Friday, 16 March 2012

Knowledge is good but what is required is self transformation

Avyakt Murli 16.03.12 (Dubai)

God-Father looks at every special soul irrespective of whether they are rich or poor or young or old.

There are great souls like scientists and others but they do not know about the soul but here even the five year old has the right knowledge of self-soul. Even the uneducated old mothers say with faith and intoxication that we have attained God but the great souls of the world keep searching  for God.

The great souls believe it is difficult to remain pure being in household but you become an example to remain pure being in household. You say that Purity is the religion of self which is natural. So, do you , the special soul remain firm in the lesson of purity?

You make promise of purity with the God-Father, and if you become careless who is the loser? Don’t make your fortune to get lost.

Those who follow eternally attain the eternal fortune. Keep moving forward.

What is the reason for the time get wasted. There are three main reasons for the spiritual effort to become careless:

You mix the direction of souls along with the Godly direction. Although you don’t have any connection, still you listen to something on which you cannot do anything, you allow them in your intellect, the time gets wasted. Godly direction is not to listen although you listen. If you listen once, then they come to you next time, you become a waste basket for them. Either you make them understand to make them free (from gossiping) or don’t create interest by listening to them. Apply a full stop for yourself and others, have good wishes for the soul instead of jealousy about the soul about whom you have heard. The waste thoughts spreads quickly.

God-Father listens to the words-thoughts of everyone. But He never reveals anything. Whatever you have done, how long you have done, since when you have been doing, all these register are available with the God-Father.But He has to keep quiet.Those who have waste thoughts even blame others for own mistakes. The elder ones had to keep quiet listening to waste thoughts.

The good wishes – churning - Thoughts about self is not just about knowledge but the deep subtle sanskars, the small mistakes  are to be uprooted by thinking about it, this is self realization. Everyone is very good at explaining the points of knowledge, that is the knowledge but the subtle meaning of self thoughts, is to know about your own self. Because when the result will be revealed, it will not show this soul has done churning of knowledge, done lot of service. But the self thoughts, self transformation, how much you have done, this will be checked.

Self thoughts is about self transformation.

The continuation will be on April 1st.

Blessing:  By the seed of thoughts, those who succed in words and actions, may you be the image of success.

The thoughts are the seed, words and actions are expression of thoughts. If you check your seed being in the stage of Trikaldarshi and make it powerful, then there will be success in  words and actions.Then you will be worshipped.

Slogan:  Burn the waste (thoughts) by the power of yog, then the intellect will become pure.

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