Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Become very sweet like the God-Father.

Essence: Sweet children, you now have to return home. Therefore, continue to renounce the consciousness of the body. Forget that you are very good or very wealthy and consider yourself to be a soul.
Question: On the basis of which faith can you children make your fortune elevated?
Answer: The first faith you need to have is that you are a soul. You now have to shed that body and return home. Therefore, don’t attach your heart to this world. It is Shiv Baba (Benefactor God) who is teaching us and who will then take us back with Him. We have to follow His shrimat (Godly direction). By following shrimat, we have to benefit ourselves and our friends and relatives.
 Song: Salutations to Shiva.
Sweet Children,
Children listen to the God-Father directly,not through Sanyasis or any guru.
You follow the direction of God, the followers of Sanyasi never follow the Sanyasi.
God-Father teaches every soul not just one Arjun.
You know that you have to go back , the body has to left behind, you must know yourself as a soul.
I dont have any body conscious because I dont have a body. Similarly you too dont have any body conscious when you were with Me.
I dont take your body but the soul with Me.
You are not a sanyasi to leave the household, you have to take care of your children and household. If you give introduction of God to your children, they will also remain happy.
You must explain to others that we are souls and we leave body and go back home.
Here, there is only One God-Father who has come-incarnated to take every souls back home.
You children say that there is lot of transformation has happened in our life but there is little anger.
You receive unlimited inheritance here, there are many who die because of hunger-poverty.
You have to benefit your relatives. Charity begins at home.
If it is not in the fortune you never follow the direction of God.
You have to explain sweetly to your relatives, if you cannot benefit them, how you are going to benefit yourself, by controlling the vices.
Now, you make spiritual effort to become an angel, if any karmic accounts left out, there will be pain at the time of leaving the body.
Now, the Beloved has come to take all of you back home, you are the most fortunate ones. I make you elevated.
Now, you have to get rid of your alloys and become pure.  Sri Krishna never rules the kingdom alone, there will be many deities to play roles along with him.
Now, you know that you were more happy in golden age, you receive inheritance for 21births.
God is also a great Marshall, He is also a Supreme Judge. If you dont follow the direction of God, you lose the hope-life – spiritual life.
God makes your intellect free from all bodily beings to remember one God alone.
God opens the lock of your intellect, you receive the Godly Lottery,you have to become very sweet.
The whole kingdom is being established now. I come at the end of confluence age in every world cycle.
Sanyasis look for peace, they never desire for happiness. You attain both peace and happiness and all your desires are fulfilled by your spiritual effort.
God gives direction but if children dont follow, what He can do?
You must give introduction of God-Father to people, you have to give life-hope to the suffering souls, explain very sweetly to the souls.
You have to become very sweet. You receive happiness from the Supreme Father and Mother. You go to the Innocent God-Father to receive happiness.
Essence for dharna:
1. Always remain honest with the Father. Don’t hide anything. Interact with others with a lot of royalty and wisdom.
2. Serve everyone and donate life for 21 births to them and make them into charitable souls. Remove the rust on the needle of the soul with the pilgrimage of remembrance.

Blessing: May you be fortunate and make the line of your fortune the most elevated of all with remembrance and service.
In the horoscope of a child of God, all three aspects of time are the best of all. Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is good and whatever is yet to happen will be very, very good. The line of elevated fortune is drawn on the forehead of everyone. Simply always remain busy in remembrance and service. Both of these should be just as natural as breathing is natural for the body. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune has shown such a method of remembrance and service that any of you can make your fortune as elevated as you want.
Slogan: To sit on the seat of contentment and watch the games of adverse situations is to be a jewel of contentment.

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