Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Charity begins at home.

Essence: Sweet children, look in the mirror of your heart to see that there are no
evil spirits (of vices) in you. Continue to make effort to remove the evil spirits.

Question: What is the unique system that exists between the Father and the children
at the confluence age?
Answer: In the world, children say namaste to their father, whereas here, the Father
says namaste to you children. The Father Himself says: Sweet children, I have come
and engaged Myself in serving you children, and so you children are even more
elevated than I am. Secondly, I am the egoless and incorporeal Father and so I would
definitely say namaste first. This is a unique system of the confluence age.

Song: Awaken o brides, awaken! The new day is about to dawn.

Essence for dharna:
1. Renounce body consciousness and keep the seniors ahead of you. If someone debates
with you, don’t lose your honour but refer him to your seniors.
2. Charity begins at home. First of all, benefit your family. While living at home,
remain as pure as a lotus.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of happiness who creates a stage of happiness
through your elevated awareness.
The basis of your stage is your awareness. You simply have to become an embodiment of
remembrance. By having remembrance, your awareness of that will naturally become your
stage. Maintain an awareness of happiness and your stage will become one of
happiness. Have an awareness of sorrow and your stage will become that of sorrow.
Sorrow is only going to increase in the world and everything is going to go into the
extreme, but you children of the Ocean of Happiness are those who always remain happy
and beyond sorrow. They are embodiments of happiness. Therefore, no matter what
happens you remain constantly in pleasure.

Slogan: To protect one’s treasure of time from being wasted is the sign of an intense

Points to Churn:

Praise of Baba (God-Father): 
The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving
Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the Incorporeal Father...the Egoless
One...the Benefactor...the Point..the Bestower of Salvation...the Purifier...

Points of Self Respect and Soul Study:

1.   We, the souls, with pure, clean and clear hearts, remove all the evil spirits
from within us and become the conquerors of the 5 vices, the conquerors of Ravan and
the conquerors of Maya...charity begins at home...even while living in a household,
we remain as pure as a lotus flower and benefit the family...we are the decorated
brides of the Bridegroom, Shiv(Benefactor-God)...we are the gods and goddesses...

2.   We, the tiny souls, with the roles of 84 births recorded in us, that cannot be
erased and continue forever, are actors, who come on the stage of the play, number
wise...we are the unlimited children of the unlimited Father, the helpers in His
unlimited service, claiming a right to the unlimited inheritance...we are the masters
of heaven who establish the kingdom, the new age, the new world, a new life, with the
power of yoga (remembrance of God) in an incognito manner....

3.   We, the soul conscious souls, are "the Children of God" of the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra, the mouth-born progeny of Brahma, belonging to the Shiv clan...we understand all the secrets from the Purifier Father, the Bestower of Salvation...we are armed with incognito powers and the bows and arrows of knowledge... we are the handful out of the multimillions, who know  the Seed, and the knowledge of the whole tree... we are overflowing with the treasures of knowledge...from being a child of God, we become deities by following the Godly directions, the shrimat, and attaining  liberation and liberation-in-life...

4.   By being the children of the Ocean of Happiness, we, the souls, become the
master oceans of happiness...we are constantly happy...we are the embodiments of
happiness who have  elevated awareness, elevated stage, and elevated attitude...we
make our stage full of pleasure...we are the intense effort-makers who protect our
treasures of time, breath and thoughts from being wasted, and become powerful...

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