Saturday, 7 April 2012

God says, I come and take everyone back home-soul world.

Essence: Sweet children, forget your old body and bodily relations who cause you sorrow. Remember the one Father and follow shrimat.

Question: What is the Father’s shrimat which you must definitely follow in order to return home with the Father?
Answer: The Father’s shrimat is: Children, become pure. Imbibe knowledge fully and make your stage karmateet, for only then will you be able to return home with Baba. If you do not become karmateet, you will have to wait in between and experience punishment. Many souls shed their bodies and wander around at the time of settlement. Instead of going home with the Father, they first have to experience punishment here and settle their karmic accounts. This is why the Father’s shrimat is: Children, burn the burden of sin on your head and finish the old karmic accounts with the power of yoga.

Song: O Traveller of the faraway land, take us with You.

Sweet Children,
Now you children don’t say God is omnipresent. God comes and liberates you from the vices.
You forget the bodily beings, who give sorrow but remember the One God-Father.
Soul comes from far beyond and play different roles on earth.
When you soul don’t know about God, you are known as orphan.
The soul is incorporeal and the God is also incorporeal point of light like a star.
People generally call every deity as God.
God says, I take you with Me when you follow My directions by becoming pure. When you become karmateet (free from bondages of actions), you come with Me without any punishment.
At this judgement day, you have to settle all karmic accounts. You children are asked to remember God so that the sins – your bondages will be over.
Father says, by becoming pure and studying well, you will go to heaven.
As long as you live,  you have to study, your aim is for your future heaven.
These old world has to be transformed to heaven.
The devotion is of darkness, God comes and takes you to the day light.
Very few understand this knowledge, those who come to heaven follow the direction of the God-Father.
There are souls who have loving intellect for the Father and others are there who are non-loving. You have to do your work and at the same time remember the God-Father. You also have to become a stick for the blind.
The souls who have taken complete 84births are learning Rajayoga from the God-Father. By remembrance, your sins-alloys are removed and you become pure.
The sensible children study well and attain elevated status, you have to become worthy by this study.
People wanted God to come and take them back. God says, I come and take everyone back home-soul world.
By the spiritual effort you attain kingdom in heaven.
There are girls who suffer after marriage. You have to remain pure.

Essence for dharna:
1. Make effort to claim a status in liberation-in-life. Just as the mother and father become the emperor and empress, follow them in the same way and claim their throne. Become sensible and study well.
2. Have true love for the Father. Be merciful and show the path to the blind. Take shrimat directly from Baba and save yourself and others from becoming sinful souls.

Blessing: May you be worthy of receiving blessings from everyone by becoming a master bestower and sharing the treasure of happiness.
At present everyone has a need for imperishable happiness. All are begging for happiness whereas you are the children of the Bestower. The duty of the children of the Bestower is to give. Continue to give happiness to whoever comes into connection and relationship with you. No one should go away empty handed from you – remain full to this extent. Always check to see that you are giving something or other as a master bestower or whether you are happy in yourself. The more you give to others, the more you will become worthy of receiving blessings from everyone and those blessings will make you an easy effort-maker.

Slogan: Remember the attainments of the confluence age and you will not remember things of sorrow or distress.
Song: O Door ke Musafir- O Traveller of the Faraway Land:

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