Saturday, 10 March 2012

attachment increases due to body consciousness.

Murli 11.03.12
Sweet Children,
Father  says, you attain the kingdom by this spiritual knowledge.  I come in an ordinary body, I never take birth. When the soul appears in the body of a child in the womb, the child starts moving in the womb.
People who preach never consider themselves as a soul. You children remember the God-Father. God does not have a body. Deities have images.
Soul never becomes big or small but I am known as Supreme Soul, the seed of the world human tree.The Seed is known as the Creator. Here, the Highest Supreme Father is teaching you unlike other places and hence , the exam will also be highest on high. I teach you and you become the future deities. The complete kingdom is being established at this time.
You children learn for so many future births. You know that we souls reside in soul world along with Supreme God-Father. This world drama is eternal and fixed, there cannot be difference of even a second. Many stop this study by coming into wrong company.
This study is such that you have to keep drinking this nectar of knowledge as long as you live on earth.
You are the Godly student. But many keep falling. You have to study this knowledge every day, there are so many who travel abroad to study, but here those who stay even at home never study well.
God is known as Trilokinath, Liberator and Guide. You have to study and also teach others. The heaven is known as the eternal world. The Eternal One gives blessing to remain eternal.
God-Father says, your attachment increases due to body consciousness, so become soul conscious. There are a lot of attractions in the world.
Blessing: Those who transform negative into positive, may you remain a world transformer through Self-transformation.
Slogan. Those who keep the knowledge of drama in the awareness, become victorious by the method of nothing new.
Sweet Children,
Jagadamba is the praise of Mamma-World Mother. Mamma is praised after God-Father.
The Supreme Soul , Supreme Father is the only One. World Mother is praised much in Calcutta,even the praise of Kali. She never takes the offering of lives as people believe since she is the world mother. There is also Vaishnodevi and Mansahari.
Jagadamba fulfils the desires of souls. She is the real Vaishnodevi. She would have been Mansahari in previous birth,now have become one with divine virtues.
You children are Benefactors. You are the children of world mother, the one who fulfils all the desires. Your job is to fulfil the desires of every soul, you show the path towards liberation and liberation in life.
God is the creator of World Mother and World Father through whom the desires of souls get fulfilled. Saraswathi  (goddess of knowledge) is the daughter of World Father.
The deities live in subtle world. Souls live in physical world.
The one who studies well attain elevated status, get rid of sins. Everyone carry bondages of sins.
World Mother becomes Lakshmi (goddess of fortune) in future-golden age.
Now the gathering of souls and Supreme Soul takes place. World Mother attains her elevated status by means of RajaYoga.
You are not worshipped at this time because the body is not pure. When you become completely virtuous, your body gets transformed.
God-Father says, you children need not have to chant anything but just remember Me.There is a difference of day and night between chanting and remembrance. You receive inheritance from God through the Father of humankind.
Father comes and creates the Deity clan from Godly clan.Hence there is nothing of battle here. The vicious ones cannot remain in the divine gathering.
God-Father says, you children never fight against each other, you attain elevated status in golden age.Here you have to become completely pure unlike in other gatherings. God-Father has come to transform the vicious world into pure world.
God-Father says, I am known as the Purifier. You can imbibe divine virtues when you follow the direction of the God-Father. You have to remember the God-Father early in the morning certainly.Then you have to repeat the points of knowledge, explain to others, so that you attain elevated status. You have to make effort.

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