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Vicious thoughts may come, but don’t bring it to action.


Sweet Children,
You know the Supreme God-Father is teaching you. People call Sri Krishna as God but both are different. Only I, the seed form, have the knowledge of world cycle. You study at this time, in golden age, you never study this knowledge.
I come and transform you from vicious human being into deities-angel.No other beings other than the God can transform you and take you to the Golden and silver ages.
Here, the Incorporeal God-Father teaches you and you have the aim object to become deities-angels of golden age. God has the name known as Shiv (the Benefactor). Only One God-Father does not have a body of His own. The New Man (Sri Krishna-Adam) becomes the old man after taking 84births.
God, the Purifier comes and makes you pure. Only by remembering Me, you souls would become pure. Lust is the greatest enemy.In golden age, no one takes birth by vicious means.The Sri Krishna remains completely virtuous,later become impure.
The worst enemy of lust appears when you see yourself with body consciousness.God-Father says, remember Me.People have been remembering only the physical body. No one knows about the God-Father.
There are few souls who never get influenced by the spirit of vices.They create a lot of disturbance, they get influenced by the greed, attachment. Instead of becoming pure, they make others impure.If you yourself have the anger,have body consciousness, how can you transform others?
The Supreme Judge has the register of the influence of spirits of anger and body consciousness, they defame God. You get all the visions of acts at the end.Children never come into body consciousness. By body consciousness, you attain a very low status.Only at this time, God makes you the master of heaven.You must have lot of patience, must not have more attachment to the body.
Even the old ones, can do service, lot of service are to be done by the intellect. Everyone has to be well taken care of, otherwise people defame the God-Father. Children have to take care of themselves, if you do not do spiritual effort, it repeats in every cycle. There are some who leave the study and fall in the hell (vicious world), there are many who become  a big thorn, and become ugly-dirty of vices.
When you children pass with honour, you become more happy, would come in Golden and Silver age. When there is the kingdom of Silver age, the Sun dynasty king and queen become children. God-Father plays the role in devotion as well as in knowledge. God-Father has the major role in the whole world drama.He has the major job of making all the souls happy,then He goes into retirement.
There are many souls who play only few roles, but those who take all 84births, experience more happiness.You have come here to take the inheritance of heaven from God-Father. You are the children created through the Brahma (Adam-Krishna).
In golden age, there are no spirits of vices.There may be thoughts of vices, but you must not do it by action. All the spirits of vices are to be sent away.By going into trance, you also get into maya-obstacles.

Ans: To do service have patience. Not to have more attachment for body.When you finish all the disease by the power of yoga,you will become instrument to do service like Father.

Q:By what great sin, the lock ofthe intellect becomes closed?
A: If you belong to the Father and defame Him,instead of becoming obedient and faithful, By the influence of spirits, you do disservice, never leave the dirtiness, then by this great sin,the intellect gets locked up.
To practice: Never do any sinful action bythe sense organs. Not to have such feature that by which there is bad wishes from many. Be aware of your future and do good actions.
Whatever vices there are within, if there is influence of spirits by body consciousness, they are to be removed.Decorate yourself with the knowledge and become faithful children.

Blessing:By the divine intellect, those who experience the stage of Trikaldarshi (one who knows past, present and future),may you remain the embodiment of success.
The special gift of spiritual life is the divine intellect.By this divine intellect,  you know clearly about the God-Father,yourself and three periods of time.Only by the divine intellect, by the remembrance of God, you can imbibe all the powers.Divine intellect makes you experience the stage of Trikaldarshi. In front of Him,past, present and future becomes clear.Wherever they go, whatever they think and speak, do it by knowing past and future.By performing such actions, you attain success certainly.

Slogan: To give real faith (to makea right decision), remain in the stage of Care-free, by the power of spiritual intoxication.

Sweet children,
God has made the children belong to Him and you children had made God belong to Him. You go to heaven. You had been vicious and now you become completely virtuous. The Godly direction is most elevated direction of all others. All other direction are vicious.
People of the world follow the direction of vices-Ravan for half of the world cycle.There is knowledge, devotion and disinterest of devotion and old world. There is daylight after darkness.
The disinterest of sanyasis only towards household, yours is unlimited disinterest. In devotion there is no knowledge of either Supreme soul or soul. In golden age, there is only knowledge of soul and hence no one remembers the God in golden age.God-Father had given you the knowledge of soul and Supreme Soul.
Now, you know soul is just a star like God.But God is praised a lot.By following the direction of God, you attain an elevated status.
In devotion, souls believe that God will come in one or other form to help them, to give liberation. You become serviceable, you give knowledge to souls.God-Father had to come on earth every world cycle to serve the children.
In golden age, you children remain in more happiness, there were jewels.Now, God is making you first class, eligible to go to heaven.You have to remember One God-Father alone and this happens only when you become a Trustee like a lotus flower being in household. The disinterest comes only when you know what are your attainments in future.
You know that you become master of heaven by the disinterest towards old world. God-Father says, keep removing your body consciousness, you will receive firstclass body and relatives in golden age.You become king of kings in golden age and hence you never remember God there.You must get rid of consciousness of my and mine.
In golden age, soul wants to change the old body by themselves, there you never want to return to the soul world.But now, you have to return to the soul world.You have receive the third eye of knowledge now . All souls have to return to the soul world, all souls will follow the God to the soul world. You must not leave your household.You have to explain to others very sweetly.
To the extent possible do the churning, wake up early in the morning and remember the God-Father. Know that the soul is a very tiny point of light. You are the children who are victorious over sleep.You have to forget the body and bodily relations (by looking at all as souls). You must not have any desire at the time of leaving the body.
Now, I have come to take you all back home, you have to experience the real kasha culvert (sacrifice) here.You need not have to drown in the well, here you have to imbibe the knowledge of world cycle to become the master of heaven.You  must not do any sinful actions.Anything you wanted to ask, ask with the God-Father.Surgeon is the only One.
Ask either directly with God or ask through mail towards God-Father to get the guidance. The path of knowledge is very simple.It is the Ocean of knowledge gives you knowledge.Become very sweet.God is very sweet, He loves every soul. Sweet sweet children, do not give sorrow to anyone by your thoughts, words and actions. Even if others are angry, you must have good wishes for everyone.
God never sits in the throne of diamonds but He comes in the impure world to do service.God sits in the old quilt (body of Brahma-Adam-Krishna). Now, God has come to make you the master of golden age but He never rules the earth. God liberates you from sorrow and gives you liberation and liberation in life. Now,it is the pomp of science, The Science will help you in destruction as well as  in golden age to give you happiness.
Now, you have to forget everything of the old world, you have to co-operate in the task of God to bring back the drowning boat.Remember God-Father early in the morning, revise the knowledge so that you will remain happy throughout the day.
Keep churning being alone.

Ans: When there is knowledge, there is no devotion.When there is devotion, there is no knowledge.When there is pure world, there is no vicious soul.When there is impure world, there is no pure soul.This is the strong practice of drama which human beings never know.

Q: what is really known as the real kaashi culvert (sacrifice)?
Ans: At the end, let there not be remembrance of any soul, only the remembrance of One God-Fahter remain, this is known as to experience the real kasha culvert. To experience kasha culvert is to pass with honour,by which punishment is not experienced even a little.
Blessing: Become merged in the love of the God-Father because this is the time when God distributes His jewels of love .so, make yourself complete always. Do not become satisfied with a very little experience. Become complete. This jewels of God’s love is most valuble, remain decorated with this because this love is known as yogaand become merged in God’s love is complete knowledge. Those who experience this spiritual love constantly is the complete knowledgeable yogi.

Slogan: Those who remain away from the feelings of waste, they only become victorious over maya.

God is known as Dhobi, removes the dirt of vices from clothes (souls).

Sweet Children,
You children sit close to the God-Father and the father of humankind. They both sit together with you children. It is like the Godly clan sits here. Your mercury of happiness increases. The world is after God but here God sits with you.
When you study, you have the intoxication that you are studying to become a barrister or a doctor.  You know that the unlimited God-Father is teaching you. The God-Father whom the whole world is searching for sits in front of you. You follow His direction in every step. But only those who give the report of all activities to the Father can follow His direction. Only then He can guide you in every step.
This is the God-Fatherly university. It is not that you miss the study due to some job. When God-Father knows the activity of the child, He can give direction in every step. God is the Father of all souls. People say God is omnipresent which is wrong. You know exactly about God, then you have to follow Him in every step.
You have to be careful in every step. The devotion happens for half of the world cycle,souls keep searching for God. People go into temples and desire for divine visions, when they see vision, they become happy about it but they never attain liberation.
Now, the God-Father explains you, children give the introduction of God-Father to everyone. People remain orphans by not knowing about God. You know that you belong to Godly family, and so you become the master of the world.
People say God is present everywhere, then they ask how peace can be established? They will know about God-Father at the end. You children have to become free from bondages, you become the master of heaven. You children meet God in the confluence age and later get lost.  Those who meet after a long time become very dear.
God had to come on earth to give liberation to all souls. Souls get converted to various religions. People know God’s ways are unique. Souls become body conscious , now have to become soul conscious. You have seen a lot of happiness and you also see a lot of sorrow.
You are the child of God and hence you have to receive inheritance of God certainly. The God is the creator of heaven and why do you have to remain in hell (world of this time). The five vices are known as Ravan, the residents of Bharat were the masters of heaven.
There are many who are very faithful to God, believe they sit close to God. God is the Trinetri, Trimurti, He is the creator of deities-angels. God gives the inheritance of heaven through Brahma-Adam, the father of humankind.
God-Father understands that souls never involve themselves in service because they have not understood God (as He is). You have to take permission from God-Father to do service. No one writes to God that they are ever-ready. Human beings have to become like a diamond. You have to benefit the souls but they never understand about God.
God-Father sees who has the intoxication to do service. The human beings have to be transformed to deities. Children have to become angels, remain humble, do every action by themselves. God comes on earth becoming a servant. People call out for God to come and purify them.
God says, I had to come, people defame God a lot by saying omnipresent. I come to make the impure souls pure. I am also known as Dhobi, Jeweller, I had to wash  the souls of impurity to make them pure.
Points to practice:
1.       Become humble like the Father. You have to help yourself. You must not have ego on anything.
2.       Remain ready for service all the time. Offer yourself for service.Do service to transform human beings.
Blessing: By the sustenance of (bodiless) God-Father, those who become powerful to go fast from last, may you become the authority of first number.
The souls who are sustained by the God and Father who remain in subtle world, they have the fortune of being a fast-effort maker easily. This subtle sustenance makes them powerful easily. Hence, those who want to move forward, can move as much they want. At this time, you attain the blessing of last so fast and fast so first. So, use this blessing, means, according to time, become an embodiment of blessing. Whatever you have attained, make use of it, so you would attain the power to become authority to come in first number.
Slogan: When you are set in the seat of self-respect, everyone would respect you naturally.

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