Sunday, 1 April 2012

God loves this world drama of love and hate, and so His children.

Sweet Children,
The happiness what you have received has to be distributed with all. You have to do the work of distributing peace and happiness.
Q: Why do you children like the scenes of this world drama?
A: Because the God – Creator of this drama likes every scene. Hence children also like them.You children cannot become angry for anything. You know that this drama of happiness and sorrow is made very beautiful. In this there is the game of victory and defeat.There  cannot be anything bad. The day and night both are good.Those who play the role with happiness remain more happy.Those who chant-recollect about this world drama remain happy,and the intellect remains complete-content.
Sweet Children,
Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.....
In golden age, songs are not played like here,it is played here to explain knowledge. You children are explained about the secrets of knowledge and devotion.
People never make effort for the New World, but you children do it.
Sanyasis have the limited disinterest, you have unlimited disinterest.
The most important is purity.You forget the whole world by intellect to go to the golden age.
Now, you children come to the Spiritual Father, remember the only One,which can also be known as unadulterated spiritual worship, later you go back to the soul world.
Souls stay in soul world along with the Supreme Soul-God-Father,now He has come to take you all back home.
You don’t have hatred towards devotion or anyone. But you know that your intellect gets attached to the knowledge.
You know that this world drama is made of happiness and sorrow, you give the knowledge of Creator and Creations,whatever happiness you have received are to be distributed,like Businessmen suggest the relatives to do business where they can earn more.
Those who have the method to distribute happiness and peace, remain in that activity. Morning you remain fresh, whatever you listen are to be remembered in the day.
This Raja yoga is very famous, those who do charity take birth in palaces.You make effort to attain kingdom for 21births. When you do good action, study well, become benefactor, you attain highest status.
God-Father gives happiness and peace.Christians know in olden days, they lived in stone age and remained happy.
You children know that Bharat-India receives the inheritance of heaven. No one knows about the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan whch existed in golden age.
God-Father says, I come in confluence age,they receive kingdom in confluence age through God-Father. At this time, you remain beggar (poverty of virtues) and you  become prince and princess in golden age.
You know that you are learning Rajayoga by which you attain the fortune of kingdom.
This is the game of victory and defeat. Do the Creator feel-worry about the world drama? Creator likes this world drama and you children also like it. Now it is vicious clan but there is no need to feel bad, it is the game of vicious and vice-less clan.
There are various religions, God comes and establishes one religion. This unlimited world drama is made very fine and everyone must feel good about it.
There is day and night, both are good.You know that now the darkness of ignorance is coming to an end,then you have to play the role in day-heaven. This word drama is a first class game, by knowing it, the intellect becomes full.
You know, how long you have to experience happiness and sorrow and hence you say, “wah prabhu-God,your world drama”. God has no hatred, this world drama never comes to an end. By knowing about this world drama, you experience more happiness.
In golden age, you never know about devotion.Only you children understand about this world drama not others. God’s play is very good, you know about this world drama, you become happy by seeing others receive elevated status.
Being in household, you go to see the play for one to two hours, the story remains in the intellect scene by scene. Hence why do you forget the world drama?
You see the world drama by the intellect and also by the divine vision, you will see very good scene and scenery in the future.
To practice:
Become great benefactor like the Father.Everyone must be given the peace and happiness. You have to imbibe and churn the knowledge.
You have to remain happy seeing the scenes of the drama.Every scenes are unique, churn this and remain happy.
Blessing: Those who finish the limited desires of the world by remaining in self-respect, may you remain free from all types of desires.
Those who stabilize in self-respect, never have desire to receive the worldly fame.In one self-respect, all the desires of the world remains merged,there is nothing of any need  to be asked. The limited desires never get fulfilled, one desire ends and  various other desires crops up. And self-respect finishes all the desires naturally. Hence become one with self-respect to become an embodiment of experience and you become ignorant of non-attainment of desires.
Slogan: Those who can mould in any situations are known as real gold.

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