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Remain in the awareness of happiness all the time.

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Essence: Sweet children, you belong to the deity clan. You now have to change from worshippers to being worthy of worship. The Father has come to give you all the fruit of your devotion.
Question: What is the easy way to break your intellect’s yoga away from your body and bodily relations?
Answer: “Mine is only one Shiv Baba (Benefactor God-Father) and none other.” Make this lesson firm. Baba says: Children, the body and bodily relations all cause sorrow. If you make Me your Child, I will do so much service for you that you will remain ever-happy for 21 births. If you make Me your Heir, I will give you an inheritance. If you make Me your Bridegroom, I will decorate you and make you into an empress of heaven, and if you make Me your Brother or Friend, I will play with you. Have every relationship with Me and your intellect will then be removed from all bodily relations.
Song: How sweet, how loving God Shiva (Benefactor God-Father), the Innocent Lord, is!
Sweet Children,
You children heard the praise of unlimited God-Father, Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). Brahma-Adam is the father of human kind. You belong to the religion of Adam-Brahma.
Adam-Brahma has a physical body not the Supreme Father. God-Father is very sweet, He is praised as You are the Mother and Father. He is the one who teaches you.
He is the Father of you children-souls. If you make Him your Child or your Father or your Beloved, He decorates you and takes you into heaven. You belong to Me alone because all bodily relations gives you only pain but I give you only happiness.
God-Father says: I even play with you, you can have all types of relationships with God-Father and remove your intellect from all bodily beings. I come in every world cycle and make you happy forever.
I make you first class child of God. You remember God-Father. People remember Sri Krishna, wanted child and husband like Krishna. Now, God-Father comes to make you remember everything else of golden age and the God-Father. Vices-Ravan makes you forget everything.
God makes you worshipworthy from being a worshipper. You create temple for God from Copper age but you remain worship worthy in golden age. God remains worship-worthy constantly. Since copper age, you have been worshipping Me, I have come to give you the fruit of devotion. Now, I tell you to remember Me constantly, so that you will receive fruit-reward for 21births.
I have come now to give you happiness in all forms-relations. I give you the inheritance of happiness. God-Father is very loving and very sweet in nature.
In devotion, you cry for God to fill up your aprons. You understand that God is making you the master of heaven-godlen age. Are you eligible to become that? God makes you worthy from being worthless, He makes you King and Queen for 21births.
Even amongst you children, you remain numberwise. Now, how much you have to follow the unlimited God-Father? He transforms the hell into heaven. The more you follow the direction of God, that much you attain elevated status in golden age. You have to keep relationship with every one. Make God as your Trustee and take guidance from the God-Father. You have to renounce the whole world unlike the Sanyasis who leave the household and go to forest, still they help the world being pure.
The One who gives liberation and liberation in life is only one God-Father. He makes you men and women pure unlike the sanyasis who make only women pure. If you remain pure for this one birth, you will become the master of heaven for 21births.
If you make effort , that much inheritance you will receive in heaven. Whatever you offer is used for your service. I never come in golden age, but you become the master of heaven. More children will come here because the kingdom of heaven is being established.
However much you want, take from Me. Whether you want it or not, I will give you the inheritance of heaven. Remain pure certainly, remember the God-Father, so that at the end you will leave the body in His remembrance and attain a good status.
You know that you are the  serviceable children of God, the Mother and Father. Father says, remember Me, by belonging to Me, you benefit more. I speak to you souls through this organs. God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma. God does not have a body of His own and hence He is known as the bodiless one. I speak to you souls, you must also become the bodiless one. You have to get rid of the ego-consciousness of body.
When you became body consciousness, you forgot the knowledge of soul. In golden age, you leave one body and take another with lot of happiness, because you were soul consciousness. In golden age, no one cry even for death. Now, God-Father says, consider yourself as a soul and remember the God-Father.
In devotion, you know, saints give lectures, but here, you cannot see the God-Father who is invisible, does not have a body. God tells you the essence of all scriptures. You have been calling out for Him, who removes all sins. Now, He has come and He gives you the most elevated knowledge. He makes you elevated from being impure.
This world cycle keeps repeating. Neither the soul nor the roles of the souls comes to an end. Every soul has received their roles to play.This play is a fixed one, no one can get out of this world play. I give you the happiness of heaven. When you come down from Sato to Rajo to Tamo, you start worshipping deity. When I have come to make you the master of heaven, why do you go away from Me? Now, God has  come and gives you the inheritance of heaven.
Certainly obstacles will come and your job is to get rid of the obstacles. You have to practice remembering the God-Father so that at the end you will attain an elevated status. If your intellect gets attached to anything else at the end, you would undergo pain (being unable to leave the body). At Kasi culvert, those who leave the body there, undergo a lot of pain.
Now, your body has become very old, now you have to leave this old body and go back home (soul world). This old world does not have anything of happiness, this old world will be transformed. Before you leave the body, make your stage very good.
You children are the Pandav army of Shiv Shaktis. You receive power from God-Father. Here, the male, female, young and old all remain viceless. Whatever God-Father did 5000years before is being carried out now. Every world cycle, you will build temples in copper age and get destroyed later to build once again.
Every minute and second, try to remember the God-Father. Keep churning this knowledge. I make you the deities from ordinary human being. You children keep forgetting again and again. I teach this knowledge through the organs of Adam-Brahma. No one else can give you this knowledge.
The devotion of Shiv (Benefactor God), if done without knowing about Him, it is of no use. All this body and bodily relations have to leave the body at the end. You have to benefit everyone, Always remember you are the children of Benefactor God-Father and you have to give the inheritance of God to every soul.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Make the Father your Trustee and break all attachments to everyone. You definitely have to be obedient to the unlimited Father.
2. To save yourself from the harsh punishment at the time of leaving the body (due to attachment towards wordly being and objects), now make your stage such that you don’t remember anyone in the final moments except the God-Father. The intellect should not become trapped anywhere.
Blessing: May you be a bestower of happiness and an embodiment of happiness who has stepped away from the world of sorrow.
You children are embodiments of happiness and bestowers of happiness, children of the Ocean of Happiness. You have renounced the world of sorrow, you have stepped away from it. Therefore, do not give sorrow or take sorrow even through your thoughts. Even if you feel bad about something or someone, that would be called taking sorrow. When someone gives, it depends on you whether you take or not. It should not be that someone continues to give you sorrow and you say, “What can I do?” Check what you have to take and what you must not take. Become clever in taking and you will become an embodiment of happiness and a bestower of happiness.
Slogan: The basis of your stage is your awareness; therefore let there always be the awareness of happiness.

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