Sunday, 4 March 2012

Being free from attachment, become a Light house

Essence: Become free from attachment even in dreams . Report to God-Father before sleep to sleep well without dreams.
God-Father sees new things in the unlimited Television. If there is attachment towards anyone even in dreams, some say, we never perform by action but come in dreams. If any vicious dream appears, it means, you never slept in remembrance of God-Father.
So, check , before sleeping, have you reported to God-Father all your activities of the day. It is not that you got tired and slept like that? This is known as carelessness. Whether the action is good or bad, surrender-report to God-Father, make your mind empty and go to sleep.
Do not sleep alone, if you sleep alone, you see dreams. If you sleep with God-Father, you never get such dreams.  If you do not follow the direction, then you come into trouble-worry, then you say that, you lost your purity in dreams because of carelessness.
Do not sleep by talking or thinking about waste thoughts. If something important, do not discuss being in your bed.
God-Father sees the whole world in just a second and sees how the children sleeps, how they speak. God-Father goes around every centre, every household, everything is seen in the unlimited Television. If your amritvela-early morning is good, then the day also becomes good. Many awake in the morning for remembering God, but half a time there is only sleep. Those who sleep becoming carelessness, the early morning hours never remain good.
The sleep is also known as rest. Sleep at the right time, wake up fresh after sleep.
By the power of purity,  you move forward, souls will bow in front of you when you remain free from attachment.
Youths are to be free from the bondages of mind and relations. Government must know that youths are performing the action of construction not of destruction.
Your family members must get influenced by your divine virtues. The family members must make the children,a sample for others to follow. They have to receive the practical certificate from others.
The more you make the pillar of purity strong, being free from attachment, you will perform the role of a Light house. Through you, God-Father will perform actions.

Blessing :- May you be a world server and finish any bondage of karma with the bondage of service.
While living at home with your family, never think that those are your karmic accounts or karmic bondage, but that it is also service. By your becoming tied in the bondage of service, karmic bondage finish. Unless you have the feeling to serve, karmic bondage will continue to pull you. If there are karmic bondage , there will be waves of sorrow and if there is the bondage of service, there will be happiness. Therefore finish karmic bondage with the bondage of service. Wherever world servers are in the world, they are there for world service.

Slogan :- Maintain the awareness of your deity form and no one's vision of waste fill fall on you.

Praise of Baba (God-Father):
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba....

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:
1.   We, the souls, are pure with our body, mind and wealth, thoughts, words and deeds, time, thoughts and breath, dreams relations and connections...we are free from waste, carelessness, attachment, inclination and influence...we clear our intellects before going to sleep by giving the chart of the entire day to the Father,  and by giving everything to Him, whether it is good or bad... we are the obedient, long lost and now found elevated children who  go to sleep with the Father in peace and happiness, free from dreams and desires,  and wake up refreshed ... we are with the Father, close to the Father and personally in front of the Father...
2.   We, the souls, are the strong pillars of purity, the light houses spreading the light of purity...we move ahead with the power of purity even while living in a household...we may be last but are fast, we are fast so first, and with zeal, enthusiasm and courage, we become number one...while living at home with the family,  we do not consider  those to be our karmic accounts or karmic bondages, but as service...we are the world servers, world transformers, and world benefactors, who finish karmic bondages with the bondage of service...
3.   We, the souls, are our own friends, and neither have bondage of the mind or the bondage of any relations...we are free from this double bondage and free from obstacles and all bondages...we are the humble, clean and constructive instruments of service ...we are the servers of the Almighty Government, full of divine virtues, maintaining the awareness of our deity form, with special blessings from the Father...

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