Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Balance of cheerfulness and maturity makes you remain stable

Sweet Children,
Children listen to the knowledge of God-Father here, there is no devotion here.The sanyasis-human beings never teaches you knowledge.
The deities, those who live in subtle world are worshipped by people on earth.Even the deities are human beings.
People in devotion do not know what is devotion and knowledge. When there is knowledge, there cannot be devotion and vice versa.
Thegolden and silver ages are the periods of  knowledge – inheritance, what you receive as the fruit of devotion.
You know who can transform the old world into pure world. Only God-Father sustains all the souls.In golden age, no one falls into vices.
Even sanyasis remain pure, they go to jungle renouncing everything, still they have anger. You must win over the vices. Remember the God Father.
You souls are brother and sister amongst each other.When you understand this you will overcome the vices. This is your final birth, you have to renounce the vices atleast in this final birth. You renounce to go to the pure world. Sanyasis never become worthy to be worshipped. Deities-angels become worthy to worship because the body and soul of them remain pure. Even the elements remain pure in golden age unlike here.
To give sorrow to others is also impurity.You go through the stages of Tamo, Rajo and Sato. The time is like that you have to become pure from impure, you know about the world drama.
The scriptures have many untruths, only great souls understand this.
It is difficult to follow the direction of God-Father. You remember the house (soul world) very easily.
All the souls have to leave the body.Hence remain detached in all. Now your role of 84births is coming to an end and so of all souls.
By becoming knowledgeable through God-Father, you become the master of heaven. You call out for God-Father to become pure.
You remain constantly happy by the knowledge of God. There is the difference of day and night between knowledge and devotion. You follow the direction of God-Father.Most important is to overcome the lust. Then you must remember the God-Father.
It is fortunate to remember the knowledge.You become dirty by coming in the company.The cinemas makes you impure. You have to remain in the pure company.
When children troubles you, control them with light punishment. If you had given birth to children, you have to take care of them. Father gives co-operation to the honest and faithful children. In golden age,  souls remain happy, other souls remain in the land of peace.
Certainly God creates the heaven. You are becoming worthy for the pure world.You have to remember the God-Father early in the morning.When the soul becomes tired in the night, it becomes detached.Whatever action you do , the intellect must remember the God-Father. By remembering the God-Father during early morning hours, you remain in remembrance throughout the day. Those who remain pure and stay in remembrance can do service.

Q and A:
Father becomes satisfied with the one who follow the direction of God-Father.God’s direction is to remain in remembrance, become pure and do service. Show the right path to others, safeguard against bad company.Never perform any sinful action by sense organs.God is satisfied with those who follow these.

To practice:
Remove the attachment from old body and relations (by seeing self and others as soul).Safeguard against bad company.
To become one who become victorious, remain in remembrance of God during early morning hours. Make effort to get detached from the body.

Blessing: Those who become the embodiment of happiness and give happiness, may you remain the master benefactor of happiness.
The confluence children of God means those who don’t have the sign of sorrow.Because, the child of Benefactor of happiness is the master bestower of happiness.The master benefactor of happiness is the embodiment of happiness, how can he experience sorrow? They remain the embodiment of happiness but they also give happiness to others, constantly. Like  the God-Father gives happiness to every soul, similar way whatever God’s task is children’s task. Even if someone gives you sorrow, you cannot give sorrow. Your slogan is neither you give sorrow nor take  sorrow.

Slogan: By the balance of becoming cheerful and matured, remain concentrated-stable.

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