Monday, 12 March 2012

Canopy of protection


Essence: Sweet children, you have received good sense from the Father and the locks on your intellects have opened. Therefore, it is your duty to give everyone the co-operation of your intellects.

Question: What desire is created within you children at the confluence age which only the Father fulfils?

Answer: At the confluence age, you children desire to go to heaven. Previously, you never even thought that you would go to heaven. This new desire is created now and only the Father fulfils it. When this desire is fulfilled, you will not have any more desires. It is sung that nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of the deities.

Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Be very cautious at every step. Do not become confused when following shrimat. Never defame the clan.

2. In order to go to the Father, settle all your old accounts. Make full effort to become bodiless.

Blessing: May you be constantly happy and carefree by staying under the canopy of the Father’s protection and remain safe from the shadow of Maya.

The means to save yourself from the shadow of Maya is the Father’s canopy of protection. To remain under the canopy of protection means to remain happy. You have handed over all your worries to the Father. Those who lose their happiness become weak and they can then be influenced by the shadow of Maya because weakness invokes Maya. If there is the shadow of Maya, even in your dreams, you will continue to be distressed and you will have to battle. Therefore, constantly remain under the Father’s canopy of protection. Remembrance is the canopy of protection.

Slogan: Those who have love for the murli are master murlidhar.

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