Friday, 6 April 2012

The impossible becomes possible with the company of Most Beloved God-Father.

Essence: Sweet children, instil the habit of remembering the Father and you will become soul conscious, you will remain happy and intoxicated all the time and your behaviour will be reformed.
Question: While drinking the nectar of knowledge, how do some children become traitors?
Answer: Children who, on the one hand, drink the nectar of knowledge and, on the other hand, perform dirty activities, that is, those who have devilish activity and do disservice, who don’t reform their activities even after belonging to God, who talk about things of Maya among themselves and who cause sorrow for one another, are traitors. Baba says: Children, you have come here to change from devils into deities. Therefore, talk about knowledge among yourselves, imbibe divine virtues and remove whatever devilish traits you have in yourself. Make your intellect pure and clean.
Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.
Essence for dharna:
1. Although you eat pure food, you must definitely make effort for remembrance to make the soul pure. Only through remembrance will you become elevated and have your sins absolved.
2. Now that you have to return home at this time of settlement, settle all your old karmic accounts. Only talk about things of knowledge among yourselves. Don’t speak about things of Maya.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and experience the Companion in the combined form.
Many children have made the Father their Companion, but you must also experience the Companion in the combined form. You cannot be separated. No one has the power to separate me from the combined form. By repeatedly bringing such an experience into your awareness, you will become an embodiment of remembrance. The more you continue to increase the experience of the combined form, the more you will love spiritual life and find it entertaining.
Slogan: If the belt of determined thought is fastened then no one can upset you from your seat.
Song: Takdeer jagaakar ayi hun.... तकदीर जगाकर आई हूँ...
Praise of Baba:
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the True Guru....the Incorporeal One ...the Ever Pure...Shri Shri Rudra...
Sweet Children,
Father has come to take all your vices, so that you would become  a charitable soul.
Q: What is the direction Father gives to the children who go to heaven?
A: Sweet Children, if you want to go to the charitable kingdom, get rid of vices, sit on the pyre of knowledge in this final birth.If you become pure, you will become charitable souls and would go to the charitable world.Inculcate knowledge and yoga and create divine personality.Do true business with the God-Father.God never takes anything from you children,but removes your attachment. Submit everything to the Father by intellect.
Sweet Children,
The worldly souls cry out for God to come and take them to the pure world but no one consider themselves as impure.
The God is incorporeal, the husband of Sita cannot be called as God.Now God has come to make the souls pure.
You need a divine intellect to understand this knowledge.The most important is about remembrance.
What you have to do is , whatever waste you have, are to be surrendered to the God. When a person dies, their belongings are given to others. Now, God-Father has come to take all old things from you, give these to Me , get rid of attachment from these.
God-Father says, remove your intellect from all these(old world), you will certainly receive in return, in golden age. God-Father says, the person in whom I have appeared have surrendered everything to God-Father. He receives elevated status in golden age.
There is a story of king, and the daughter who was sent out because she said she lived because of what was in her fortune.Then she became more richer than the Father.
Sri Sri is the title of God-Father through whom the deities attain fortune.
Those who have the knowledge and yoga, their features will be divine.
God takes you to the charitable world, you have to just get rid of vices, He makes you the Prince and Princess of golden age.
God-Father says, get rid of attachment, now you have to return home.
It is said, God is the Father and the Mother. Even this Brahma-Adam is mother through Him God-Father sustains the children. There is also world mother Saraswati.
God is also known as the Magician, the Jeweller. I give divine visions to the devotees. Meera had divine visions, but the knowledge (of world cycle) was not there.
You have to benefit your relatives by giving them the right knowledge.
You receive heaven for  21births if you become pure. World Mother is very sweet in nature. You have to become more sweet and merciful.
People have defamed God a lot, still God benefits them even those who have defamed Him.
Regular students never miss the murli, try to read it daily.
To practice:
1.      Never lose your income-accounts.For that remain careful, never spoil the name of the clan.Study regularly. Never become jealous.
2.      Give knowledge to others including relatives and benefit them.
Blessing: Those who experience the elevated stage of purity by becoming a true vaishnav, may you remain completely pure.
The definition of completely pure is very easy and more elevated.The meaning of complete purity is tha , let not the vices never touch your mind and intellect even in dreams. This is known as complete purity. May be you are effort-makers number-wise, but the aim of your effort is to become completely pure. This is very easy to practice because you remain in the company of Almighty God-Father who makes the impossible possible.
Slogan: The easy yogi is that one who makes spiritual effort in an entertaining way instead of force and effort-strain.

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