Wednesday, 28 March 2012

God is your Father, Mother and also your Child.

God-Father says, you just follow my direction, so that you would receive the kingdom.
To practice:
1.       Now, you have to be in the company of God free from all bondages of relations.
2.       Become faithful intellect and study well. You must not leave the God-Father at any point of time. By yoga (remembrance of God), you become healthy and by study you receive the kingdom.

Song: Mother, O mother, you are the one who benefits everyone.

Sweet children,
One is soul and other is body. Soul is an eternal being, Soul is a point of light. God is known as the Supreme Soul because He is the father of all souls.
Whatever people say of God is not true, only God-Father is the Truth. He establishes the True Continent. During golden and silver ages, only Bharat existed.
Saints and rishis say they don’t know about God. Only God can give the introduction of Him.
God-Father creates the New World through angels-deities. Whatever you heard about God is omnipresent is not truth.
There was king and Queen in golden age, God had made them so much elevated. God is worshipped as the Father and Mother, and the attainment of happiness praised by attaining God. You come here to receive the inheritance of Heaven.
You know that you have come to the Father and Mother. Sri Krishna is loved by all but why Sri Radha is not loved that much, who are the Prince and Princess of golden age?
In golden age, you will have golden palaces. God makes you one with divine-golden intellect. At the end, there will be transformation, happens every 5000years.
You attain the kingdom by this study. You must know how the king and queen arrive in golden age, then the kingdom transfers to Silver age and then to the vicious kings of copper age, then to the congress-politicians.
The vicious kings start worshipping the vice-less kings of golden age. This Study-centres can be known as God-Fatherly Spiritual University. It is God who speaks this knowledge here.
God can be known as Shiv Baba – Benefactor Father and He is also the Mother. Now, say, do God has a mother? When you say that God is your child, how can you say He does not have  a mother? Do you see God as your child? God is your Father as well as your Child, this is very subtle and entertaining – How can one become Child and Father at the same time?
Gita is taught by God Shiv (Benefactor), you sacrifice yourself to God. If you consider Me as your child, I give you inheritance for 21births. You give to your physical child and he commit sins with your wealth.But God as a child never take anything from you.He gives wealth by this study and kingdom by this knowledge. You spend your wealth for Godly service.
God is the remover of sorrows and giver of happiness. He benefits you. Ravan-vices gives you sorrow. By becoming vicious, you lose everything. Now, if you  want to become an angel-deity, remain only in My company. The more you study, that much you become elevated. If you stop studying, you will attain the low status. Those who come late never attain the most elevated status.
Now, it is the judgement day, you create good actions now. In golden age, the actions are neutral. You become detached from organs and go to sleep when you become tired. God says, Hey soul,wake up. Remain in the household and study this knowledge. If you become pure, this knowledge will remain in your intellect. You sit practically in front of the God-Father. You have come to attain kingdom for 21births.
God-Father says, I make you the resident of heaven by becoming your Father and Mother. By knowing this, receive inheritance from God before you leave the body. Otherwise you receive an ordinary status. There is no blind faith in this study. Many leave the study after a long time, they leave the God by surprise. Still they come to the God-Father because of love.
What is the use of attaining a low status after studying this knowledge? You must not become impure at any point of time. God comes and purifies all the souls. In golden age, there will not be any impure ones, you receive kingdom of golden age from the God-Father.

Blessing: Those who sacrifice even the subtle trace of the  body consciousness and the ego, may you become an angel (who has relation with only one God-Father) and an incorporeal being.
Many does not have the gross form of body consciousness like attachment and ego but they have the awareness of their special sanskar, intellect, character, talent and their powers of the self. This consciousness-ego, intoxication, pride, these are the subtle body consciousness-ego. So, these ego, never enable you to remain an angel or incorporeal. Hence,you have to sacrifice even the trace of these. Then, you will become an incorporeal being from an angel easily.

Slogan: Become co-operative at the right time, then you will receive multi-fold returns.

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