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World is the game of becoming beautiful and ugly.


Q and A: You are the spiritual social worker because you give the injection of purity, (knowledge) and yog (remembrance of God) to the people. You transform the residents of hell to residents of heaven.This service, only you children do, not any deities-angels. Deiites experience only the result of service of this time.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.....

God speaks: Sweet Children,

Children listened to the song.There is soul and body.Body is known as life.Soul comes from soul world to play different roles.Even I had to come, to play roles. I come to make the impure souls pure.In golden and silver ages, there cannot be any impure soul.

God-Father gives direction, you souls have completed 84births, in which half the cycle you experienced happiness and other half you experience sorrow, gradually.

Now, there are unhappiness at this time in the world.Now, the soul has forgotten itself.Like there is love for each other for vice, there is also love for each other without vice, like Laila and Majnu, like Meera and Krishna.Now it is the love of you souls and the Supreme Soul. All of you souls remember the One God-Father.

All human beings are the beloved of one Supreme Soul. The Supreme Father comes and says, you children have to meet me, and you have love for Me. When you remember Me, your sins will be absolved.Now you have to become charitable soul by My remembrance. Now, I  make you pure, now, it is your final birth.

When you have to leave the body at some point of time, why not you become a charitable soul? The greatest sin is to become vicious. When the saints are pure, people bow in front of them. God gives direction , consider yourself as a soul. Now, you have to return home, soul world.When you go on pilgrimages, you remain pure and later become impure, that is physical pilgrimage.Now I teach you spiritual pilgrimage by which you never remain impure for 21births.There in golden and silver age, the children are born by the power of yoga.Children never gives trouble there, no vice exist there.

Now, in this world of vices, the action becomes vicious. You receive inheritance of heaven from the GrandFather (God-Father). You souls have to remain pure being in household. When you do this, you attain elevated status.You have to become pure like Bhishma Pitashri.

God says, Krishna is not God. You children are more greater than the deities-angels because you give the injection of purity and yoga. You become deities but now, you do service being the child of God. In golden age, you never do service, instead you rule the kingdom.

You win over the vices. In reality God is the one who gives power to everyone. All praise belongs to Him. Never consider any vicious householder as your Guru, he cannot make anyone pure. The followers of sanyasi never become a sanyasi, he cannot be called as a follower. Nowadays, the householder becomes a guru, they never speak of purity.Here, the Father wants you to remain pure.

Those who become pure, attain elevated status in golden age. In heaven the residents of Bharat exist. Others come later. People forget the pure religion of deity and call themselves as hindu. Deities-angels are very few who listen to the God-Father. Those who listen a little will attain a status accordingly.

To follow the Father is to become the rosary of victorious jewel. Now, in confluence age, you remain spiritual lover. In copper and iron age, there is physical love. Now, at this confluence age, you become beloved of one God-Father. Now, you children have to become beautiful by following purity, for 21births. It is the game of being beautiful and ugly.It takes half the cycle to become ugly and just a second to become beautiful.

You are taught this RajaYoga to become beautiful.In golden age, the physical body also remains pure , the elements remain pure in golden age.You know that you will create the palace of diamonds in heaven. This is Godly Darbar, ie. Godly family. You souls are brothers and sisters, receive inheritance from Grand Father (God) through Brahma (Adam). Hence this is known as the family of God.


To practice:

1.       You have to become completely pure by sitting on the pyre of knowledge.Purity is the Number One beauty. Imbibe this beauty and become eligible to belong to the God-Father.

2.       At this time of judgement day, remove the bondages of sin by remembrance of God-Father.Do elevated actions to become charitable soul.

Blessing: By the greatness of humility, those who attain blessings of everyone, may you remain a master Benefactor of happiness.

The sign of greatness is humility. The more you become humble, that much you will become great in everyone’s heart. The humility makes you egoless easily.The seed of humility makes you attain the fruit of greatness on its own.Humility makes you attain blessings from everyone. Humility makes you worthy of praise.Humility creates a place of love in every one. They remain master benefactor of happiness like God.

Slogan: To experience the elevated life, make the foundation of faith strong.

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