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May you have the power of contentment in you

Avyakt Bapdada               March 20th, 2012                       Typed from Live Transmission
Become a jewel of contentment for where there is the power of contentment all the powers are merged. Transform the word ‘sometimes’ into ‘always’ and follow Brahma Baba by holding the hand of shrimat.
Today Bapdada is seeing all his children who are jewels of contentment either in front of him or listening. Each child who is a jewel of contentment is celebrating a meeting with the Father, this is why all attainments are merged. The jewels of contentment who imbibe the power of contentment are loved by the Father and are also loved by the Family, because where there is contentment all the powers are merged. The atmosphere created by the power of contentment serves everywhere. They are never defeated by maya but maya gets defeated. The souls who are jewels of contentment can make everyone’s heart fulfilled. A contented soul is never affected by the upheaval of nature or maya, but it is like watching a cartoon show. Does each child consider itself to have the power of contentment? Ask yourself, am I a jewel of contentment?  Many children say that they are sometimes, but Bapdada does not like this word ‘sometimes,’ Bapdada gives yaadpyar to everyone all the time therefore Bapdada does not like this word ‘sometimes.’ You should be always happy so Bapdada wants that this word be transformed. Can you transform this word ‘sometimes’? The word sometimes is not in the dictionary of Brahmins, the word is ‘always.’ Can it be possible that all the children who are loved by the Father and be in the influence of maya? So can you finish this word sometimes today?
 Bapdada has been saying for a long time, that any upheaval can come anytime and in order to be prepared for that, if the sanskar of sometimes still remains then will you be able to claim the rights of the sovereignty of the world for all times? Bapdada has love from the heart, all of you have great love for the Father from the heart also so you have made a promise to Bapdada that you will go together and you will come together. Did Brahma Baba ever say the word sometimes?  Bapdada has always given you yaadpyar every day in the morning at amrit vela and he has always told you things which increases your zeal and enthusiasm, so should Bapdada make you raise your hand whether you have love for Bapdada? He knows that there is love for every word for the one whom you have love for. Brahma Baba never use the word sometimes but he always follow the Father and he also made you do the same because Bapdada loves the children from the bottom of the heart. What is your name? Brahma Kumar and Kumari not Shiv Kumar and Kumari. Therefore love for Brahma Baba means to do whatever Brahma Baba says. That is what a Brahma Kumar and Kumari is, because love means surrender, but surrender to whom? It means surrender to whatever he says. Because Brahma Baba is not alone, you say Bapdada so they are together.  
So today Bapdada wants that every child should finish this word ‘sometimes,’ this word must not be uttered again. You have love for Bapdada so it is not a big deal to sacrifice for the one you love.  Bapdada wants that each child becomes a bead of the rosary. Do you consider yourself to be a bead of the rosary of victory? Many children say that there are so many Brahmins and the rosary is only of 108 and so only that many can come in the rosary, but if you become complete and victorious, Bapdada can add more rows in the rosary but you must become victorious first. Many children think “I don’t know whether I’ll get a number or not,” but if you become complete then the Father will give you a number. The Father has love for each child, even that child who will be last because of his nature, at least he has recognized Baba, for in the world many with high positions did not recognized the Father but he has recognized the Father with love. Therefore even for the last child along with the love there is also the drishti of benefit and attitude of benefit for that child, that may this child move forward. So Baba is saying not to think of what you will become or not, just make yourself a worthy soul, make yourself a karma yogi soul. Anyone who becomes a worthy child, that one will get the blessings of all attainments and will be made to move forward by Bapdada with this blessings.
Today at amrit vela Bapdada went on a tour of this land and the foreign lands, Bapdada does go on a tour everyday but along with Bapdada all the ancestor Dadis also go on this tour. Whilst on the tour what did BD notice? All of you do know it, you create very determined thoughts that Baba we will do it, we will hold your hand and go.  Which hand is it? The hand of shrimat. In foreign countries they have the habit of walking hand in hand. Similarly, this is the hand of shrimat, do you have this strength to go while holding this hand of shrimat? Brahma Baba proved to you by doing it. He showed you by example in the corporeal form. He was in the corporeal world with you. So just as Brahma Baba always took the hand of shrimat and went hand in hand with it, similarly you are following the Father are you not? You will follow him won’t you? What do you have to follow? He Brahma Baba did everything in a practical way and showed everything to you so clearly, you saw the face and activity of Brahma Baba so just emerge the activity of Brahma Baba and do what he did. Even while in the physical he did everything that is required of shrimat. All of you know of the activity of Him don’t you? In order to become firm and strong every step that the Father took has to be revised by you – The Ten Steps.  You have to follow this, to follow means that you have to become like Brahma Baba. All of you have love for both of the Father, is it not? The practical form of Love is whatever Brahma Baba says and does, that the children also have to do. This is what true love from the heart is.
Do you know what some children do? They do think that they have to do what Brahma Baba did, but they do something and then think “Oh I didn’t do as Brahma Baba did but I’ve already done it.” But to follow Brahma Baba you have to first think if Brahma Baba did this and then follow, not do it and then think whether this is what Brahma Baba did. So on this day today to follow Brahma Baba means to become equal to Brahma Baba. Do you have the courage to follow him. Those who say “we will do it” raise your hand. First think and then do, don’t do and then think whether it is like Brahma Baba.
Today Bapdada is giving the power of contentment in particular to every soul and wishes to see this in every child. In this one power of contentment all other powers are merged. Therefore the special blessing for today is “May you have the power of contentment in you”. Let anything happy but never let the power of contentment leave you. Many children say that it is very easy to remain content with the self but to make others contented is difficult.  Now supposing someone does something that is not right, why do you keep it in the heart whatever he is doing? You need to make Baba sit in your heart not the incident that happened.  Just have good wishes and pure feelings for that soul and use that good wishes and pure feelings within you. To keep the bad thing in your intellect means you have taken in that bad thing. So in this way by keeping the Father in your heart you will become like the Father. Love for anyone means to follow that one. Therefore Bapdada wants to see every child who is so filled with good wishes and pure feelings for everyone.
Teachers you will become that won’t you? Bapdada has special love for the teachers, why? Because they have kept the courage of sitting on the seat of Baba. Therefore Bapdada wants from every teacher that from your features the future should be visible and from everyone also, you are their companions aren’t you? 75 years ago Bapdada taught this in the boarding school that you are very fortunate and your face should be always smiling. And even now Bapdada wants this to be seen on every child’s face. Until now you have done very good service through words but now your activity and feature should be seen, you have to move forward in this. Just as if someone is poor but his face is happy everyone will say that this person has gotten something today. So from your face and behavior they should accept that you people have got something.
So what does Bapdada want from you today? become like Brahma Baba, follow the Father. Because the condition of the world is bad and is going to become worse and worse. This is why, Bapdada wishes to give this instruction to every child, that you always be happy and share this happiness with all. The more you share this happiness the more your happiness will increase. The souls in distress who see you for only 5 minutes is a big thing for them. So today, Bapdada wants to see this power of contentment in each ones face and his activity. Bapdada wants that you imbibe this yourself and share it with others.
To the first timers (half of the hall)
All those who are here for the first time stand up, half the audience is of first timers, Congratulations! Your new brothers wants to become your companions. Now just as you have reached this place what do you have to do next? You have to follow Brahma Baba. On seeing you even Bapdada is so happy “wah my child has come” “wah my child has come” the whole family is also happy, our brothers and sisters have come, have come, have come. Now follow Brahma Baba, let anything happen. If there are any problems, any questions, go to your teacher and get solutions, don’t wait for 2 days and then say this problem is still there. You want to go ahead fast because you have come last is it not? What you have to do for that is to do amrit vela and at that time set your mind for the day to experience any of the drill during your daily routine.
Bapdada is saying to all of you that throughout the day take out some time and do this drill of becoming bodiless in a second because in the future you will have to become bodiless instantly. You may say that you don’t have the time. Don’t you get up to drink water? So use this one minute to do this practice because at that time (of chaos) you will not be able to have this practice. The habit of body consciousness will not allow you to become bodiless. So from now have this practice that body consciousness should not pull you. Otherwise you will not be able to go with the Father.  This practice will also allow you to go hand in hand, to be able follow shrimat at every step.
To all the new ones who have come, “May you be happy, may you live long.” Now you may sit down, you must be tired.
Meeting Sevadharis from Maharashtra, Andhra, Bombay (14,000)
Maha means great, large so a large number has come. Bapdada wants those from Bombay and Delhi to do one thing, what is that? All those special souls who are in your contact and relationship who can become mikes and also become heirs, create a group of them, because the majority of zones has sent a list to Baba. Now they should share their experience of you, what this knowledge is and what change I have brought in my life, they should describe this. Even now they are sharing very good experiences but now continue this, if you keep attention in this way then you will be revealed. Because Bapdada saw the list and many are worth becoming heirs, also show this list to others in the family. Now bring some newness of creating such heirs. At least those who are in your contact they should come into your relationship and become your companions in the family. This is also going to happen. Bapdada has seen that each Brahmin can create the same thought and it this will help make it happen. From the Platinum Jubilee the people has come to understand that the BKs are doing very good things. If you make even a little more effort see how big the family will become. Also Bapdada wants that they come together as the family members. So you have to bring some newness in service is it not? Bapdada is happy to see you but one desire which Bapdada has for the zones is that every center should write the news that our center is free of obstacles and everyone has love for one another and that we are all busy. No zone has sent this news to Bapdada as yet, it is to become. Through your tapasya the people of the world should see you as living goddesses.
Meeting IT group (200)
Bapdada has told you earlier that Bapdada saw each wing is doing something new and now in every wing the message is going out very well. Just as in the medical wing service they have created an official book which is good for advertisement. Similarly other wings also have done something so the message can be spread. Bapdada is telling each wing that each ones drishti will fall on you and you will become well known in the whole world. All of you are making very good effort and along with that……
 Meeting Double Foreigners (400)
Double foreigners are becoming double and double and double. Bapdada has seen that you are paying very good attention to the self and also your attitude, drishti, shristi, vriti, etc.  You are also paying very good attention to the yagya, having love and helping the yagya. Therefore Bapdada is congratulating you many many times. Bapdada keeps on listening to your stories. You are not those who only have love for Bapdada but also those who are very helpful in every task and are clever in accumulating for the future. You have come from so many countries and on seeing this gathering Bapdada is seeing loving and cooperative souls who extend your hand in every task. Bapdada is very happy to see this in you, you are also happy and the family is also happy.
Those of Madhuban always say that double foreigners are the decoration of Madhuban. And the Father’s title of unlimited has been proved by the double foreigners, this is why you are seen as intense effort makers not just effort makers, because the time of effort maker is gone. Do not be an ordinary effort maker but always check your stage, am I an intense effort maker?
To all the children everywhere who are at a distance but in the heart, Bapdada is seeing all of you, the fragrance of your love is reaching Madhuban. Now you have to move forward fast, make intense effort and bring this intensity of happiness in the world, you have to make distressed souls happy, you are doing this service but now make it faster. Therefore lots and lots of love and remembrance from the heart.
Sweet Children,
See the God-Father by the third eye of knowledge, remember only the God-Father. Do not be aware of the body even by  looking at the body.
Q: By remaining in this old world, what direction , you children have received?
A: Sweet Children, this old world,in which you reside, have become a graveyard. The kingdom of vices-Ravan exists in it. Do not get attached to it. Being here, the intellect must remember the New World.Remain in the household but remain like a lotus flower.Maintain relationship with everyone.Let the intellect remember only the One Father. Become strong in knowledge and yoga. In any situation, do not lose the level of happiness. By the patience, keep cutting down the bondage of actions.
Sweet Children,
Here you follow the direction of God unlike in other places. The God is known as the True Father, Teacher and Guide. No one can give you such an elevated directions, which is the highest on high, you receive it from the Highest on High God-Father.
Like you see human beings with eyes, you have to see the God-Father with your third eye.
You have to see self and everyone as a soul, not a body, through the divine sight.
You know who is our Supreme Father and where He lives.There is no one like you children who had received the God-Father.
There are many who earn a lot, and others less. Now, you know, you are receiving inheritance of heaven. Only One God-Father is praised a lot. No one understands how God is the Truthful Father, Teacher and Guru. People have defamed God by saying He is present even in dirts and stones.
To know one, you must know about the person, where he lives, otherwise it is of no use. Now, you know very well about the God-Father.
If a person defames the God-Father, they never appear in golden age. God comes and gives you patience. You have been very sorrowful, unless God comes, how can you become happy.
This world is the end of iron age. God-Father tells the whole world, “Have patience”. God comes and creates the heaven. At the end every soul will come to know about the God-Father.
Many will come here through media and news paper. But there is effort here. In other religion or satsangs, there is no effort against vices especially lust unlike here.
The whole world has been entangled in great trouble.You are most fortunate, who has come away from all obstacles. It creates a very good fortune for you.
This body is an old cloth. Sanyasis say women are poisonous and go to the jungle. Yours is true disinterest towards the complete world. But no one knows about it. You become interested towards this world of graveyard.
The battle begins when the golden age has to be established. People ask , if there is no attachment how you can take care of relatives. God-Father says, remain in the household, have disinterest towards old body but remember the God-Father.
If you don’t maintain relationships with everyone, you would also become like a sanyasi. Make effort to remain bodiless, soul conscious. Remain in household and remember the God-Father by the intellect.
If you have any difficulty, you can very well ask about it. Everyone has different karmic accounts.Some have little and others have more karmic accounts. The remembrance of intellect should be stable. You have to become free from the bondages of actions, karmateet.
You are the salvation army, save the people from hell and take them to heaven. You are the Godly spiritual salvation army. You are very few in numbers, only very few souls live in golden age. You have to transform completely.It takes effort to transform. When you become like God-Father (in nature-qualities), you will remain constantly happy.
You must distribute this knowledge to everyone,  not to remain a miser.
To practice:
1.       Become Godly salvation army and bring ashore the immersing life boat of the world. Make the human beings like a diamond. Do not become a miser in distributing knowledge.
2.       You have to remember the God-Father and the New World. Become one with unlimited interest from this old world.
Blessing: By the awareness of the unlimited authority, those who remain in unlimited happiness, remain care-free all the time.
Nowadays in the world, if anyone gets even an ordinary authority, they get it by making a lot of effort. You have received authority without any effort. To become a child is to receive inheritance. By saying Mine, you have become one with authority.Wah,I , the elevated soul,with this unlimited authority remain happy.This unlimited authority is fixed and hence you remain Care-free.
Slogan: Fill the aeroplane of fast effort by the power of blessings of everyone , then you can cross the mountain of obstacle very easily.

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