Saturday, 31 March 2012

By writing to the God-Father, half of the sins are removed.

01.04.12 (31.3.12 murli)
Sweet Children,
Let your action be vice-less, take care of this completely. Take direction from the God-Father in every step, then come into action.
Children know that He is the God-Father, so Children are also required.
In golden age, there is inheritance of heaven  for deities-angels. You come in the lap of God-Father and certainly you attain the inheritance from Him.
Before you perform action and become vicious, you must ask the God-Father. You must never become body consciousness.
When something you never understand, you must ask. Many say they get attached to people,fall in vice. You must not entangle in vices due to body consciousness.
When you remain in soul consciousness, you will have fear of the God-Father.
You have offered the vices to God and you know what happens when it is taken back.
Whatever thorn of vices you have, must be given to the God-Father.You make promise to God-Father, you must write down (own history to God) , so that vicious actions will not increase.
By saying to God-Father, half of the sins are removed.If you dont reveal to the Father, the sins keep accumulating.
In kasi culvert, they sacrifice the body, their sins of present birth get destroyed, and when they take birth, keep doing vicious action.
The five vices are known as Ravan, which never exist in the Vice-less world – Heaven(golden age).It takes lot of time to come down from purity.
Father comes in vicious world and makes you completely pure. Now, it is the iron aged world.
You remember God now, to attain the heaven.
The religious founders like Guru Nanak , were very pure, they appear in the body (for the first time) of someone to give the knowledge. When they did not perform any sinful action,why they have to undergo sorrow?
No one knows that you were deities, and you have now become vicious.
The sanyasis try to remain pure but they have to take birth again amongst vicious human beings.
You have to follow the World Mother and Father, so that you will attain the throne.
The God is the Ocean of knowledge, if you remember Me, you will become pure.
Those who perform devotion come and receive the kingdom.
Lot of obstacles happen in the establishment of heaven. God is the Creator of heaven.
Q:Who does vicious actions?
A:Those who remain truthful with Father,after donating vices by promising purity, want to take it back.Those who take direction in every step,they don’t perform sinful action. Children,Dont hide your vices within, if you hide sins, you lose your status and income. You then undergo punishment.
To practice:
By coming into body conscious, don’t get involved in vicious action,let the action be vice-less, so take His direction before you perform action.
Follow the Mother and Father.Become completely pure to attain elevated status.
Blessing: Those whose remain in their original awareness-stage (point of light-soul) by the word of I and Mine, remain free from the conscious of body.
The word “Mine” make you fly or make you come down.By the awareness of I, let there be the awareness of point of light. Let the conscious of body be removed completely.So that you will become free from bondage of body.Because the word body binds you in karmic acton. But, “I” am Incorporeal.With this awareness you will come into relationship of action not in bondage.

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