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Do I have the 12 powers and empower others without ego?

24.03.12 and 25th Avyakt Murli

Sweet Children,

By just saying God and Supreme Soul, you don’t see Him as the Father.He is the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. He is the most elevated.People call Him to make them pure.He comes certainly since people call Him in devotion.

God comes to give the fruit of devotion.He gives liberation in life in just a second.There is praise of king Janak to receive liberation in a second.

God-Father is praised much because certainly He would have done something. He liberates you from sorrow being in household. It is said King Janak attained liberation being in household.

There is Rajyog and Knowledge. The ancient Rajyog of Bharat is well known by which the Bharat becomes heaven.

God gives you the knowledge of RajaYog and also heaven. You need the fruit of devotion. God comes only at the confluence age to give liberation and liberation in life.This is the spiritual teaching given by the Supreme Soul Supreme Father.But it got disappeared.

Human beings take 84births to become impure. Shiv (Benefactor God) is the creator of deities. Those who are children of God become deities. Brahma(Adam) is the father of humankind. Brahma becomes Sri Krishna in golden age.People say God of the Gita is Krishna in fact God Shiv(Benefactor) is the God of the Gita.

People have forgotten about the God in scriptures. People call out for the God as Purifier to come and purify the impure souls. People speak most interesting stories of Ram and Ravan.In fact you are the Sitas who have been arrested by the vices-Ravan.

God is known as the One who gives happiness and remover of sorrows. To make you elevated,God had to come once again on Earth. People long for peace.When you have so many reigions, how you will attain peace? When there was only one religion, there was peace.

You have to remember the God-Father and the inheritance of heaven. There are pictures to explain the knowledge.God Father teaches the ancient Rajyoga and you receive the inheritance of heaven.

When you see the world drama, you would remember the whole drama in the intellect.You know about the world drama.The cycle of 84births are to be remembered in the intellect. You deities become the child of God now after taking so many births. The world of Ravan-vices are to be transformed.

Golden and Silver ages are the fruit of knowledge. The confluence age is the fruit of devotion. Initially the devotion was unadulterated,now it has become adulterated. It is explained how you reach the hell of this time from being deities in heaven.

At this time, you become one who know  the past,present and future. It is said that wherever there is satsang, the courageous ones go there and give them the knowledge.

You children never have body consciousness. You can say that by knowledge of RajaYoga, you can attain liberation in one second,you must not have even a little body consciousness. God Father explains how you attain liberation in just a second being in household.

Those who do service have to do a lot of churning, they have to become more courageous.


What is the quality you need to attain success for service?

The egolessness. You must be humble to do service, you have to serve the souls with courage and without any body consciousness.

To practice:

Release all the sitas of devotion from the arrest of Ravan-vices.Show the path towards liberation and liberation in life in just a second.

Remember the God-Father and the inheritance. Get rid of body consciousness, being courageous , do service.Churn the knowledge and create new methods of service.


May you be the one who remain in the eternal throne and have awareness of eternal soul, those who finish body consciousness remaining in self-respect.

In confluence age, you have received a lot of self-respect. Everyday become aware of one new self-respect, then in front of self-respect,body consciousness will disappear like the darkness disappear in front of the light.It neither takes effort nor time. You have the direct connection of Supreme Light.Only you have to switch on the awareness through the direct light.Then you will receive such light that you yourself will remain in light but even for others,  you will become a light house.Those who remain in such self-respect,they are known as the one who remains in the eternal throne and who remains an eternal deity (who remains in the awareness of soul).

Slogan: Make your stage elevated-large, then the obstacles will become small.

23.03.12 (Dubai-Sunday Murli read on Friday)

Rajayogi is the master of the kingdom of the world.

Do you see yourself as a yogi? You remain a yogi numberwise.

you receive the understanding of yogi and bhogi life, you attain the title of Rajyogi numberwise.

You praise about yoga, the easy yoga ,constant yog, yoga of knowledge, yoga of intellect, karma yoga, and you give example about these yogas.

Here, some are complete in all types of yoga,but others have yoga of one type, not all.

Those who cannot remain in knowledge also cannot be called as one who remains in yoga of knowledge.

You explain the praise of yoga, but it has to be imbibed by yourself first.

If we remain in yoga but if it is not powerful, you cannot be called Rajyogi.

Check, if you have the title of all yoga. Some have few titles and some have many.

You must not just become happy saying I am a yogi. When there is praise of a yogi, that much you will become worship-worthy in golden age.In golden age, they may not worship others but they are seen as worship-worthy, they are given much regard.

Now make  a list and find out how many titles you have it for yourself. You receive a title when you find your easy nature of yogi and also others feel about your easy yoga.

Like this, even in Gyan yoga, find out if you have imbibed the points of knowledge.

Then you yourself can know about your number-position. This is the praise of knowledge not yours. Now check if you have imbibed all the points-titles of knowledge. If you have not imbibed all the titles of knowledge, you cannot become the master of the world.

One is to pass with honour – 100%. And even to pass, you need 75%.Let all these qualities be revealed, known by others.

In a day, you have 24 hrs, you rest for 8hrs, remaining is 16hrs.The ¾ of 16hrs is 12hrs. Those who  have the job of intellect, they have exception of 3more hours. Based on relation of Father and Child, there is exception of one more hour. Then the complete yoga must be for 8hours.

Let every soul give you the certificate that you have complete virtues in you. Then you may get 75% marks.

Those who are elephant riders-those who are going to pass with honour,their time of sleep will also be considered as yogyukt.They experience yoga even during sleep.They have the thought that I have finished my role and going to the God-Father, and the moment you wake up, you know that I have taken this instrument of body for doing action being the child of God, from the brahm- soul world.

There is the praise of eight sakthis. The praise of Saraswathi is, she saved the time of sleep,transformed sleep in to yoga. Although they are asleep, they feel they are in yoga,alert in accumulation of an income and they remain fresh after yogic sleep. You , the first grade of elephant riders also have to follow them.

You experience, the time of sleep is coming down, but you must also experience the sleep as an income, transform the sleep into yoga and follow the Father. This is the sign of first grade.They come among eight jewels. Then there are others.

When you give instruction to sense organs and if you perform the same, they are known as first grade.The second grade do this some time,and others remain in third grade.

When you have to come on first grade, check how many titles, you have received, imbibe all the titles completely.


26.6.1974 Avyakt Murli

Remain in the spiritual intoxication of attainment of all powers

Today the Sun of knowledge see the fortune of sparkling stars. In world they see by hand, here it is seen by the forehead.

1.       One is how much clear and broad the intellect is.

2.       Second is all the time, to imbibe the income of knowledge, remain free from karmic bondage of body, remain concentrated in the love of one God through mind, from the moment of new birth, till now, check how much do you remain free from obstacles?

3.       Third is , the lifespan of this elevated spiritual life, the awareness is short or long? Do you remain in this spiritual life for a long time?The loss of awareness is to die.

4.       The fourth is , how long you remain in  love, relation, closeness, powers from the beginning of spiritual life? How long you remain fortunate in this?

How much this line of fortune is strong, In study and earning an income, do you remain an embodiment of success all the time, regular and punctual?

How much you have become benefactor in transforming souls, create fortune for others?

God-Father sees all this line of fortune in a second.

So, do you see the lines of fortune by yourself by becoming the one who remains in the heart throne of God,with the tilak of awareness (of soul), remaining in the stage of knowledgeful and powerful, when you see by this stage, you can know it clearly, not to see by coming under the influence of obstacles.

The position of master almighty authority, with this position, you remain beyond from obstacles of maya and keep you free from obstacles.Even in world, people fear to go in front of one who is in authority.Instead of using authority, if you remain loose,then even ordinary ones will remain loose to put obstacles. So, here also, with the authority, with all your received powers, with Blessings, if you don’t use them and if you remain loose, you face the obstacles of maya.

Mind, word, action, relationships, attainments, in all these, the maya keep courage to create obstacles for you.Because you become ordinary by coming down from your stage.

The ordinary soul remain with the awareness of authority, even with small powers but you receive

1.       the power to remain free from disease all the time,

2.       the Power to control any of the elements,

3.       Any suffering soul, being alone, peaceless soul, Power to make them fortunate and always happy

4.       To make the powerless more powerful

5.       To make the thoughts to concentrate wherever you want,in just a second, to control the thoughts

6.       Power to control the five great vices

7.       Power to make the blind (who remains in ignorance) into Trinetri

8.       Power to give hope to the hopeless soul, to those who lose consciousness by obstacle, to give them awareness or hope for life

9.       Power to give place-support to the wandering souls constantly

10.   The power to increase the life span for birth after birth

11.   Power to safeguard from the uncertain death

12.   Power to attain the kingdom,crown and throne

How much intoxication you must have when you attain all these powers by the right method? Why do you forget yourself? You have to take support from One God-Father but if you go away from Him, do you receive it or lose the aim? Father feels mercy for the children but till how long? Until you want to take mercy from God, towards self, yet to receive powers, how can you make others powerful? The beggar cannot make another beggar contented-powerful. Yes, you may influence other souls with little power, make them feel good-about knowledge, but you cannot make others free from all desires.

Along with saying good and good, souls never become full with attainments if you have expectations, wanting support from others, even for yourself, then you never become support for others.You cannot make others an embodiment of all powers.

So,imbibe all these powers and make use of them.If you use any powers by coming into ego,then what  it is said? Instead of elevated fortune, you become one who experience punishment.If you don’t have the power of being a detached observer,then there will be punishment.

Hence remain an embodiment of awareness , be aware of attainments-powers constantly.


Blessing: Those who always experience entertainment through the Companion , May you  remain in the combined form constantly.

Whenever you feel alone, that time, don’t remember the point of form,that will be difficult, you will get bored of it.That time, you bring into awareness, the story of entertainment. Bring the list of self-respect in front of you.Dont remember just by intellect but remain combined with companion from heart, feel the taste-essence of all relationships.This is known as Manmanabhav and to become-experience manmanabhav is the entertainment.

Slogan: By God’s direction keep saying yes, then you will attain the authority of all powers.

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