Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Remain attached to the One and be a trustee to others.


Sweet Children,

God-Father gives you an unlimited inheritance, He is the Father of all souls.

Deities are not called as God-Father.God-Father remains in the world (Soul world) far beyond. You must explain to others very sweetly.

There are many souls who remain celibate. Krishna cannot be called as the Father of humankind.

When you are attached-have love for One God-Father, the intellect remains free from other bondages of relations.

To go to heaven, the land of deities-angels, you have to remain pure. God is the Father of all souls.

Young ones are free from bondages. If you become pure, you will become the master of the pure kingdom.

The children are to be taken care, you have to remain in household, but let the intellect be connected to One God-Father. All relatives are the actors of this world drama.

If you follow the Godly direction, you receive inheritance for 21births. Those who study well, pass in an elevated status.

Whatever action takes place have been repeating every 5000years.

Self realization is to know about the soul and the world cycle. The residents of Bharat appear throughout the world cycle of 5000years.

You souls were the king with double crown (Crown of light-purity and royal crown) , you become worshippers from being worship-worthy. Now, you souls are receiving knowledge. All souls will be taken back (to soul world) by Me.

The Supreme Soul Supreme Father is the Truth. You have to give a very good attention to this study. You are a Godly student.

Now, I have come to make you the master of the Eternal World. I have come to give you the knowledge, you have the aim object to attain, in this study.

Even I have to play roles in this world drama. You have the company of Supreme Soul. He is the Purifier, the Liberator who liberates you souls from the vicious world and takes you to the pure world.

You lead a Godly pure student life. God teaches you in the form of Teacher. As a Guide He liberates from sorrow.

When you win over the vices, you win over the world. Like God is very sweet, you children also have to become very sweet.

Souls never think about vice at the time of destruction-death.

It is wonderful that God is teaching you.You were the master of the New world unlike here in this old world.


To practice: Not to get attached to any type of relations. Become free from bondages by the inner honesty and purity. Settle the sinful karmic accounts.

2. Do service by the sweet and accurate words. By making spiritual effort, pass with honour.

Blessing: Through the power of knowledge and yoga, those who win over the power of maya-obstacles, may you remain victorious over maya and the world.

In the world, there are the power of science, power of kingdom, power of devotion. But you have the power of knowledge and power of yoga (remembrance of God).This is the most elevated power of all. This power of Godly remembrance makes you win over the maya-obstacles constantly. The power of maya-obstacles is nothing in front of the power of Godly remembrance.The souls who are victorious over maya never get defeated even in dreams. Even their dreams remain powerful. So, have this awareness constantly that we the souls who have the power of yoga remain successful always.

Slogan: To remain free from bondages of action even whilst performing action, is to become an Angel.


People-souls have to change a lot.

The Supreme Father Supreme Soul had to come and make you pure.

God is the highest and more elevated.

You become deity in golden age. By chanting, remembrance of God, you attain a very elevated status.

When you remember Me being in the household, you will reach Me, attain an elevated status. You children never become unhealthy (for 21births).

Now, you souls live in a dirty world ruled by the Ravan-vices. God comes and releases you from the jail of Ravan-vices.

Lust is the greatest enemy.

Child, you must follow the direction of God. You are the progeny of God. You must not get influenced by the direction of others.

There are children who go away from serving the souls. The serviceable ones never go empty handed when they leave the body.

I have come to take all of you back home. Every soul (and objects) undergo three stages of Sato, rajo and tamo. Later, you come in golden age.

The golden age comes when you really remember the God-Father.

When the world play (drama) comes to an end, all souls have to return back home (to soul world). All things become old. You souls have to rest your mind on God to leave the body happily (at the end).

You become very beautiful in golden age. You can attain any status whatever you want. You leave old body and take the beautiful one. The Delhi becomes the heavenly abode.

You have to become an angel, a flower.


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