who are worshipworthy have to become worshippers. You keep going around the world cycle. You know that you children take complete 84births. You receive this knowledge and later this knowledge disappears. Then who creates the scriptures?
The religious book is created after the religious founder come and gone. Now, the five elements are being worshipped known as adulterated worship. Earlier it was unadulterated worship, worhipping only one Supreme light. You children listen knowledge directly from God, you dont have any scriptures.
The history of Christ or any religious founder cannot be called as knowledge. Only God gives the knowledge, He is known as the master of Soul world / Brahm Element. You become the master of the physical world.
Like the Supreme Soul remain a Master in Soul world, similarly, you souls also remain masters when you remain in soul world.So, both of us are master of the Brahm Element.But your status remain higher than Mine.You become King and Queen, you become worshipworthy from being a worshipper. I explain you about the world cycle. There cannot be anyone in the world who knows about the Soul world, Subtle world and the world cycle.
You know that the Ocean of knowledge, Purity is Supreme Soul. He is praised much when you receive knowledge from Me. Unless you receive knowledge, how God could be praised? You  receive inheritance of heaven-kingdom from God for 21 generations.
By this RajaYoga, you become the King of all kings. You are going towards liberation in life by following direction of God, by remembering God-Father all the time,by overcoming body conscious, by remaining pure being at household.
God-Father says, in this final birth, remain pure and remember Me. By remembering the world cycle, you become the King of all kings, your birthright is to attain the sovereignty of the world, by co-operating with the God-Father.
There will be natural calamities, hence God-Father says, transfer all the old bag baggages. You become a Trustee, He exchanges your vices, the ego. Remove attachment from the old things, become a complete beggar to become a prince-master of heaven, which is your birthright.
If anyone comes, ask who is the creator of heaven? the GodFather.When God creates heaven,  why you have to remain in hell? God makes you the master of heaven. No one knows who is the Creator of the world drama. Being the actors, you must know who is the Director of the world drama. I have created this sacrificial fire of knowledge, you are the true children of God, the spiritual messenger.
You have to go back to the God-Father. These Centers are the true pilgrimages where you go on spiritual pilgrimages unlike the physical pilgrimages of the world. You know that you will build the palaces of gold. You must have more happiness, like in physical study, you become happy wanting to become Doctor, barristers.
You make promise that you will marry the Queen of golden age by imbibing divine virtues.For this there is need of real spiritual effort. No.1 is Sri Krishna. The eight jewels pass with honour. 
By not knowing God-Father, all the souls have become an orphan, now, you children have to give introduction of God-Father to the souls.
Namaste to the God-FAther.
To practice:
Leave the body conscious and become soul conscious, and remain in the pilgrimage of remembrance.Become pure in this final birth and become co-operative in God's task.
Whatever old things-vices, you have, remove attachment from them , become a trustee and remember the God-Father and inheritance to become the master of the world.
Blessing: By the awareness of one point, those who safeguard the mind and intellect from the influence of negatives, become No,1 victorious.
In confluene age, there will be special influence of maya to create negativity in mind and lose the natural awareness.So protect yourself by the single word point. Any waste or negative, apply full stop to them to become No.1 victorious. Become aware of the waste, season of maya-vices and protect yourself.
Slogan: Those who have the fortune of service (of God) in this confluence age, they are the multimillion fold fortunate.
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to decorate you children with knowledge and yoga. In order to keep that decoration on all the time, never be defeated by Maya.
Question: What one little thing breaks the faith of the children who have faithful intellects and makes them have doubtful intellects instead?
Answer: When children with faithful intellects become trapped in doubt by even a tiny mistake, their faith breaks. When doubts are created about shrimat, Maya makes your intellects doubtful. Those who have a doubtful intellects cannot do service, nor are they even able to make the effort to conquer the vices. The merciful Father advises such weak children: Children, if you are harassed by vices, and you don’t even do service, then, at least remember the Father!
Song: You are the Mother and Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. Give your full account to the Father, become a trustee and become free from all worries. Follow the Father’s directions fully and become worthy of receiving help.
2. Become the Salvation Army and take the sinking boat of human beings across. Become the Father’s helpers and thereby worthy to be worshipped.
Blessing: May you remain unshakeable in the midst of upheaval and keep yourself safe from Maya’s shadow by paying attention.
At present, the tamoguni power of the elements of nature and the royal and subtle understanding of Maya are doing their own work at a fast speed. Children are aware of the fearsome form of the elements of nature, but are being deceived in understanding the very subtle form of Maya because Maya makes you experience wrong to be right. She finishes your power of realisation and makes you clever in proving the false to be the truth. Therefore, underline the word “attention” and keep yourself safe from Maya’s shadow and become unshakeable in the midst of upheaval.
Slogan: Let there be zeal and enthusiasm in every thought and then success in your thoughts is already achieved.

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