Monday, 12 March 2012

The Ocean of knowledge gives you unlimited knowledge.

Sweet Children,
This song to show mercy is good. Now,the whole world undergoes suffering and hence remembers the God-Father and Mother.
When there is the Father of mankind, there has to be even the mother.There may be someone above even among them.
When the parents are rich, the house also remains rich. In golden age, there is Radha and Krishna. Radha and Krishna certainly would have taken birth amongst kings, get married later. The World parents are establishing the deity kingdom now.
You know how the Radha Krishna come in golden age and Sita Ram come in Silver age. The deities attain kingdom by this Godly study.There is only one God-Father who teaches Rajayoga to attain elevated status.
There is no other university where you are taught to attain kingdom.By Gita, you attain the kingdom of the world.By Vedas and Upanishads, what you attain?
It is said 3000years before, the golden age existed.Certainly God would have taught to attain kingdom in golden and silver age.
God-Father says, very few amongst millions identify Me. You have to make effort to attain elevated status. Each points of knowledge are told according to the necessity of time, the exhibitions are made every 5000years to give Godly knowledge.
God-Father says, I teach you new points of knowledge every day, all points of knowledge are not told altogether. The Gita is not told during the physical battle. The Ocean of knowledge gives you unlimited knowledge.
God comes and gives the fruit of knowledge to the devotees. God is the Creator of heaven to give you happiness.Those who are master of heaven are known as god and goddess, different from God.
The Bharat was very ancient, later the Islam and Buddhism come.
When the storms of obstacles come, even the old (senior) ones fail. The points of knowledge are to be revised.
Never ever stealing is not to be done to avoid the punishment of the Supreme Judge.
Now, your life is of a beggar, there must be soul conscious. You forget the whole world,there must not be any greed.You remain contented with whatever you receive.
When you belong to the God,you attain the inheritance of liberation and liberation in life. Those who are in bondages,even become the guru of the husbands. The mothers are to be considered as Gurus,they are to be respected.
You must consider yourselves as Incorporeal being, you say that I am corporeal cum incorporeal. You have to make effort and make others do effort.
Unless you donate the jewels of knowledge, how can you become great-rich? You are the most greedy, wanted to become the master of the whole world. You have to make everyone constantly happy and peaceful.
You make effort to become the master of heaven.You must forget everything other than God.You have to become serviceable.

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