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karmic accounts are settled by remembrance of God.

Essence: Sweet children, the more you serve the souls with a lot of love, the more income there will be. By serving, you become free from bondage and your income accumulates.

Question: What method must you adopt in order to keep yourself constantly happy?
Answer: Keep yourself busy in service and you will remain constantly happy and also continue to earn an income. The more service you do, the more happiness you should have. Be honest and serve with a lot of love. Together with serving, also become sweet. You children should not have any weakness.

Song: This time is passing by.

Sweet Children,
God-Father says , the time is passing out. People go into devotional service, wanted to do something good after retirement.Retirement means to get rid of vices.
Now, very little time is left out.There are bondages of sins of so many births to get rid of, still people never get rid of vice.
You just have to keep remembering the God-Father and the world cycle. To the extent possible remember the God-Father to get rid of sins. The death waits for everyone. You have come from the soul world. You have to follow the Godly directions being in household, keep doing service, then the bondages will be removed, the family members will themselves allow you to do service.
Yourself and others get benefitted by doing service.  You must not waste your time on sleep. Those who do business never spend much time on sleep. You have to keep yourself busy on service. The throat never gets spoiled for those who do service constantly. All are not alike.There are many who remain honest in doing service.
You have to become very sweet, vices are to be get rid of to become virtuous. Deities-angels are known as completely virtuous. Your service is to relieve everyone from vices.
Those children remain in the heart throne who does constant service. Sri Krishna is the prince of golden age, the image-form keep changing in different births.The impure ones become pure, the ugly becomes beautiful. Brahma is the name given after adoption (of Dada Lekhraj). The Father of human kind lives on earth.You must have faith that God appears on an ordinary body (of Brahma-Adam-Krishna).
You children know that the old world is being transformed to new world. By knowing the world cycle, you become the future prince and princess, you attain elevated status in the eternal world (golden age). You study here for the new world. You will leave this old body and take birth among rich household.
If you study, you will attain elevated status. Keep awake in the night and churn the knowledge to remain happy. You don’t have any bondages at night. God-Father wakes you up in the morning.  Courageous child receives help from the Father. Those who got transformed to other religions will come back, the world drama has been made very accurately.
You are  souls and also the progeny of Shiv Baba (Benefactor God Father),the whole world belongs to us. You become the master of heaven, must remain very happy. You must become benefactor being merciful. You must give introduction of God-Father to everyone, who remains in villages. Explain to others how the world cycle rotates.
The omen of eclipse appears sometimes on children. You must ask about the relationship of Heavenly God-Father in churches, temples, graveyard. People will become more disinterested in future by seeing the destruction-transformation.
You have to take care of your children, at the same time do service also. When you do service, soul will remember about it at the right time.The ancient and easy yog (remembrance of God-Father) of Bharat is well known but no one knows what it is.
The elevated status of kings and queens (of golden age) are attained by the service carried out during this confluence age. The service will spread everywhere, then there will not be value for devotion according to the drama.
Apply full stop to whatever has happened in the past , now do not perform any sinful actions. There will be storms of vices (due to your karmic accounts), but you must not fall in to vice. Your karmic accounts are to be settled by the power of remembrance of God.

Essence for dharna:
1. During the day, perform actions for the livelihood of your body and definitely do spiritual service in the mornings and evenings to make your life like a diamond. Liberate everyone from the chains of Ravan-vices
2. Remain very cautious that Maya doesn't make you commit any sin. Never commit any sin through the physical senses. Remove all devilish traits.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya and by staying within the line of the code of conduct become victorious by constantly experiencing the canopy of protection.
The remembrance of the Father is the canopy of protection. The more you stay in remembrance, the more you experience His company. To stay under the canopy of protection means to remain constantly safe. Those who come out from under the canopy of protection even in their thoughts are attacked by Maya. When you remain under the canopy of protection and within the line of the code of conduct, no one would have the courage to come inside that. However, if you step outside the line, then Maya too is clever. Therefore, by experiencing the Father’s company, become a conqueror of Maya.

Slogan: The practice of becoming bodiless is the basis of bringing the time of completion close.

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