Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Every actor in this world drama has received an imperishable role to play

Essence: Sweet children, you have to make your fortune like a diamond. Make effort to claim your full inheritance of heaven from the Father.

Question: By keeping what secret in your intellect in a very wise manner will you experience limitless happiness?

Answer: That of the drama. Every actor in this drama has received an imperishable part which he has to play. No one's part can be erased or ended. That which is predestined is taking place. There cannot be any change in this. When the cycle ends, that same part will repeat second by second. This is a very deep secret and if you keep it in your intellect in a fully wise manner you will remain happy. Otherwise, there will be confusion. Baba says: Children, don't be confused. Have faith in the Father and make effort to claim your full inheritance.

Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world; the sky and the earth all belong to us.

Essence for dharna:
1. Don't go crazy about the old world. Transfer your bags and baggage. Insure everything you have.
2. If you don't have attachment to anything, do the service of changing shells into diamonds. Only by donating your wealth of knowledge will it increase.

Blessing: May you be an avyakt angel and bodiless and with powerful brakes go beyond gross feelings in a second.
Even when there is a noisy atmosphere everywhere around you, put a full stop in a second and go beyond gross feelings. When you are able to apply a brake fully, you would then be said to be an avyakt angel and bodiless. There is a great need of this practice now because the calamities of nature are to come suddenly. At that time, your intellect should not be pulled anywhere: simply, “I and the Father”. Your intellect should be applied wherever you wish it to be. For this, you need the power to accommodate and pack up. Only then will you be able to go into the flying stage.

Slogan: Continue to eat the nourishment of happiness and your mind and intellect will become powerful.

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Sweet Children,
God-Father comes and makes you a charitable soul. You have to be honest in whatever job you do. If you study this knowledge, you attain an elevated status.
Now, the world cycle comes to an end and you have to return home. The highest effort-maker learn new methods to teach the varieties of souls.
God-Father helps souls to understand knowledge through you. By the power of remembrance of God, you attain the kingdom of heaven, by following the direction of God.
You become worthy at this time to reach the golden age.Now, I have come to make you happy, you also become happy.
You must not speak lies,instead of saying a lie, it is better to be quiet. You have to become very sweet,there cannot be even a little hatred.
The beloved of all souls is only One God-Father. Here ,the Supreme Soul Supreme Father teaches you.He is your Father,Teacher and Guru. The Supreme God-Father is a point of light, He also has roles to play according to the world drama. All souls have only one Supreme Father.You have to even get rid of the consciousness of male and female.You are brothers amongst each other.
You must not fight against each other. If you remain soul conscious, you will not fight against each other. Get rid of body consciousness, keep making spiritual effort. Like God is so sweet and lovely, you also have to become more sweet and lovely.
The Science-inventions will  come into use in golden age but it also goes to extreme. When something goes to extreme,it comes to an end. Now, you are becoming worthy like a diamond.
Even the poorest amongst poor can receive inheritance from God. God gives blessing that, children, “May you become the master of heaven”. You become deities of golden age.
Essence: Sweet children, on the path of knowledge, your thoughts have to be very pure. If you tell lies or do something wrong while earning a true income, there will be a great loss.
Question: What are the signs of the fortunate children who are to claim a high status?
Answer: 1. They never perform any bad actions. They find new methods to do service. They do not have any greed. 2. They give a lot of happiness and only let jewels of knowledge emerge from their lips. They are very sweet. 3. While seeing this old world, they do not see it. They never have the thought, "I will see whatever is in my fortune.” Baba says: The children who do that are of no use. You have to make very good effort.

Song: Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become sweet and reveal the Mother and Father. If there is the slightest bitterness you must remove it. You must definitely become as sweet and lovely as the Father.
2. You must not do anything without taking shrimat. Only through shrimat is a true income earned.
Blessing: May you be free from attachment and attain God’s love by remaining detached from worldliness while living at home with your family.

While living at home with your family, have the aim for service, not just at your service place but also wherever you are living. The atmosphere there too should be like that of a service place. A household means to stay with an attitude beyond, that is, not to have any consciousness of “mine”, but that everything belongs to the Father, for that is the attitude of being beyond worldliness. Anyone who comes should experience you to be detached and loved by God. Do not have attachment to anyone. The atmosphere should not be worldly, but alokik-spiritual. Your speaking and doing should be equal and you will then receive number one.
Slogan: Remain constantly content and full of the treasures and then though situations will come, they will change.

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