Saturday, 24 March 2012

God is the most sweetest of all, become like Him.

25.03.12 (23.03.12)

Sweet Children,

You know that this is your elevated life, by following the direction you receive the inheritance of heaven. This world is very old, has to be transformed.

Every one has to leave the body and I make you attain the double crown of heaven. I have come to give you the dynasty of deities,  this you must not forget.

People have the face of human beings, but they have the nature of monkeys.You have to imbibe the nature of deities.

Those who are free from bondages are more fortunate. The spiritual parents make you take the spiritual bath. If you have any bondages of relations, friends, pitctures-cinemas, their remembrance pulls your intellect. You have to remember only the God-Father, perform service, so that you remain happy for 21births.You must not leave such an unlimited parent. You are the protector of this sacrificial fire of knowledge by which you attain the liberation in life - the inheritance of heaven.

You remain very peaceful here, here you don’t make any sound.You have come away from the world of vices. Those who are free from bondages, they are most fortunate than the millionaire. They attain more spiritual fortune. God-Father says, forget everything and perform Godly service with a lot of love.Imbibe knowledge make your life like a diamond.

Here, you remain free from bondages, you have to become pure to go to the pure world. You have to accept what you receive from the yagya.This knowledge is the herb of Sanjeevni. Many become unconscious in this spiritual path.  You are also Mahavirs (Hanuman) numberwise.There are many who are unconscious,they have to be brought into consciousness.

You must not have even attachment to the body. God-Father likes the yogi-gyani soul (who imbibes the knowledge). Here, you do unlimited renunciation.We have to return home-soul world, then you will come in heaven. Let your intellect rest on God.You have to become very sweet.Sweet children, never speak anything hard, anything of the world.Speak only about the jewels of knowledge.

You surrender everything including body to the God-Father (by being a trustee) and God-Father gives the future inheritance of heaven in return.

In the store house of God-Father, everything remains full. You make effort to attain elevated status. If you fail now, you fail in every world  cycle. You have to pass like the world mother and father. You must remember only the God-Father.

Writing the points of murli is very good, by sharing the knowledge, you receive blessings.You have to do a lot of service of distributing murli, you must learn many languages.Like God is merciful, you children also have to become merciful.

You offer yourself to the God to do service, then God becomes responsible for you, He will make you free from all bondages. People say God is omnipresent which is wrongly written by the followers of devotion. This is not true. God never ever had said I am omnipresent. By defaming God, you attain a very low status. In future, you will have lot of visions, you will see who is attaining what status in golden age. There are many who will feel sorry in every world cycle. You never attain anything without study or service.

When you are the children of most sweet God-Father, you must also become very sweet like Him. This is the spiritual university.


Ans: Remain bondage free and support this sacrificial fire of knowledge, remember the God-Father, so that you will receive attainments for 21births

To practice:

1.       Remove bondage from all and get attached to the God-Father and His knowledge.Keep distributing the jewels of knowledge.

2.       Give full attention to study and service. Become sweet like the Father. Not to listen to the world news and spoil yourself.

Blessing: By the power of peace, those who transform the impossible to possible, may you, the soul remain a yogi.

The power of peace is the most elevated of all powers.All powers emerge out of this power. Even the power of Science appears out of this power of silence. By the power of silence, even the impossible can become possible. What the world feels impossible, it is easily possible for you yogi soul children. They say, Supreme Soul is most elevated, most powerful than 1000suns.But you say by your experience, we have attained Him. By the power of silence, you merge in the Ocean of love.

Slogan:Those who perform the action of establishment, being an instrument, is the true server.

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